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  1. I hope they sign Vesey. He has the talent to play on the top 2 lines and even if he doesn't pan out there he is good enough to play on the 3rd without any issues. That being said there are 2 concerns with him. 1. He will have a performance heavy contract like Panarin and Schultz. So he might sign for 925K but it is likely to end up having about 3million in bonus in it. That will effect the following years cap. 2. The Saad departure might weigh in on his decision. Sure Saad got his money but he, like Vesey, will be an RFA after the 2 years, so he won't have any control over where he goes. Because of this the kid might pick a team where he knows he can be now and in the future when/if his pay jumps up.
  2. Rumor is Eberle, Leon, and a pick might be going to NSH for Subban.
  3. And unlike Stamkos T&K won multiple cups. If Stamkos had won 2 maybe he would have been more willing to leave and look elsewhere since he didn't need success he could chase the money. Maybe no rings was a factor in taking less to remain with a competitive club?
  4. 8x8.5 with no State income tax is better than 7 at 10 with income tax. Overall a good move on Stamkos' part. TBL now has room to resign Hedman, he stays with a contender and doesn't have the pressure of Toronto. Additionally, it's a good place to live. Maybe this will convince Ladd to just take a small bump in pay? I can always dream.
  5. 6 years left on Subban's contract. 10 Left on Webers. Last 2 days for MTL to trade him before the no movement kicks in. NSH needs a bit of a shake up and this helps. MTL probably needs more weight and heavy hitters, this adds it. A pretty reasonable hockey trade.
  6. I won't roast you. I actually think the team is there right now. A playoff team but no longer the favorite. That being said PIT just proved that isn't a bad spot to be in. Get insane out put from some unexpecting guys (bonino/murray) and before you know it your lifting the cup. Keep your core in tact for as long as you can and pray a rookie or a journey man comes through for you.
  7. I am aware of the cliff notes..that is why I said I would hate to see the cap ramifications down the road. But if you are in win now mode and moving him gets you young cheap D for a few seasons to win so long as those guys are RFA you can flip then. I also think there will be another expansion team added after vegas which should help. LTIR is not out of the question given his shoulder and head injuries in the past but I agree that it is probably best to keep him. Also, I don't know if Hossa is now a 3rd liner as so many believe. He might just be reaching an age where he needs to play a little less but still have shifts with talented players.
  8. The Kings signed Trevor Lewis for 4 years at 2 million per...that is the deal Kruger should have been given. Less money but more term for a bottom six guys is a fair trade off and Lewis has as much FO and PK skill as Kruger and is a lot faster.
  9. While the picks are great for Shaw I have to wonder if Shaw for Eller was ever discussed? Eller has a great corsi and is a better facoff man than Kruger. 3.5 cap hit is reasonable.
  10. For upside he is more Breadman than Kane. Kane was a 1st overall pick, no one cared about his size because his talent level was so high. Personally the pick of Krys was my favorite in the 2nd. He is really raw but has great skating ability and is on a good development path. I wish the 3rd second rounder would have been Day or another D-man. So far though I am happy with the volume of prospects. It is exactly what the team needs to do after losing Danault, Johns, and TT this past year.
  11. I had to go Seabrook. I am not a crow lover but I have grown to respect him and when you see so many good teams unable to find a goalie who is consistent it is hard to get rid of him, although I still believe you can roll the dice and get a Bob, a Jones, a Murray, etc. Seabrook on the other hand I don't believe will age well and that contract will be unmoveable in a few years. I'd rather seem him go on the sooner side and get some d depth and draft picks back. Or just a really high draft pick to take on of the 4 kids this year.
  12. Agreed! When it came across the wire 3 Million X 3 I thought it was a misprint. Kruger is great at what he does but in a cap world you just can't pay a guy like him that kind of money. There is always some vet who can play 3/4 line center and the PK who will take 1-2 million at one last crack at the cup.
  13. Corrected on JVR vs TVR. Either way at 4.5 million Shaw is asking for he is as good as gone and honestly I can't blame the guy, someone will give it to him and he has won 2 cups and been a very solid contributor to those teams. You just have to hope Hartman/Motte or someone else can claim that role because the hawks need it. Crazy trade idea #2. Shaw, Kruger, Seabrook to MTL for PK Suban. You shed some money and get a younger better D-man.
  14. I hear JVR is on the move. I don't think the hawks have a high enough pick to get him but if the Leafs are trying to get better quickly, which the Anderson trade would indicate, JVR for Shaw and Kruger would be a good deal for both sides. The leafs get needed experience and the Hawks get about 2.5-3 Million in cap space (if you think the rumor of Shaw asking for 4.5 is correct). The Hawks replace Saad and give Toews some help.
  15. I think if Schmaltz makes the team he plays on the top 2 lines. If not you are just wasting a guy with huge offensive talent. Motte is a perfect 3rd/4th line winger and so is Hartman.