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Bears Coaching Search Down To 3 Finalists

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So here we are...

down to the final three

Trestman - the QB Guru and winner of 2 of 3 Grey Cups w/ Montreal...Tressman has worked both w/ Cutler and Campbell helping them get ready for the draft also worked w/ Steve Young and the 49ers at that time, worked w/ Rich Gannon - Raiders I believe...the Cards when Plummer actually had a good year.

Bevell - who led the Seahawks offense this year w/ Wilson the kid from Wisconsin . Also has worked w/ the Vikes and the Pack.

Arians - Indy asst/ who stepped in for Pagano this season - won two rings w/ the Steelers as their O coordinator. Also worked w/ P Manning...and of course Luck and that offense this season in Indy...

Personally I'd like to see Arians get it...Tressman wouldn't be bad either...

There's a couple of articles on Pro Footbalk Talk and CSN chicago.com, but I'm not able to set up the links for some reason tonight...

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Brad Biggs predicting (gut feeling) that the Bears will make a new coach announcement tomorrow (Wednesday, 1.16).

I hope so...I'm selfishly ready for it to be over.

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