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  1. Joel Quenneville

    I've been watching as many interviews, reading as many blogs, and observing as many opinions on the Quenneville situation as I possibly could the last few weeks. There are a lot of people on very opposite sides of the argument, and there have been great debates and points made by each side. At the end of the day, I conclude that Quenneville has to go, and I'm saying that as one of his biggest fans. Here's why: The message has gone stagnant Quenneville hasn't been as engaged and has been upset by the organization over the last year or so (see his absence from the 2017 Draft) Quenneville won't want to be part of a rebuild as he wants to win now Quenneville's role and influence on this team has peaked Nashville's 4 game sweep and utter domination of this team was a testament that the rest of the league knows exactly how to anticipate this decade old system I love Q and will always think of him as the best coach to ever stand behind the bench of a Blackhawks team. With that said, every coach has an expiration date. I look at the Pens of a few years ago, and I raise an eyebrow at how similarly they had declined (or appeared to have declined). They thrived under a new coach that breathed new life into the core. Same could be said for the Bruins. The only question is, who the heck can fill these large shoes? I love the idea of Trotz, but I'm almost certain he won't be available. The decision has to be made very carefully. We only get one chance to get it right before this core expires.
  2. You Be The Gm

    I think you hit the nail on the head with Oshie Granada. He was Toews' line mate and good friend. I think the chemistry should still be there. Oshie will come at a hefty price, but I think if Stan could work some cap magic, it could work! Plus, judging from McD's reaction yesterday - I can almost guarantee he's going to looking to make a splash this summer to generate more interest in the team and keep fans from jumping off the bandwagon.
  3. Blackhawks relieve Mike Kitchen

    I doubt Q will ask anyone that can potentially take his job. That's why he loved Kitchen. He knew he'd never be a threat.
  4. Stan As Gm

    I keep asking myself, are things really that bad? I'm seeing guys calling for Panarin to be traded, saying that no one is untouchable, etc. Guys, we had 109 points. You can't just dismiss that regardless of what went wrong in the playoffs. Now, what I will say is that we need to get A LOT younger. After the trade deadline last year, we were the oldest team in the NHL. Now THAT was evident in the playoffs. There's been a lack of young and speedy grinders on this team. Those are the guys you need to win board battles and get dirty goals in front of the crease. Too much finesse, not enough sandpaper has been the issue the last couple years. The league is evolving, and big guys can still have skill and speed nowadays. We can't keep drafting and trading for these sub 6 foot players that are all skill and no will. We need to shed salary in areas where we have strength and depth. Trading Panarin is idiotic. He is exactly what this team is lacking more of. He's extremely skilled, but he's hard-nosed and feisty. He's been our most productive player after Kane. Guys like Kane, Toews, Keith, Seabrook, Hammer and Hossa are either untouchable due to importance to the team or because they have zero trade value. You can trade away anyone else on the roster, but chances are they don't make much and won't give you the flexibility you need. That's why I'm a big believer in Crawford being the only true big money trade chip that you've got at this point. He's expendable for 2 reasons: A. He's a goalie and Bowmans believe a goaltender is the product of a team in front of him B. There's a number 2 guy behind him that's more than sufficient as a number 1, and Darling can be signed for $3.5mill or under I know I keep harping on this Crawford thing. It's because I believe that this one trade plus whoever we lose to LV plus dropping the older UFAs this summer will lead to enough flexibility to really fix what's wrong with this team in the short-term. In the long-term, we need to change our drafting mentality to evolve with the changing game of hockey. Big players with speed and skill.
  5. Blackhawks relieve Mike Kitchen

    Sutter tongue wag ...Just sayin
  6. Blackhawks relieve Mike Kitchen

    Oh God if we could only see this face standing next to Q on a nightly basis... I'd be in heaven! Nightly entertainment no matter the game's outcome.
  7. Blackhawks relieve Mike Kitchen

    Right on queue! Now this is interesting. If I'm Stan, I'm looking for a coach in Rockford that can potentially take over for Q at any given time.
  8. Blackhawks relieve Mike Kitchen

    So now, the question becomes: "Who will Stan hire to replace Kitchen?" It would have to be someone that can potentially replace Q if he fails to deliver again in 2018. Should be quite interesting to see who it is. I wouldn't be surprised if Stan stuck Barry Smith in there again just to P*s* Q off even more.
  9. Stan As Gm

    Stan deserves some heat as well. His history of bad trades and contracts are starting to catch up with him. I'm honestly sitting here trying to grasp one decent trade he's made in the last 3 years, and I can't. Maybe the Saad trade looked like a win at first glance, but that has clearly handicapped this team since. Stan's been absolutely hosed by Montreal and Dallas, so I really can't think of a good one. Panarin's contract was fair, Anisimov's was brutal, Seabrooks was horrific, and the K/T contracts look a little bloated all of the sudden. Winning cures everything, I guess... But at some point, the great Scotty Bowman's son needs to ask daddy for more advice.
  10. Stan As Gm

