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  1. jaty84

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Looks amazing. Thanks for posting.
  2. jaty84

    Hossa done?

    Hoss in the interview with slovak media confirmed that he will not play anymore, is moving permanently to Slovakia due to his daughter starting school in September and regarding his plans for the future he confirmed that he had a speech with FO about a position in the organization but that has to wait since he still has 3 years left on his contract. And he does not know what will happen with that contract. He mentioned that it may be traded. So that implies that he would waive his NMC.
  3. jaty84

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Since there are maybe now only some 5 Slovaks left in the league, I'm following how Panik is doing in Arizona. And seeing his latest point production I'm wondering if his production here in Chicago had more to do with his streakiness or if it was on Q, linemates or what. We shall see. But let's only hope that his replacement here in Chicago will not get an extension worth 2.7M.
  4. jaty84

    2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    Who's in for them? Panik?
  5. jaty84

    1/24 Hawks vs Leafs

    Noone told them that the figure skating championship ended last weekend? 😀
  6. jaty84

    How do we define success?

    The question should rather be if Toews will ever have 70 or more points during any season. Only future will tell.
  7. jaty84

    How do we define success?

    With an exception that Jagr is 45,not 35...
  8. jaty84

    1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    Not trying to lecture anyone or be a smart ass. Just saying that your opinion about the play of drunken sailor, coaching of country club manager and giving of NMC/NTC clauses by SB is clear to anyone. I more or less agree on majority of them. Just stating that your constant repeating of them creates a very negative aura. is clear that the current position of hawks is not optimistic by any means, but highlighting these flaws repeatedly will not do the trick either. and I don't know what HFB means... ☺️
  9. jaty84

    Hossa done?

    Marian is a class act and I believe is true what he says. He loves this sport and I'm sure he'd like to play forever. But he's not 20 anymore, has a wife, kids maybe some other interests. Therefore I don't believe he would return to a life of a PRO player.
  10. jaty84

    Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    I really like the button "Unread content". Lately I realized that when I'm the PC or Tablet, the button is available on both, top and bottom of the page. However, in the when reading forums through mobile phone (which is 99% in my case), the button is only on the top of the page. Is it possible to have him in the mobile version on the bottom as well? That would save me a lot of scrolling
  11. jaty84

    1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    Yeahh, and we'll loose 0-1
  12. jaty84

    1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    Come on MJ. I think you already highlighted this once or twice. It is what it is. Just let it be and let's hope for a good game by both of them, the same for the rest of the team.
  13. jaty84

    Joel Quenneville

    I have the same impression. He's showing like he's not forced to make a trade to get better deal than he used to in the past.
  14. jaty84

    Hossa done?

    Maggie's counting result made my day FYI - Hossa recently stated in an interview that there is no way to return for the playoffs this year. Playoff games are too intense for a player without a regular training. Especially considering his age. However, he said he'd still would like to return. But imho it's just a theater for the media. I don't believe he'll return. Would be more than glad to be wrong...
  15. jaty84

    Anthony Duclair asks for trade

    Although I wasn't shocked about the Panik/Duclaire trade, I'm not that thrilled about it. There are not so many Slovaks anymore in the game and Panik seemed to be one of the last mohykans and still with a very good potential. Unfortunately, what he showed this year was not NHL worthy. Hopefully he'll find his game, if any, and gets top minutes in Arizona and with some luck he can be traded at the TDL. His cap hit is not small, but not that high as well. Hopefully the trade will pan out for both players. If not, Chicago has cap space as many pointed out.