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  1. Spot on! Now is the time, with Toews and Kane still in their primes. We don't want to be the Canucks and wait to see how youngsters pan out when T&K are 35 years old like the Sedins are. Hopefully a few of Schmaltz, Motte, Knott, Hartman, Hinostroza, Debrincat, and others will be successful so they can take advantage playing with Toews and Kane in their primes. It would make it an easier transition when the big two begin to age a bit
  2. I don't think size is the issue here. He's short at 5'7" but he's almost 170lbs. He could not play at 190lbs. He's actually quite big for his height especially at 18 years old. He weighs the same as Panarin and he's 4 inches shorter. As my doctor once told me the same person would look the same at 5 pounds per inch. In other words if this kid were 6 foot he'd weigh in at around 195 lbs.
  3. Wasn't Campbell paired with Hjalmarsson during the Hawks 2009-2010 Cup? Let's not forget that was Hjalmarsson's first full year in the big leagues. He only had 32 games under his belt the previous 2 years combined and was only 23 years old. Campbell in my opinion really helped in his development. I don't think anyone projected the former 4th rounder to be a mainstay in the top 4 of the Hawks before he was paired with Brian.
  4. Now that the Hawks signed Jordin Tootoo the problem is solved! WOOHOO!!!! (purple)
  5. Who does everyone think will play (for the sake of argument let's say Toews is center and Hossa is right wing) on the left side on the 1st line? Looking at FA I don't see anyone unless you want to take a flier on Jiri Hudler. Is anyone in the system ready to take that kind of responsibility?
  6. Here's a question, let's say Raanta goes 8-2 during Crawford's absence with a 2.20 gaa and .928 save %. Goalie controversy?
  7. This is the first time I've seen a goaltender with a 2.16 gaa and .922 save % get dumped on. If only Crawford had those stats!
  8. With all due respect to Parise and Suter but why would they sign with such an awful team? It's not like the two of them will make the Wild Stanley Cup competitors. I suppose the additions will make them competitive for the 6-8 seeds come playoff time.
  9. If not their points than what? Their sparkling personalities? Can't be Stanley Cup experience cause we got plenty of that with Toews, Sharp, Kane, Keith, Bolland, Hossa, Seabrook, and Hammer
  10. Since when are Buff and Ladd the end all to be all? Is this the same Ladd who's ripping up the league with a whopping 14 points in nearly 20 minutes of ice time a game? You know who else has 14 points? Stalberg. And get this, Stalberg has those points in less than 13 minutes of ice time a game. And Buff is his usual -7. Let's not pretend those two guys would have been the answer to all our prayers.
  11. Why in the world would you close the game day during the game????