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  1. Kruger will be traded. I was listening to the Madhouse podcast and they reminded me that Kruger is due a 2M signing bonus this year but it will not go against the cap. High % chance he still goes to Vegas as a thank you for leaving TvR unprotected. Probably will wait until 7/1 when the Hawks give him the 2M and then a team will take him. It's more of cost saving thing where that team won't have to pay that 2M. So it's unlikely Kruger will be moved beforehand.
  2. I agree with your take on the Hammer deal. He will be expecting an increase in salary in a couple years and he will move on in free agency and we get nothing in return. However, I do agree with Q's take that the Hawks should still be in the mindset of winning now while the Core still has miles left. Moving Hammer for a developing Dman isn't exactly what I had in mind. Grant it, Murphy was on a real bad team, so I hope he proves me wrong and is a solid stay at home Dman. Regarding Panarin, in the other thread I've been a huge advocate for keeping Panarin also realizing that he wasn't a physical presence and that after two playoff appearances I think he'll realize the physicality he needs to bring. All this changed when Hossa left. Losing a 2-way Forward is a larger hole than the hole that is left by Panarin. He is a scoring talent, but that's not what is needed IMO. Believe me I am going to miss his abilities, but I won't regret moving him in place of a 2-way talent such as Saad. Plus, it's not like he can't score. He was a scoring threat with Toews, and he was also a scoring threat in Columbus.
  3. I figure it was nothing but why is this twitter or news worthy? Didn't know if there was anything else to it.
  4. Sources saw Coach Q leaving the coach's meeting at the League's draft hotel, got in a cab and left...does this mean anything?
  5. sooooooooooooooo...I guess this thread is unnecessary now.
  6. 33 GA in 10 games...uhhhhhhh needs more work. I'm blanking on the Goalie depth in Rockford. Is it needed. I'm guessing yes because Glass is the current back up.
  7. No not positive, but what else can they give???
  8. Welp. looks like the Hawks find their back-up for Crawford with Forsberg. I was completely blown away by the Saad and Panarin deal that I didn't even pay attention to Motte and Forsberg.
  9. I've said in the Panarin thread that I think getting rid of Panarin would be a terrible idea. However, with this deal I'm more accepting of it because Saad has had proven success in the playoffs but I think we should've received more for Panarin IMO. It should be clear that this deal was done because of the Hossa situation not because Panarin was not working out.
  10. Any other info on the D man we're getting in return? He played all year with the Coyotes last season. When Hammer and TvR gone and Seabs and Keith getting up there in age they definitely needs to be some youth on the blue line that is NHL ready. https://www.nhl.com/player/connor-murphy-8476473 Other guy is a young center whose had some NHL experience.
  11. It also goes to show that Q and these Hawks only have one style of play and if doesn't work they keep doing it but just change the line personnel and throw the defensive pairings into the blender.
  12. TvR will likely be picked up by Las Vegas if the experts' prediction is correct. If I understand what you are saying correctly then yes, those Stretch passes as a method of clearing the puck was infuriating. That only works when the opponent's defense is on their heels and they basically give you the neutral zone. None of that will works if the opponent has a good forecheck or if they are clogging the neutral zone like the Preds were doing. So yea need better outlets for the defense but that's purely changing your positioning, that's not a special skill only select players have. Or load up Dmen with speed who can take it out themselves but then you risk losing size on the defensive end.
  13. Oh absolutely the defense issue it scary especially when are losing 3 (maybe 4) this offseason. We still have Kempny who I think played well but they still need more. However, you can't win games without scoring
  14. Well based on this series we need all the scoring we can get. Maybe if we can get another winger for Kane maybe this would be an option for a LW on the Toews line. On the flip side of the coin If we can get a good return then I wouldn't mind trading him as long as it's not for some young prospect who will sit in Rockford for a few years or a 3rd round pick.
  15. Why is that? Because of his skill? Cap hit? Doesn't have a NTC?