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    Trying not to kill any of my 16 year old daughter's boy friends, hockey players are exempt. Still attempting to recapture the ice hockey form I had as a youth, but my mind keeps writting checks my body hasn't been able to cash the last 25 years. LOL
    Even considering getting recertified as a coach or a ref, but not sure I want to deal with parents again.
  1. Hey:

    Great post, you sound like a little older wiser fan who appreciates the game first and Vancouver just happens to be your favorite team, that's how I would describe myself.

    You pretty much nailed it in your post. Even though the Nucks had a very good team, the Hawks were a much deeper team than any other team in the league last year. Our ownership took the gamble ...

  2. Thanks, my attempt in sacasm. LOL I like your thread on did we leave it all out there thread. I remembered you were a teacher and was going to bust you about all the time you must have on spring break to able to write such a long thread.You admitted it yourself in one of the following posts and beat me to the punch...LOL Glad to see you're still alive and did not burn the house down after a...