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  1. DCHawksFan

    Hawks Post Game Interviews

    Does anyone think the last 6 games or so post game press conferences look a little like this: https://youtu.be/2sVdXg0aYYw
  2. DCHawksFan

    Eddie Olczyk

    Any updates on Eddie? Has he fully recovered from the surgery or is still going through all the Chemo?
  3. DCHawksFan

    Artem Anisimov

    Look, you pin the playoff exit on AA or Bread Man. If you're going to call them out for not playing with grit or tenacity and only showing up for the regular season, then you need to call out Kane, Toews, Keith, Seabs, Hammer, Soupy, and all the rookies. The entire team pretty much stank in the playoffs, so you can't blame those two. Hossa was probably the hardest working player out there, although he didn't have the points to show for it, but who did? After seeing the Preds man-handle the Blues, credit is due where it needs to the be, the Preds were the better team. Sure, the Hawks had their number in the regular season, but we all know going into the playoffs, all that matters is who is the hot team. The Preds were one of, if not the, hottest offensive teams in the later part of the season. This had nothing to do with Anisimov or Panarin not playing hard enough for the Cup. I hate to say it, but from the games I watched, the Hawks WERE TRYING! They just couldn't compete with a faster, younger, bigger Nashville team. I don't buy for a minute that they were just coasting in and thought it would be an easy series. Give me a break, this is a multi-championship team that knows there is no such thing as an easy playoff game, every game and series is a battle. I don't buy it. As much as it disappoints me, I think the Hawks were just too tired, too slow and just not as good. Plain and simple.
  4. DCHawksFan

    You Be The Gm

    Another area to keep an eye on for next season is the overall strength of the Central Division. Last year, the Hawks placed 3rd in the division. The Hawks have pretty much stayed the same with their team composition, but the other teams have all gotten better. Particularly, Dallas, Minnesota and Colorado have all significantly improved. St. Louis may have arguably gotten a little better, but they also had some key departures. If anything, the season will be tougher than it was last season. The West should dominate the East again overall, as it seems they cleaned house on most of the juicy FA's this off-season. Hawks will need to bring it every game this year; they can't afford to fall behind in the standings early as it will be very difficult to climb back up against a stacked Western Conference.
  5. Lets Go Hawks! Time to Dig Deep!

  6. Toews - 2...crosby - 0...ska-dooucche!

  7. DCHawksFan

    The Crawford Thread

    Logic makes perfect sense to me. Winning is ALL that matters. So, you're telling me that you'd rather have a goalie with 1.00 GAA and .986 save percentage but is 0-15-10 over a goalie that has a 2.78 GAA, .887 save percentage and is 15-5-5? (those stats are made up btw). All that matters is wins. Another example would be winning the Presidents trophy and not winning the Stanley Cup. Nobody cares about what your record is unless you win it all. Since November, Raanta has been winning more games, and it can't be because the team in front of him is playing differently or better than when Crawford is in net. I don't think Crawford rides the pine for the rest of season, that was not my intent. I just think it wouldn't be a bad choice for Q to start Raanta over Crawford. Maybe it would light a fire under Crawford.
  8. DCHawksFan

    The Crawford Thread

    You know, a coach should always go with the hot goalie. And for the Hawks, that means Raanta. Although Crawford has been playing well his last 3 games, he has not gotten a win since late November. Now, I don't think thats all Crawford's fault, he's made some great saves as of late, and the team as a whole has let him down. But, you still gotta go with the goalie who is getting the wins, That being said, I still think Crawford will start tonight, but I hope the Hawks can get a win in regulation and stop giving up points in the 3rd, OT and shoot outs.
  9. DCHawksFan

    The Crawford Thread

    Time to sign Ryan Miller!!!
  10. Congrats to Sharp for playing his 600th game!

  11. Crawford, best speech ever!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. I-miss-Wis


      Disagree - one can show passion and get his point across without dropping the f-bomb 3 times

    3. Smokinmedic1


      He only dropped it twice, don't be such a prude!

    4. Icaddiedforstosh


      Lighten up Wis. Stop acting like he punched a baby. After having to listen to marginal former players like Darren Pang pick his game apart and ignore all the good saves...I'm sure it disgusted him. He gave a shout out to the city and his mates, and used a "bad" word. Big ffffin deal

  12. What a Game! What a Series! Congrats Hawks!

  13. Thanks for the B-day Present Hawks!

  14. Lets Go Hawks, Win This One For My B-day!

  15. Hawks Win! Hawks Win! Wooooo! Kaner!