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  1. I agree Granada with your post. You know that the playoffs are usually won by defense, goal tending and then timely scoring. Let's give Nashville some credit, they are playing a strong defensive game even though it not always pretty and almost trap hockey. They have been excellent at breaking out of their zone from the low boards. We can complain that the Hawks are getting out worked, but its pretty simple. If you can't get possession in the Preds zone man on man you need to do it with numbers. Even when the Hawks have done well down low Nashville has tied up our defense at the mid boards and not given the Hawks much room to set up passes or run plays. That's an area Nashville has had good success being able to generate stretch passes to break out of their zone. Not winning important face offs in the attacking zone doesn't help. Nice to see a lot of old faces have been on the boards in along time....Musckpuck1o