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  1. I think that last month is on him. Who out there is better? Will see once next year comes. I don't think there is any doubt ( Especially after Kitchen firing) Q is gone without a third round appearance. In fact, I wouldn't put it past Wirtz to fire Bowman if they font get out of the first round next year.
  2. This question is more intriguing after the sweep. Who plans on renewing their seats?
  3. Dude should also be angry at himself for the Kruger, Seabrook contracts.
  4. Indeed it is. Can anyone argue against Q being gone if they don't get past the second round next year? I'm not necessarily lobbying for him to be gassed. I just think every coach to an extent has a shelf life.
  5. I honestly am not shocked they got swept. Call me crazy but I saw signs the last month. It's almost as if they thought they could turn a switch on...
  6. I've never seen Stan so upset. I truly think either a player ( Seabrook, Crawford, Hossa) or even a coach ( Although doubtful..maybe Q) will be out.
  7. Cousin just threw his tickets down the drain. Wow....
  8. Does anyone think Nashville will beat St Louis? Goalies are a wash. Lineups are somewhat similar.
  9. Guess we didn't bomb as bad as the Kings after winning....
  10. This is unacceptable on all levels. I honestly think Kitchen or someone needs to go. This is firable and a disgrace.
  11. I think Q stays. I do think he's out if they don't make the third round minimum next season.
  12. Will Campbell be back next season? Haven't seen his contract details.
  13. I suppose in the literal sense he's correct. Figuratively? It's done-zo. They aren't coming back.
  14. I'll say this: They've provided all of us thrills and memories to last a lifetime. Game 1 vs Cgy 09, game 6 vs Canucks 09, 2010 ( Especially that fateful game 5 vs Nashville), ot games etc. Heck even when they lost ( Maybe minus Phoenix) they've gone down with a fight. I'm grateful. With all that said, it's time to look forward. Hopefully they rebound next year.
  15. Pending they are swept, I'm not sure where the GM looks. Does he look at the 50 plus win regular season team? Thinking that's who they really are and just had a bad month ( Including playoffs). Or does he see something bigger? Just don't know.