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How ironic! My wife gave me my first authentic Blackhawks jersey for Christmas. It's awesome and sad at the same time. Updated 28 Dec · 3 comments

About Me

I probably spent way too much time passionately following Chicago sports throughout most of my life. Baseball was "my sport" as I played it as well as I followed it. My dad played minor league baseball and could have been the next Nellie Fox had he not met my mom. I guess I should say "Thanks Dad." Hockey could have surpassed baseball in both regards IF I knew how to skate! It seemed like I had an innate feel for every aspect of the game while playing it--even more than I'm able to comprehend simply watching it! :huh:


Gig is my pen name which stems from where my wife and I live which is Gig Harbor, Washington, about 45 minutes south and west from Seattle. We built a cedar, lodge-style home there in 2004. She was the general contractor and I was the main finish laborer (and it goes on and on). She dances although she has had her left leg amputated below the knee in October of 2005. She's also a public speaker for "not giving up" and using service dogs focusing on audiences of children or others with disabilities. Andrea has been featured on Seattle TV, radio and newspapers. Her profession is social work, but is about to do her student teaching in hopes to become an elementary school teacher.


I teach science, drama and wilderness survival for a middle school in Orting, Washington. Orting is 41 miles south of Seattle. It's a magically beautiful setting with Mt. Rainier overwhelming us with its 14,410 majesty just 40 miles away. Nevertheless, it is that same majesty and locality that makes the Orting Valley highly susceptable to a deadly lahar if that mountain ever "blew it's top."


There are also bigfoot sightings virtually every year in the area. I'm not a thorough believer--seeing is believing--but I am a fan of "Finding Bigfoot." Yeah, I know; it's an addiction. It's one of the silliest shows ever made. I know it, but I still feel the need to watch it. There have been some recent shows such as a couple made by the "Survivor Man" Les Stroud set southwest of Calgary in the Rockies that are truly provoking I think. Anyway, all those people and all that evidence just can't be wrong and I'm waiting for the creme de le creme of evidence!


As stated, I certainly paid my dues as a die-hard fan since 1969-70. I admit that I'm far more towards "fair weather" these days which is likely a product of the "change of life" (I'm around the half century mark) and wanting a lot more out of my life as time progresses. I particularly enjoy live chats for the spontaneous repartee' that don't require as much time-taking research. I don't afford myself a lot of time anymore to make research-based arguments that I would expect from myself ordinarily. In fact, it makes me feel funny when I make statements that I know could be supported but aren't and then my statements get attacked as a result. My choice. Mea culpa, but just sayin'.


I have widely varied interests. I am one of the few ardent sports fans who can be found playing jazz standards and such on the piano or attending various locales such as the symphony, a Chicago (the band) or Pat Metheny concert, ski slopes, back country trails, Home Depot, libraries, museums, book stores, REI, or simply having a dark beer at a sports bar or a craft brewery. I was raised in a southwest Chicago suburb called Crestwood and my parents still live there and are South Side through and through. I love the White Sox and couldn't care less about the Cubs. I love to "hang out with the guys" and dearly miss deep-dish pizza and White Castles.


I am a graduate of the University of Illinois and do follow the football and basketball teams, but only when they're competitive. I love humor that is creative and clean with an intellectual bent even if it's stream-of-conscious improvisation. I loved Robin Williams when he was "on" and clean. In fact, some say I teach a lot like the character he played in "Dead Poets Society." I love intelligent argument and discourse that isn't mean-spirited or merely a "pissing contest." I also can get a bit goofy at times! :lol:

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