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  1. Problem is, their GM doesn't handcuff the whole team with NTC/NMCs. Only their franchise players have proper ones, rest are movable. When you build your team like that, it's easier to build the support core (also it helps your 2 franchise players actually perform like ones, and dont cost THAT much). Let's see again when cap goes higher and we can afford to fill the roster.
  2. Dont trash my Jinx
  3. Nah, Pitt is repeating, then repeating again next year. They are too good
  4. Repeat and next year make it triple.
  5. How the hell did we end up with 9 NMCs, hands down most in NHL by a mile? I could understand Keith, Kane & Toews. But CC, Seabs, Hammer... and why do you accept in our cap situations people in with NMCs like AA.
  6. Hah, Toronto leading
  7. This game was ridiculous from him! Wow!
  8. I was about to post my worries here and read others jump off the ledge posts, but then noticed it was Panik...
  9. Done.
  10. Yes, playoffs!! GO HAWKS!!
  11. Keep going! We need that
  12. Schmaltz very impressive! Seemed like a GREAT game!
  13. Size has always been issue for Hawks in playoffs, according to fans
  14. This is good. No need to play 3 guys for 60 minutes this time
  15. Kanes never been that into the Hurricane Remember when he was asked about it in the beginning and he quite didnt know why it was picked.