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  1. Yes, playoffs!! GO HAWKS!!
  2. Keep going! We need that
  3. Schmaltz very impressive! Seemed like a GREAT game!
  4. Size has always been issue for Hawks in playoffs, according to fans
  5. This is good. No need to play 3 guys for 60 minutes this time
  6. Kanes never been that into the Hurricane Remember when he was asked about it in the beginning and he quite didnt know why it was picked.
  7. I LOVE Toews but Team comes first. If he doesn't turn his game, the contract in cap era is just too much for what comes back. With that kind of money on the table he should make players around him better, not for the team to look players to make him better. Having said all that, let's wait and see now that bridge deal is done.
  8. Wow... ....WOW!
  9. Sleeping. No, seriously Last couple of years, with the second kid, new job, renovation, three dogs... I'm just too damn tired to stay awake for the games, unless it's playoffs (then I try to do it still). During the day, well, it's very busy time. So, I've mostly moved to lurking mode on these boards, reading quickly what's new etc.
  10. Trade Toews and get couple of 5M centers back. You cannot pay 10M for a guy who brings 30-40 points a season, right?
  11. What the he** is wrong with Hossa? He is scoring like he'd be 25.....
  12. Pretty nice moves from Kane It's awesome to see Hossa playing this well, very awesome
  13. And he seems to be able elevate the puck again So goals keep coming again more regularly
  14. Same, cant post stuff...