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10/28 Hawks vs Avs

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Granada said on 2 hours ago:

What a difference a game makes with a guy like Rutta and whether or not you think he's good. I know it's only one game, but seriously -- the play where he got manhandled behind the net (which directly led to an Av's goal) was the definition of embarrassing; it was the perfect play to encompass the Hawks' loss as a whole.

that play said a lot.....18 something in the game  less than 90 seconds  and the checking line is in .....Did the Avs expect the checking line and game plan to take the fight to them and the whole scenario turned out perfect for them ... In my mind the Avs game planned very well 

No yea i like Rutta! Most polished defenseman I've seen .....

i looked now and the goal was at 324 so i guess the 4th line cycle was time accurate ....still i came away  thinking "they were looking for that"


State of the Nation ....i count a dozen things wrong with the Hawks most of which are scheme and Pysch Head problems    very few of my notes are about personnel and none of it is this guy sucks...i mentioned 1....the board play ....it improved produced a shorty 

still its a long season ....i measure NHL success in 10 game stretches  1/9th of the season ......game 40   game 20  they may win next 5 


When is a good time to peak   Anyone who watches knows teams go on streaks ....they could be playing into form .....Many teams have tanked early done very well late ....

these line changes .....these line change jokes ....i mean come on anyone can see the guy is testing so he can dictate match ups down the line 

the players ...i admit there is this weird vibe ..... That Maple Leafs game well ...it changed the attitude of some players 

is what it is disappointing start 

still for some reason this year i am stumbling into assume gossip ......Ive learned to love Hawksfan50 rants ( the guys tribute to Burrish was so epic so over the top  lol i sent AB a link the rant yesterday on twitter lol) 

Anyway does the drama make it more "fun" i have been inspired by Gig's topic of fun ....i am going to have fun with it even if frivolous or teasing ....i expect them to go 4 -1 next 5 maybe 5-0   fun is not aggression or taunting its good hearted well meaning fun 


disclaimer this is a rant while in the beginning it started as a reply  It does not reflect on Granada in any way ....




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