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  1. vipermuscle83

    Winter Classic Jersey

    I've literally been waiting for decades for these jerseys to become reality. About 10 years back, I went so far as to try creating a custom black with white stripe jersey from a company that's able to produce any custom print, but the issue was using the Blackhawks' logo. I contacted a member of the Blackhawks' merchandising team, who did not give me permission to have the company recreate the logo. It was a dead end, and I've been itching for one ever since. PLEASE LET THESE BE REAL!!!!!
  2. vipermuscle83

    Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    Yes, there are A LOT of moving parts here, but I'm sure a season's worth of finessing can make it look better...don't you?
  3. vipermuscle83

    Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    Saad (6mil) < Toews (10.5mil) > D'Cat (6mil) Kane (10.5mil) < Schmaltz (6mil) > Panarin (9mil) Sikura (925k) < Ejdsell (833k) > Fortin (706k) Highmore (775k) < Hayden (750k) > ??? (750k) Seabrook (6.8mil) < Keith (5.5mil) Murphy (3.8mil) < Rutta (2.3mil) Manning (2.2mil) < Gus (1.2mil) Goalie (4mil?) Forsberg (750k) Total salary: ~$79.360 million I know this doesn't look complete, but it does look close...give or take.
  4. vipermuscle83

    Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    While I do agree with your premise that the top 6 needs to be more physical, I don't believe that Panarin was a problem in that department. Yes, he's small. He played more physical than Schmaltz or D'Cat, who are roughly the same size. I just don't see who the alternative is that can be better that's available. Say what you want about Panarin, but the chemistry with Kane was unfathomable. This would be a chance to have both Saad and Panarin, which would've been ideal from the get-go. As far as the bottom 6 goes, we do have Ejdsell, Entwistle, and Highmore that we can eventually insert into the lineup. They are larger players, but they'd need time to develop. In my book, there's no ideal way to make this roster look bigger and more physical with nearly the entire pipeline looking small and skilled. In the meantime, however, you can go with the safe bet. It's not easy finding a top 6 forward that you already know can produce and has instant chemistry with arguably your top player. As far as who goes, obviously you're looking at Anisimov, along with all the other expiring contracts in 2019. Kruger alone makes more than $3 mil. Obviously, you'll need to move another guy with a larger cap hit, a la Murphy or Seabrook? (Gulp) I know, I know. I don't know who you move, but I do know it can be done, especially if the cap rises again next year. You currently have $8.5 million in cap space. Losing Kruger, Kunitz, Ward, and potentially a LTIR for Crawford (it's going to happen)...you can make it happen. Stan's supposed to be the cap "genius," isnt' he?
  5. vipermuscle83

    Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    Good post Hawknasty. Yeah, I'm definitely not in the "fire him now and only for this reason" camp. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt until the season's over. I just mean that if he was to get fired, this last example would be the straw that broke the camel's back. It's one last piece of evidence to say that despite any valid argument to defend him, the list of reasons to fire him continues to pile higher. Now, if Stan's reason for not dealing for Skinner involves bringing Panarin back and have an agreement in place for an extension, Stan's back in my good graces: https://theathletic.com/457719/2018/08/03/source-artemi-panarin-would-seriously-consider-returning-to-blackhawks/
  6. vipermuscle83

    Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    Here's where I stand. I don't dislike Stan, nor do I think it's ideal to get rid of him. I like Stan. I like our leadership. I like the brass in the organization. I like that Scotty Bowman is also here because of Stan, and I don't want him leaving if Stan's booted. With that said, I definitely think that Stan's only strength has been in drafting. Even with that said, how much of that is Stan and how much is the scouting staff? He's completely wet the bed with trades and free agency. He's given out ridiculous contracts, and he's had to bail himself out of those bad contracts by offering sweeteners like Teuvo, Vinny, and others for virtually nothing in return (red flag). The guy isn't a negotiator (red flag), and he can't seem to do business with more than a handful of teams he seems to have the best relationship with (red flag). Look no further than Richard Panik's reaction after Stan gave him his last deal. Even HE couldn't believe it (red flag). He's dug himself a grave, and now he's laying in it. So, no, I'm not one of these guys that just wants heads to roll. I want continuity, and I don't like that losing Stan would mean losing Scotty. I believe both have been very influential in the last 3 cups we've won. With that said, however - If I screwed up as much as what I've listed above at my workplace, I'd be fired. Plain and simple. Stan deserves no different.
  7. vipermuscle83

    Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    Not every other GM just traded away 2 roster players in order to free up almost $9 million in cap space in anticipation of another move. Not every other GM is on the hot seat to get their team back in the playoffs (one goal). Not every other GM is specifically looking for a top-6 LW that has a year left on their contract because he needs to afford pay raises for 2 young players becoming RFAs soon. Stan is THAT GM that is in this situation. I'd expect him to make a push. Like I said, if there's another plan in place, I'll bite. If not, this guy deserves to be fired for failing to take advantage of a team that literally took nothing to unload one of its top players.
  8. vipermuscle83

    Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    How in the hell did Stan manage to sleep on this one??? I find it hard to believe the Hawks (in a different conference, mind you) couldn't put together a similar package for Skinner. It wouldn't have been much to give up for a guy who would've solidified your top 6. They better have something in the works for Faulk or Pacioretty at this point. That better be the only reason they passed on a deal like this for Skinner. Unreal!!!
  9. vipermuscle83

    The Crawford Thread

    As sad as it is to say this, I think Crawford will become the next Hossa-type tragedy. He's obviously suffering from a concussion, and even if he gets back on the ice, it'll only be a matter of time until someone takes a run at him. It'll be like Steve Montador. Goes out for a couple shifts, an elbow to the head, and he's never seen from again. I'd like to think positively about the situation. I'd like to think that Crawford can continue his career where he left off and retire after several successful seasons ahead. I'd like to think that he'll have no long-term health issues from this and will live a long and normal life. The reality is, however, we've all seen how this movie plays out. I think it's best if Crawford doesn't push himself. I think it's best if everyone involved is honest with themselves and with the fans. Who knows what another hit to the head can do to this guy. If he's already suffering from vertigo, I cringe at the thought of what another major head injury will do to this guy's future. Cam Ward will be our starter this year. They'll observe any strides taken by Delia or Forsberg before they decide whether to hand out another year to Ward or not at the end of this season. We're looking at some dark times ahead gang.
  10. vipermuscle83

    reaction? chelios an ambassador.

    I said it was the "perception." Holland is well respected, or at least he was very well respected. He was considered almost like a Belichik-esque character. Obviously, though, Holland's a GM. The similarity is that people from his "tree" are perceived as having a wealth of knowledge and experience and can help produce a young team looking to become a contender. Like I said, whether that's a right or wrong way of thinking...it is the perception many people in organizations' brass believe. I think the Red Wings don't strike me as a team on the rise. I think Holland has worn out his red cape and that he's overrated. I've seen the Red Wings become mediocre for over a decade now. I don't get the perception, but I do get that it's there. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Cheli was handed the head coaching or GM position if one or the other becomes vacant. That's all I'm trying to say. As far as the Murrays, Wilsons, Chevys, and Bergevins of the world...I think Stevey Y has had more success and at a much faster rate than any of the names you mentioned. That helps to fuel the fire of the perception that those from Holland's tree will be successful in the new NHL.
  11. vipermuscle83

    reaction? chelios an ambassador.

    The same could've been said about Stevey Y. Anyone that's been around Ken Holland long enough immediately has a stronger resume. Whether that's right or wrong, it can't be denied that the perception is there. Chelios has done well in every facet of the game. He's obsessed with the game. He'll bend over backwards to prove himself. He's insanely competitive. These are all traits that shouldn't be taken lightly when considering that he'll be a favorite to land the role if and when StanBo loses it.
  12. vipermuscle83

    reaction? chelios an ambassador.

    I have a couple thoughts on Cheli's new role. Fiirst off, I hold no grudge against him for requesting THE trade. I know any one of us would have done the same to get off the sinking ship and to fight for a chance to hoist the Stanley Cup. That said, I'm glad that Cheli is back home, where he belongs. Secondly, I firmly believe that Cheli can be our next GM if things go south for StanBo. It really reminds me of when the Hawks Brass brought in Q as a "scout" before they booted Savard a month into a rocky season. I don't think it's a coincidence, and I believe the two sides have been planning this for at least 6-12 months. We'll see just how hot Stan's seat gets. One thing's for sure, a rough start to this year will have Q fired first. StanBo will make it to the end of the year before his tenure comes to an end.
  13. vipermuscle83

    Stan As Gm

    Let's completely forget about the fact that the guy is over the age of 80...I'm sure he'll be able to handle the rigors of coaching while taking his daily meds and Bengay. lol
  14. vipermuscle83


    He mentioned today that if the Hawks can "sneak" into the playoffs, anything can happen. Doesn't sound like a captain with any swagger left to me. I think Toews' leadership, or lack thereof, is one of the biggest reasons for the underwhelming last couple of years. I also think it's why Seabrook isn't going anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he's a bad leader by any means. I just feel like he's set the bar much lower than in years passed. I don't think he's been playing at his hardest, which would translate into not leading by example. It's absolutely possible that Carcillo has got into his head, and it's possible that he is playing scared. I would actually bet on it. If that's the case, however, Toews needs a heart transplant before we expect this team to have one.
  15. vipermuscle83

    Stan As Gm

    I agree Puterwiz. I definitely feel like Stan is safer than Q. For better or worse, Stan will get to choose another coach before he's at risk. I don't anticipate that the Hawks will have a rough start to the season as they've had a lot of rest and time to reflect, but I would anticipate a swift coaching change if that's not the case come December. Like I've been saying, though...who is Q's replacement if that happens??? I can't picture a better coach being available now or during the season. We'll see, I guess.