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  1. Unbelievable, nobody saw this coming I had the Spits pegged as doormats for this tournament. Should be Erie again on Sunday.
  2. He hasn't impressed me, very much a perimeter opportunist who has been blessed with great linemates throughout his OHL career. Knott is really impressive!
  3. I was thinking about coming down for a game, if the Spits win there will be no tickets available for the final.
  4. 2-0 the Spits are the biggest surprise of the tournament.
  5. I predicted the Pens will run out of gas, it will happen in game 7.
  6. OMG I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this video, haven't been this giddy since Ladd cut his eye open.
  7. RIP Mr. White, I'm so old I remember him like it was yesterday.
  9. The 5th seed in the OHL beats the WHL and QMJHL champions. Stunning!
  10. Gutsy win by the Preds, the infirmary is getting crowded for both teams.
  11. Preds in 7, a team of destiny.
  12. Sens in 6, I'm betting that the Pens run out of gas.
  13. Karlson is a beast!