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Posting A Signing/event

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This Section of the Boards should be used to post an Event, Appearance, or Singing coming up.

Please be as detailed as possible when posting an event. Things like the date, time, location, cost breakdown of items all should be included. Here is a good example of how to title your Thread

Patrick Sharp 6/10/10 @ Triple Threat Sports

- Please refrain from high jacking other Member's threads to post a new event. If you do not have 35 post yet, please pm a Moderator and they will be happy to post on your behalf.

- Please refrain from starting a topic stating that you heard a rumor about a signing and you want to know if anyone has more information. This does nothing but clutter the boards, and creates false information about made up events.

Thanks for you Cooperation


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This topic is now closed to further replies.