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Okay Our Defence?

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Creature1958 said on 5 hours ago:

The defense right now is missing 2 players that can help but nothing is going to help until they get back to the basics. You say they have trouble skating it out of their own end? I've seen time and time again where they had time and space to skate it out but elect to do those stupid and asinine stretch passes only to fail. Now for the forwards to be that far up ice for those passes means they are not coming back to help the D and as we all know this D is not good enough for this silly ass kind of play. The first 6 games they played basic hockey and the forwards were coming back to help. Now what the hell have they done that it has gotten into their head they can get away from playing the basic hockey that was giving them points? We were down 2 D players those first 6 games yet they were competitive .....now they are not because they are not playing how they should......basic.

Creature I do agree that Murphy and Forsling will help, but as you outlined, at the present moment the team not entirely the defence can’t even manage the pure fundamentals, or the basics as you said. You can argue the team elects to try the stretch pass, but they have been doing that for years since Q came on board, and this is not entirely the truth all the time, I counted at least 10 times in yesterday’s game the defence had all sorts of issues getting the puck out of the zone, a simple dump up the boards seemed difficult for them. My argument was and still is the teams defence overall is weak and lacks vision. You mentioned the first 6 games they seemed to be ok, and the reason why that was the case, the teams are starting to get into a rhythm now and get there legs where in the first few games they were getting into game shape. Nothing will change or get better until Coach Q is gone, his team philosophy is outdated, his approach to defending is not present with the speed of today’s NHL players and systems. The current system is flawed and needs a major overhaul.

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