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  1. Jimmy Vesey To The Hawks?

    I hope they sign Vesey. He has the talent to play on the top 2 lines and even if he doesn't pan out there he is good enough to play on the 3rd without any issues. That being said there are 2 concerns with him. 1. He will have a performance heavy contract like Panarin and Schultz. So he might sign for 925K but it is likely to end up having about 3million in bonus in it. That will effect the following years cap. 2. The Saad departure might weigh in on his decision. Sure Saad got his money but he, like Vesey, will be an RFA after the 2 years, so he won't have any control over where he goes. Because of this the kid might pick a team where he knows he can be now and in the future when/if his pay jumps up.
  2. You Be The Gm

    The Kings signed Trevor Lewis for 4 years at 2 million per...that is the deal Kruger should have been given. Less money but more term for a bottom six guys is a fair trade off and Lewis has as much FO and PK skill as Kruger and is a lot faster.
  3. You Be The Gm

    While the picks are great for Shaw I have to wonder if Shaw for Eller was ever discussed? Eller has a great corsi and is a better facoff man than Kruger. 3.5 cap hit is reasonable.
  4. You Be The Gm

    For upside he is more Breadman than Kane. Kane was a 1st overall pick, no one cared about his size because his talent level was so high. Personally the pick of Krys was my favorite in the 2nd. He is really raw but has great skating ability and is on a good development path. I wish the 3rd second rounder would have been Day or another D-man. So far though I am happy with the volume of prospects. It is exactly what the team needs to do after losing Danault, Johns, and TT this past year.
  5. You Be The Gm

    Corrected on JVR vs TVR. Either way at 4.5 million Shaw is asking for he is as good as gone and honestly I can't blame the guy, someone will give it to him and he has won 2 cups and been a very solid contributor to those teams. You just have to hope Hartman/Motte or someone else can claim that role because the hawks need it. Crazy trade idea #2. Shaw, Kruger, Seabrook to MTL for PK Suban. You shed some money and get a younger better D-man.
  6. You Be The Gm

    I hear JVR is on the move. I don't think the hawks have a high enough pick to get him but if the Leafs are trying to get better quickly, which the Anderson trade would indicate, JVR for Shaw and Kruger would be a good deal for both sides. The leafs get needed experience and the Hawks get about 2.5-3 Million in cap space (if you think the rumor of Shaw asking for 4.5 is correct). The Hawks replace Saad and give Toews some help.
  7. Stan As Gm

    I think if Seabs is the easiest to move you have to package him with something and get as big of a return as possible. At the end of the day though I thought every player with a NTC submits their list at a set date to their team. So while someone might think they will never get traded, if a deal is struck with 1 of the teams on that list it's done. One thing I do wonder with Sharp, because I believe there would be some interest in him, is if he pulled a Wiz and submitted a list of 10 teams with no cap space to accept his contract.
  8. Stan As Gm

    It is his team though. And every time his name goes on the cup it is his team. No different than it being Rocky's team, Blunk's team, Hossa's team, Toews' team, Kane's team, and on and on. Everyone involved has some ownership as to the success of the team. We can argue about what percentage that is all day and who did what before, but I don't see people saying..this is Savards team, Q just walked in at the right time! People don't like Stan...I get it. He has a name that makes people think he didn't earn his position, whether you believe that or not he has shown that he can do what is necessary to keep a winning team winning. And That ain't easy.
  9. Stan As Gm

    Creature....you are killing it! I agree with just about everything you have said. I am no Stan lover but I wasn't really a Dale lover either. The fact of the matter is GM's are dealt the hand they are dealt. If you try and look back at all of the various trades, signings, etc that lead to picks and prospects it always reached back more than one GM on just about every team that wins a cup. No single guy does it. I have never seen anyone discredit Ken Holland because he inherited Yzerman, Federov, and Lindstrom. The GM's job is to have one foot in the present and one in the future. I try and reserve judgement on those guys until they retire and you see the body of work. Today is the first day I heard more than one person say trading CC might be the only option for the Hawks. I don't think trading Nilson was a bad thing as I believe if CC gets traded a goalie will be coming back in the other direction. The problem is, I just don't see what team out there needs a goalie right now and the ones who did traded for a high end backup to give him a shot.
  10. Stan As Gm

    I disagree. I knew some hawks brass back in the day and they said "he is the best goalie in the world" when they signed him and they were all excited about it. He was great in Game 4 and showed everyone something. All that said it is hard to say moving him was the wrong move. Eddie was a fan favorite and a proven workhorse. It would have been a huge gamble to move him and keep Hasek.
  11. Stan As Gm

