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  1. '17/18 hawks outlook

    Saturday against the Bruins, he was playing on Anisimov's right.
  2. '17/18 hawks outlook

    I'm watching some highlights of him with Erie, and he's mostly been on the right side. This is a selected number of games though, so take it with a grain of salt. Couldn't find any other source separating stats between the two wings. On elite prospect though, they have him listed as RW/LW.
  3. '17/18 hawks outlook

    I actual believe that they need to be cap compliant the first day of the season, and can get the max cap relief placing Hossa on LTIR on day 1 of the season as well. The Hawks don't play until day 2 of the season, so there will be moves today and tomorrow, but expect them to have 13F/8D/2G combo on the actual roster when they play the Pens on October 4th. If I'm wrong, so be it, but that's how I interpreted the rules.
  4. '17/18 hawks outlook

    Unclear if this includes Rosie before LTIR, or is he posting the roster numbers excluding Hossa and Rosie.
  5. '17/18 hawks outlook

    I'll agree that he will improve and be a valuable asset on the the team's blueline. This is only is second year in North America. Different rink size and faster play does take some time getting used to. I wouldn't write him off just yet. Also I would not just waste cap money to have a player with his skill set and his cap hit sit. He will only get better by playing, can't send him down or put him on waivers because he will be taken, there's not much in terms of top 4D left in free agency. Also if you're going to waste that money, mind as well put it towards a forward. Also it would be unwise for the hawks to use all of the cap relief. LTIR isn't guaranteed for the entire season (as far as I know), they will be reevaluated. Hossa will be done for the year, but what if Rosie becomes eligible to play, then we'll be over the cap and then what?
  6. '17/18 hawks outlook

    What's the other option??
  7. '17/18 hawks outlook

    So the 4th line would be Bouma/Wingels-kero-Hayden? Who's the odd man out? I also have a feeling that Hinostroza was just sent down for cap purposes until Tootoo, Berube, and Jurco clear waivers or get picked up or through cap relief from LTIR. I think Rosie's claim is a given, so that would be enough to bring Vinnie back. He had a real good camp and preseason IMO. However, that would make it 14F if my math is right, so it honestly depends how much playing time Q will give him and if he would fair better in Rockford.
  8. The 'hawks and free agency

    I don't have much to go off of when he's played the Hawks. Think he fits in a third line or 4th line role? He is a big body but does have some scoring capability. I personally see him on a third line because Bouma isn't a scorer really. This is assuming that Sharp can fit in to that 2nd line winger position.
  9. The 'hawks and free agency

    Jurcho is on a one way deal so you can't bury his contract in Rockford. So to get rid of him you will have to trade him or put him on waivers and because Bowman thinks highly of him he may use Jurcho to get another Dmen (preferably) or picks. The rest (unsure of Tootoo) can be put down in Rockford.
  10. The 'hawks and free agency

    I still can't believe they Bouma period.
  11. The 'hawks and free agency

    There are good FAs out there it's just not the most impressive batch. I think the number of big names is low which will result in their price tag being really inflated and it would make it difficult for teams to move money to add them to the roster. And there is almost zero chance Hossa comes back in the playoffs not only because of the penalties involved but they would have to move some players to add him to the active roster and this will be after the trade deadline. so if there is any glimpse of him coming back that soon then signing a FA would seem pointless because of the cap.
  12. The 'hawks and free agency

    Based on my knowledge of fractions, I don't know what these numbers mean.
  13. Stan As Gm

    I recall that too, but like I said that happened what seems like years ago and I couldn't remember so I had to google it myself. haha
  14. Stan As Gm

    http://www.espn.com/nhl/player/_/id/2562602/phillip-danault Says he's a winger. Unless it was in the works that he would center for us. MTL has him as a LW. http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=45282 This lists him as both. Nonetheless. He's too far gone for me to recall what the plan was for him when the Hawks had him.
  15. Stan As Gm

    That trade hurts. Both were producing quality minutes and offense but when they come to Chicago they fall absolutely flat. Makes it even worse that we lost a quality prospect winger and a draft pick. Welp can't win them all I guess.