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  1. I see where you are coming from now that you broke it down. Good insight. Kane I feel hasn't come out of his peak potential yet. He still scored 36G this season (2nd most in his career), but legacy comes from production in the playoffs and all reigns must come to an end including his. The others I think are already in the decline.
  2. It also goes to show that Q and these Hawks only have one style of play and if doesn't work they keep doing it but just change the line personnel and throw the defensive pairings into the blender.
  3. TvR will likely be picked up by Las Vegas if the experts' prediction is correct. If I understand what you are saying correctly then yes, those Stretch passes as a method of clearing the puck was infuriating. That only works when the opponent's defense is on their heels and they basically give you the neutral zone. None of that will works if the opponent has a good forecheck or if they are clogging the neutral zone like the Preds were doing. So yea need better outlets for the defense but that's purely changing your positioning, that's not a special skill only select players have. Or load up Dmen with speed who can take it out themselves but then you risk losing size on the defensive end.
  4. I already said what I thought about him during playoff time in the thread and the one from game 3...he sucked but I don't think you should give up on him after 2 years with his scoring potential. He has been invisible in the playoffs but I just have a hard time giving up a player with his talents that its only a matter of time IMO but I know there are differing opinions.
  5. Oh absolutely the defense issue it scary especially when are losing 3 (maybe 4) this offseason. We still have Kempny who I think played well but they still need more. However, you can't win games without scoring
  6. Compared to people who had no goals or points. It's relative to the rest of team who were absent from the score sheet. Obviously he wasn't productive based on his or our standards.
  7. Well based on this series we need all the scoring we can get. Maybe if we can get another winger for Kane maybe this would be an option for a LW on the Toews line. On the flip side of the coin If we can get a good return then I wouldn't mind trading him as long as it's not for some young prospect who will sit in Rockford for a few years or a 3rd round pick.
  8. Toews, Kane, and Keith are still elite players despite this series so dumping them for garbage or a bag of pucks won't happen. If SB were to move any of these players he would definitely wait for the right pieces that would help us. Taking a bad contract wouldn't help us. Anyone would love these guys and realize that they would need to give up a lot to get them. I think something was wrong with Keith. His head was not in this series. Toews. His lack of coordination and ability to stay on his feet makes me believe he MIGHT have a concussion or something. He was not his normal self at all, but like another poster said earlier he was still getting in those dirty areas battling so it wasn't for a lack of effort but he's not a 10.5M guy to just show effort. Kane was the only productive player on his line so maybe by game 3 and 4 they just focused on him plus I think the lack of productivity this series had a lot to do with AA's abysmal efforts.
  9. Idk. Maybe he hasn't realized that the playoffs are a different beast. He has to figure it out. Maybe he's changing his gameplay or he really can't keep up with the increased speed and physicality. Maybe this is his wake up call. He has to realize that's he has a target on him but why he all of sudden wakes up in the regular season is baffling. I mean it's not like the guy doesn't take hits or give hits in the regular season...why change in the playoffs. He has to adapt, no exceptions. It's just odd.
  10. True we didn't have grit, but 6-2 is just as bad as 6-1 and doesn't mean anything when you eventually lose. The offense was just not present this series and that was across the board. The lack of skill that mysteriously disappeared this series was what lost it. When it was 1-0 they still kept fighting but have the second and the third goal that had to be the biggest gut punch because you realize that it's over. *** Did you actually mean Ladd c. 2010 Sharp prior to 2015 (I didn't think he played well that season). Shaw was a grinder and brought heart but his stupidity and untimely penalties aggravated the crap out of me sometimes.
  11. Why is that? Because of his skill? Cap hit? Doesn't have a NTC?
  12. Agree to disagree. I still believe in the guy's potential. If next he flops than I will willingly say I completely overrated him, but I doubt Bowman is going to trade him nor will anyone take his cap hit. So whether we like it or not we're stuck with him next year.
  13. 1st of all Idk why you are stuck on Canadians when Arvidsson is swedish. I agree Canadians are very good, but they are also not the only hockey talent. 2nd of all I'm not denying that fact that he lacks physicality in the playoffs and I'm not saying he was good in this series. But the scoring potential is outrageous and to just give that up after two seasons in the NHL is so not smart.
  14. This literally makes no sense.
  15. I don't think I mention anything about him becoming a man nor does that represent his hockey ability. Pretty sure all of those women on that gold medal winning team can skate circles around any of us. Just take into consideration the transition. I do think he needs to have a shoot first mentality like he has had in the season instead of dropping it to kane every time he gets the puck. Plus I don't think his lack of play cost us the series any more than any other player. AA on the other hand. his face offs were terrible and I think had a huge decision factor in this series.