    GMs don't care if they like one guy or not. If you have an asset to help their team and the price is fair they will trade with you. Because if they don't it means their job down the line. Sure they have connections and guys they prefer to deal with and of course you try to avoid inter conference trading, but the "guys don't like stan so they won't trade with the hawks" is total BS. Last I checked. Winterpeg, Columbus, Arizona, SJ, Philly, TOR, VAN, NYI, CAL, FL, NYR, LA, TB, WSH, OTT, BUF, BOS, EDM, and ANA have all traded with the Hawks since Stan has been the GM. That is 19 of 29 potential teams. Hard to keep up the BS line with that fact out there.
  12. The Crawford Thread

    Lots of post but I'll cherry pick this one to reply to. But before I do that....can you guys please stop acting like the Jennings trophy is a freaking vezina..it ain't! The jennings is for lowest GAA and both goalies are considered the winner. At the end of the day it is a team trophy. In the end you cannot separate the money from the player. Which kind of sucks but it is the cap world. I don't argue that CC is tested and proven. He is. I don't know if the hawks would have 2 cups without the guy. What I am saying is, because of the tagging rule sooner or later to resign Seabrook and TT down the road you will need to remove one guy making a big buck. Now maybe that guy is Hossa going on LTIR (the way you get around the recapture) but maybe Hossa is content making a million and playing and you don't have the option. What I am saying is at some point CC wasn't that proven guy, we had no idea what to expect from him, but the hawks made the right choice and kept Hammer and let Niemi walk. Niemi's numbers were not anywhere near what CC are and neither was his performance. But for me, it showed the Hawks know exactly where they can and should put their money and exactly what position you can fill for cheap and strike gold. I have said this before and I will say it again. NHL goalies are equal to closers in MLB. Every now and then you get a Hoffman or a Mariano (Hank, Marty, Roy) but more often than not you get a Beck, Jenks, Faulk, Papelbon, (Thomas, Quick, Ward, Niemi, etc). If you know baseball you will understand what I am getting at.
  13. The Crawford Thread

    Part of it is on the players, they can choose to escalate it if they want. They choose not to because of escrow.
  14. The Crawford Thread

    I don't think the people on here asking for Crow to be traded are hating on Crow. We are just living in the salary cap world. And at the end of the day, even after the guy gave an incredible SCF performance, we are just saying that if given the choice between Crow and Saad we pick Saad. If given the choice between Crow and Seabs we pick Seabs. If given the choice between Crow and TT down the road we pick TT. That isn't a knock on Crow but really a pat on the back to the level of goaltending we now see in the NHL. Simply put the difference between Saad/Seabs/TT and the guys behind them or the best guy in the minors is a HUGE difference. The difference between Crow and darling or Crow and Raanta or Crow and X just simply isn't that big. So in a cap world you pay the irreplaceable guys and you move on from the others and let someone else who needs/values them more take them.
  15. The Crawford Thread

    1. It would be hard to argue if the hawks win this series that Crow shouldn't be the Conn Smythe winner. No one players performance both good and bad has stood out as being such a game changer. 2. I have long been in the trade Crow camp, more due to his salary and the wins above replacement idea that to some extent easton touched on. But numbers are just that, what my eyes are starting to tell me is that the hawks have a goalie who is a part of this team, a guy they play well for and a guy they trust to bail them out. Sure they could get that same thing with Darling but the point is, this isn't Niemi and with Kane and Toews contract kicking in the % goalie might not give you what you need. 3. For those that said the hawks couldn't get a first rounder for Crow....I beg to differ. 4. Interesting stuff by Easton Fiction. It points out the wins above replacement comments I made before and puts them into some context. But goaltending, even save percentage, is a function of the team there is no getting around that. I could get into the weeds here but there are guys doing heat charts of where teams are letting the opposition shoot from. When the Bruins where winning with Thomas and then Rask the opposition was generating shots from the outside, a sign of good defense making a goalies life easy. When they missed the playoffs last year their shot chart altered. I am still open to trading Crow, I think if the right deal is in place and the hawks can nail down some better D men and get out of cap hell by moving Sharp, Bickell, AND Crow...I think the window to win stays open a lot longer than with Crow. But I would hope that all of us watching realize just how well this guy is playing and give him his due. He was #2 for MVP in 2013 and should be #1 right now..that is a hell of an accomplishment.