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  1. I don't have much to go off of when he's played the Hawks. Think he fits in a third line or 4th line role? He is a big body but does have some scoring capability. I personally see him on a third line because Bouma isn't a scorer really. This is assuming that Sharp can fit in to that 2nd line winger position.
  2. Jurcho is on a one way deal so you can't bury his contract in Rockford. So to get rid of him you will have to trade him or put him on waivers and because Bowman thinks highly of him he may use Jurcho to get another Dmen (preferably) or picks. The rest (unsure of Tootoo) can be put down in Rockford.
  3. I still can't believe they Bouma period.
  4. There are good FAs out there it's just not the most impressive batch. I think the number of big names is low which will result in their price tag being really inflated and it would make it difficult for teams to move money to add them to the roster. And there is almost zero chance Hossa comes back in the playoffs not only because of the penalties involved but they would have to move some players to add him to the active roster and this will be after the trade deadline. so if there is any glimpse of him coming back that soon then signing a FA would seem pointless because of the cap.
  5. Based on my knowledge of fractions, I don't know what these numbers mean.
  6. I recall that too, but like I said that happened what seems like years ago and I couldn't remember so I had to google it myself. haha
  7. Kane had 7 points in the 2016 playoffs including a goal, but I don't think anyone played particularly well that series. 2017 playoffs no one played well so. The reason everyone in the entire league thinks he can score because he's scoring champion, Conn Smythe winner, and has been scorer in the playoffs since they drafted him regardless who has been on his wing. I think what the above posters are saying is that Kane doesn't need a Panarin. He needs a productive winger but not a rookie of the year if that leaves space to improve another line to have 2 threatening lines. I'm a strong supporter of Panarin, but I'm a stronger supporter of making moves to provide a 2 way player that we lost with Hossa. Not saying Saad is Hossa but Panarin cannot provide the same 2 way game and even Hossa that type of play was lacking the last 2 playoffs series.
  8. http://www.espn.com/nhl/player/_/id/2562602/phillip-danault Says he's a winger. Unless it was in the works that he would center for us. MTL has him as a LW. http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=45282 This lists him as both. Nonetheless. He's too far gone for me to recall what the plan was for him when the Hawks had him.
  9. That trade hurts. Both were producing quality minutes and offense but when they come to Chicago they fall absolutely flat. Makes it even worse that we lost a quality prospect winger and a draft pick. Welp can't win them all I guess.
  10. I'm trying to look up these guys on Hockeysfuture and it's outdated articles. Not sure if I'm looking at the right website to get the analysis and such. Home page is analysis from last year's draft when they should've already had articles about this draft. Is there another link besides the one google gives me
  11. You're probably right so it would be more unlikely that we would get him cheaper than we need him. If we move Kruger and essentially use that money to sign either Hartnell who would ask for something in the 3M and Iginla would probably ask for something similar I think you would have to move someone else if you still want to leave room to add a Dman. What would be the exact cap relief if Hossa goes on LTIR?
  12. He's a big body but he would probably only breach the 2nd or 3rd PP line. Wouldn't Saad would be that big body that goes to the net on that top PP. Hartnell had a 1.5M cap hit before getting bought out. I would think 1M would be my ceiling for that.
  13. uhhhhhhhhhhhh...does anyone win this betting contest???
  14. Panarin came from the KHL. You have some very good players in the KHL that do have the ability to play in the NHL if there is a team with a good fit (culture transition because NA is way different than Russia, language). KHL doesn't fork over the salaries of the NHL so most Russian players strive to come over to NA unless you have the talents of a Panarin. And most KHL players aren't prospects and wouldn't come over to NA to play in the AHL. Now Russia does have Junior major leagues that are similar to the CHL which is how Ovechin got drafted but CHL is far more superior. They also have to compete against NCAA, USA development teams, Canadian development teams and it should be noted that the NHL is involved in both of those leagues so it's hard for KHL players to make a big enough impact to get noticed by NHL teams. So really it comes down to exposure and the Russian league just doesn't have that in NA unless you have the incredible talent like Oveckhin or Panarin. The Czech, finnish, and SEL are professional leagues however, they have a interesting dynamic where you can see a lot of European prospects compete with professional players...kids going up against men essentially. So it's pretty telling how physical a Dman can be in those leagues because they are up against professional players. I'm not sure if you can compare these leagues to the AHL because a lot of those players are prospects instead of professional guys who aren't good enough to be in the NHL combine with future prospects who just want to be seen. Think of it this way...Europe doesn't have College hockey or Major juniors comparable to what NA does, so these prospects go to these professional leagues to be seen and get drafted and then go to the AHL, but some also stay in Europe until they are brought up to the big club...but these European leagues also produce players that go straight to the NHL. So skill level I guess you can say that AHL has a higher % of NHL ready players but I think the two leagues do different things... I'm also not a scout but this is how I interpret what the internet tells me.
  15. I agree and I disagree. I will agree that Kane's last two seasons with Panarin were his best. However, since 2010 Kane never really had a solid C unless he was put on the Toews line. Also, the last two seasons prior to Panarin he didn't play the whole season. Yes he wouldn't have equal number of goals or assists if he played but he was still good. I think Kane is best with the puck on his stick and AA does that for him. There are other ways to score goals besides one timers and even more so in the playoffs where the room for that just isn't there. I have always been a big advocate for Panarin until we lost Hossa and then I automatically supported what the Hawks did in the Panarin trade. Yes Panarin will be missed and that line will see less production, but I don't think Kane's performance personally will drop...I think this speaks poorly of Kane's skill level which we have seen zero evidence that he needs good people around him to be productive. If you get Kane a decent winger that line will still be a top scoring line throughout the league. Yes he may not score 50 goals this season, but I would argue that it was combination of Panarin and AA alongside Kane's skill level that made this happen rather than Panarin being the X factor that gave Kane his MVP season. I rather have two top 2 productive lines instead of just one line carrying all the load.