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  1. 2017 IceHogs

    Welcome back Mr Trash. Nice to see you around again.
  2. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    Kind of funny picture choice when Panik is a healthy scratch tonight
  3. 12/10 Hawks vs Yotes

    Still, I like this your style better. Especially after reading hundreds of your negative posts on the past, the ones prior to the Buffalo game and this one make me laugh.
  4. 12/10 Hawks vs Yotes

    Did someone log into your account lately or what? Quite a few positive posts from you. I can read a bit of an irony, but still... A positive irony ☺️
  5. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Sabres in my opinion would want to go with the "Toronto" way. To put together a young team and add veterans later.
  6. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    On the ESPN there is an article that Sabres are calling off this season and are having a sellout. Sorry for not posting the link, but I am on the phone and too lazy to do copy paste. Apart from Eichel, everyone is available. I saw on ourboards that there might be some interesting additions for us, so let's see if SB pulls something off.
  7. Where is the leadership ?

    You mean Rozsival?
  8. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Assuming that Bicks would be healthy, difficult to say whether it would have been a bad contract or not.
  9. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I knew that I could rely on you to find here something to take a look on during lunch time. And thank you as well, after seeing this in not hungry anymore. 😀
  10. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Only the future will tell if the return is adequate or not. But considering that Sakic had a player who requested a trade and it was well known, I'd say he got more than a decent return for him. On a side note, is really humorous that the next two games will be played between Colorado and Ottawa. Luckily for Duchene, games will be played in Sweden.
  11. 11/01 Hawks vs Flyers

    Ahhh. Panik in and Pancake out. What a bummer...
  12. 11/01 Hawks vs Flyers

    I'd say it's 50/50
  13. 2017 IceHogs

    Cleveland was very effective. 3 goals on 3 shots. But funny that Berube had 19 saves...
  14. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    I would say it's rather irrelevant who plays on the first line LW. The real question is when and if the captain will find again his mojo and starts to dominate. Then he'll carry whoever is on his wings.
  15. 10/27 Hawks vs Preds

    Today I'm more curious about how the lines will gel. But two points would not madden me at all as well.