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  1. Ovechkin act of compassion

    Good on Ovi. I’m sure most NHL players do nice acts like this. But this one we heard about. It’s very nice that it happened in Edmonton. It looks more sincere when this thing happens away from home.
  2. Are You Worried Yet?

    That’s never a good sign. Hopefully they respond in a good manner to this.
  3. Are They Having Fun?

    I think there’s something wrong wrong. How bad is it? Not sure as I’m not in the locker room. But the play on the ice is indicative of a major problem. I hope they get their heads on straight and start to look like the team they should be.
  4. Stan As Gm

    Long time reader here. Long time Hawks fan. Something is wrong. Big Q fan. Big Bowman fan. But both are not on the same page. I feel one of the other will be gone soon. Just the way it is I guess.