    I agree Q has a lot of blame to take here, but who's out there that's an upgrade? I agree there's a shelf life for every coach, but that's evident when the team has started tuning him out. I don't think that's happened yet. I think they still have a lot of respect for Q. I just think they are used to flipping the switch, and they just got a huge slap in the face to tell them otherwise.
  11. You Be The Gm

    I hear a lot about Seabrook and wishes of unloading his massive contract. I can't see any fathomable way for the Hawks to get that done. The guy is only 32, but those are some grueling miles on him. I doubt there's a team willing to take on that without unloading another bad contract in exchange. Plus, Seabrook is a voice in the locker room as important as Toews'. The only tradable member of our core is Cory Crawford. He's still a star, has a reasonable contract, and there are teams in the West desperately in need of goaltending i.e. Dallas, Edmonton, or Calgary. Dallas, in particular, has hosed us in trades lately. I'm not in any hurry to make another deal with them if I'm Stan Bowman. I've heard analysts suggest that Darling is as good as gone, and there's no way the Hawks trade Crawford. I firmly believe, however, that Stan will be pushed hard this offseason to fix this team, and he may be hard pressed to find an alternative. Hearing McDonough was pissed after this flop. Two first round exists aren't financially acceptable for a team constantly pressed against the cap.
  12. You Be The Gm

    For those who remember me, I came out of retirement for this rant... There have been many places to look for blame when it comes to this pathetic first round bust, but there are 3 main reasons the Blackhawks weren't ready for a deep run this season: 1. Bowman never addressed the 1st line LW situation 2. The disappearance of Jonathan Toews 3. There's something wrong...really wrong with Duncan Keith We knew all season that the never-ending revolving door on the first line was a problem. Most of us were too quick to conclude that it had been fixed as Toews and Panik got hot towards the end of the season, but we'd be prematurely doing so as it was the demise of our offense. Jonathan Toews disappeared again in the last 3 weeks of the season. We were all fooled by that short stint where he sat up like the Manchurian candidate and did an about-face, but there was a deeper concern for most of the season that we conveniently forgot about. There have been whispers about Duncan Keith's knee possibly needing surgery at the end of the season. The way he's played during the playoffs, I wouldn't doubt it. He doesn't have the jump, and he hasn't been able to make clean passes out of the zone. He's also put himself and the team in some bad spots when he's turned the puck over in low or no pressure situations because it seems his body is unable to do what his mind has set out to do. With all that said, here's how to fix the Blackhawks this offseason: 1. Trade Cory Crawford and re-sign Darling to a cap-friendly deal: I love Crow, and he deserves no blame for this - but the Bowmans don't covet the goaltending position. That $6 million could be spent much more wisely. 2. Fire the assistant coach(es) that were responsible for our anemic power play and horrifying PK...I don't think I really need to explain this one. 3. After trading Crawford, let expiring contracts of aging players go (i.e. Brian Campbell, Michael Roszival). They both sucked this year anyhow. Use the cap savings from Crow trade and expiring contracts to bring in a legit top 6 LW that can play with Toews. 4. Start drafting for the D-men of the future. The Hawks have a very lean talent pool in upcoming quality D-men. They are sorely lacking studs on the back end that can contribute offensively. It's time to start looking for the future Duncan Keiths and Brent Seabrooks as those guys are rapidly aging and can't last forever. 5. For God's sake: Bring in some professional help for our centers that aren't named Toews to learn how to win some draws. Where's Perrault at now? What would it take to lure him in for a assistant coaching position? I'm confident that if these things are done, the Blackhawks will compete for at least another 2 cups before the reign of Kane and Toews is over.
  13. You Be The Gm

    Phil Kessel. Curtis Glencross. Antoine Vermette. All of them expire after the season. All can contribute. Can they contribute Kane type numbers? No. Can they contribute with a team realizing that everyone needs to step up a couple notches? Absolutely.
  14. You Be The Gm

    Merp, they'd sacrifice the next 3 years of potential cups for 1 solid chance this year and now if they have someone on the table that can fill in Kane's skates and be that much more an effective addition when Kane returns if you believe you can make a cup run now, and this team is in win every year mode. Case 2, what the heck kind of message do you send the other 22 guys on the roster by packing it in after 1 player goes down? What message do you send your captain that doesn't take losing too well? No Merp, whether you're right or wrong about selling is not in question, but McDonough will not allow it nor should he given the message it sends to a 2 time cup winning team that can still win without Kane. They can beat the blues without him. Bank on that. If they can add some significant help by next week, they can do a whole lot more. Then you hope you go far enough for a healthy Kane to come back and give you an exclamation point deep in the playoffs. Lastly, 12 weeks is the max range for recovery. They are under promising in hopes of over delivering Kane sooner. Cmon bud, see the bright side
  15. You Be The Gm

    No, buy time. You can now afford an expensive rental or 2 with the cap savings from Kane being on ltir AND there's no cap on playoffs so you're a much stronger team when Kane returns in round 2 or 3