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  1. Foggyspal

    3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

    Schmaltz has a long way to go for sure, but let's remember that Schmaltz has less than $1 mil cap hit and 17 more points than Saad who has a $6 mil cap hit.
  2. Foggyspal

    3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

    Bozak short term and Athanasiou long term are both UFA at end of season.
  3. Foggyspal

    How the Hawks Get Better

    What do you all think about Mark Stone. He's unrestricted at the end of the year. He will probably get paid on this next contract in the $6-$8 mill range. I like him and he would be a nice addition, just not sure we should spend that much on a non center. Thoughts?
  4. Foggyspal

    3/03 Hawks vs Kings

    If he is our best, we are in trouble....well, in more trouble
  5. Foggyspal

    3/03 Hawks vs Kings

    I love that Q calls out Kane for not taking his game to the next level this year. He fails to mention that he traded Panarin and that he has different line-mates every night...and none of them are DeBrincat. I guess putting him with struggling Toews makes up for it.
  6. Foggyspal

    3/03 Hawks vs Kings

    Too bad we only have one recall because I think Forsling deserves time if Gus and Dahlstrom are getting it.
  7. Foggyspal

    Pat Foley

    Maybe, but I still love a good, "Biiiiig Saaaaaave"
  8. Foggyspal

    Patrick Kane

    I just posted these thoughts today, mostly in response to the ridiculous attacks on social media- the ones attacking the players not the performance. (certainly not this group) Some thoughts on the following year, with the thoughts that Stan can do something by the trade deadline or in the offseason. http://bluehqmedia.com/keep-classy-hawks-fans/
  9. Foggyspal

    1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    He is being used incorrectly. He is on the softest line and he never gets to play on the powerplay.
  10. Foggyspal

    1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    Totally guilty. I even wrote an article supporting it. I would say trade him and Murphy to save $10 mil per year.
  11. Foggyspal

    1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    That was all Forsberg. He had no idea where the puck was.
  12. Foggyspal

    1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    That's the point.....:)
  13. Foggyspal

    1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    The contracts have a huge impact on our future; that's why we bring them up.
  14. Foggyspal

    1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    So this begs the question again, if we honor all NMC, what do we do to win again until they all run out?
  15. Foggyspal

    1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    I typically would agree with you, but that contract Bowman gave him is ridiculous- nearly 7 mil until 2023-2024. It's ridiculous