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  1. You Be The Gm

    Ship Oduya, Roszy, and Versteeg somewhere for pucks. Bring up CLendenning. Sign Brookbank for a mill. Sign Stastny for 5 to play for a contender
  2. You Be The Gm

    Get Kesler already!
  3. You Be The Gm

    Kesler will be a Hawk soon. I Don't buy the hockey buzz JJ crap...dont even know why I wander over there.
  4. Typical CousCous and ColdSteel over at HF ripping Eddie O get lives.

  5. Will Some Hawks fans please go post on the Blues Contender Topic on HF....how is noone saying STL has to get by CHI first

  6. Stan As Gm

    I really don't know whats going on. I know a lot rides on Suter and Parise making their moves then the rest of the chips may fall....but that being said Detroit has made themselves older with With TooToo and Samuelson not scared of that and not scared if they get Suter. We are still the better team by miles with Kane, Toews, Hossa, Sharp, Bolland, Keith, Seabs, Ect. We just need a center and maybe some other small pieces but Stan cant seem to even do that.
  7. Stan As Gm

  8. Stan As Gm

    Just keep sitting around doing nothing while we miss the playoffs. Unreal

    1. Creature1958


      Do you know if you spell Dallas Star backward you get sallaD ratS.

  10. great, football is back...yawn

    1. CPHawksFan


      Better than baseball...

  11. Still can't believe we were 1 goal away from being in the Finals again. Amazing how weak the west was this year

    1. SweetHomeEngland


      meh, its whatever.. our team is going to be great next season just wait and see

    2. manifestdestiny


      the west is not weak at all... Van, Chi, Sj, Det,And maybe NSh would destroy the east.

    3. Frankenscrote


      The west is anything but weak.I think this just goes to show how good the hawks really are. They've done what no team has yet been able to do.

  12. On my way out to LA for the weekend. Maybe I can recruit Kopitar to come play here for 750k

  13. In Columbus for the game tomorrow!