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Your Jerseys Thread!

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this my first post but will not be my last... I was at the convention and there was a guy that was a vendor and was selling jerseys that were HALF AND HALF.... for the classic the front was the chicago cubs and the back was the chicago blackhawks... I never got the chance to go and see his table, by any chance does anyone at all know the name of his company or the website???? any help at all would be great you can reach me at oar_1997@yahoo.com



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I'll try and get some pics of mine up this weekend.

Good thread!

I just bought 12 jerseys this weekend off of my buddy who's getting too fat to wear them.

I got:

Chiefs Hanson (16,17,18)

Stars, Avs, Rangers, Habs, Flyers (Sharp will go on the back), 2 Coyotes (Tkachuk),

Hawks white Probert, white Gilmour, white blank, red blank (gave to my sister).

I'll post pics of everything when I get a chance.

So, Hawks jerseys:

red Keith (signed)

red Sharp

red Chelios

red Thibault

red Kane

black Havlat

barberpole blank

red blank (for Toews)

white Savard (signed)

white Calder

white Mikita

white Gilmour

white Probert

two white blanks (one will be for Campbell)

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Well, my jersey collection is well underway. I picked up a couple of the red RBK 6100s during that hockeyattire.com sale and had them done up with Wiz and Burish. I have one more blank I need to decide on too. I also have a barberpole at TTS right now, and need to drop off the NHL 75th anniversary patch tomorrow so they can finish it up.

Yesterday, I was over at HawkQuarters and couldn't resist an impulse purchase. I grabbed one of the colored practice jerseys. This jersey thing is addictive! If the new Edge jerseys weren't so darn expensive I'd probably already have one or two of those too.

The one I got yesterday is a green Jofa with the silver and black center ice patch. Does anyone know offhand which years they used this jersey for practices?


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I have:

White Blank (gonna be Versteeg if he keeps it up)

White Hull

Black Practice Blank

(Newest) Red Campbell (I was so lucky there, I ordered it as a custom jersey PRAYING he would wear 51)

Red Ruutu

(Oldest) Red Roenick

And my all time favorite:


This is a part of my Halloween costume for the game at UC, WHOO HOO!

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I have a barberpole jersey that I want to take to get lettered, does any one have any suggestions of who I should get on the back?


I customized Pilote for heritage night-- although he may never have donned the jersey.

It still looks great.

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This jersey thing is addictive!

You bet it is. I wanted a new jersey this year, because my first one was ten years old...very durable still, but the white's getting dingy. I've ended up buying three jerseys in four months. I swear though, I'm done for at least four years now.

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quote name='halemeister' post='767304' date='Oct 21 2008, 05:00 PM']I see people saying they have a barberpole jersey? Does anybody have a picture of one of these that they would like to post?

I'm at work so I cant upload a picture of mine but here is a picture of Steve Larmer wearing it on this site...



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