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  1. Do the Blackhawks deserve a pass?

    No pass. As others have mentioned they got themselves into this situation and they have to battle through it. The effort has to improve drastically and I don't think it will unless there are big changes either with the players or management unfortunately. If the core is satisfied with their accomplishments and remain unmotivated then its time to break up the band. If they are just tired of Q then they need a new coach to light a fire under them. SB doesn't seem like they guy to turn the ship around too many bad contracts and it seems like he wasn't on the same page as the coach and they have to be if they expect to return to the glory days. Go Hawks
  2. Will the Hawks make the playoffs?

    Last nights game might have been the low point of the season for me. We can stick a fork in them cause they're done.
  3. Will the Hawks make the playoffs?

    Yep every time you think maybe they will start to play better after a good win they follow it up with a game like last night. Very disappointing to say the least
  4. Do they have a run in them? Looking at the standings they're only a few points back of a wild card. Can they string together 8 or 10 wins? They played a good game against the Preds if they put forth that kind of effort every night I think they can. Will they ...... I wouldn't bet on it. They come out looking like they don't care too often and they have a tough schedule ahead. Go Hawks
  5. How do we define success?

    Kane has never been the problem. Keith has been making as many mistakes as anyone this year. Toews hasn't been getting it done for quite a while now hes went through many line mates and nothing has helped he's just not the same player he has been for what ever reason. I still think Toews is young enough to play much better than he has been the last couple years
  6. How do we define success?

    Its kind of hard to slot guys down when they're taking too big a piece of the pie. Who do we replace him with? There is only so much that can be done with the salary cap where it is
  7. How do we define success?

    I'm afraid the core is just as big a problem as the rest of the team. Do you think the kids should elevate the play of the core? The core should be setting an example for the youngsters and they are with unmotivated just going through the motions play and that's why the Hawks are where they are right now
  8. How do we define success?

    The problem with slotting guys down is that your talking about one of the highest paid players in the league. If you think adding Stone will make a big difference I want some of what your drinking.
  9. The Crawford Thread

    That's the biggest bunch of BS I've read. If they need management to redirect them then they aren't worth the money they're getting paid period. That's why they are where they are in the standings. They are mediocre and their nightly effort makes it pretty clear they don't care..
  10. If... And I mean IF they miss the playoffs...

    I just don't think we were ready for such a sudden drop off. These guys are still in their prime and for the money they get paid we expected them to produce the way we've been accustomed to the last 8+ years. We knew it wouldn't last forever but were not ready for the ride to be over yet. Go Hawks
  11. Crawford could miss rest of season

    That's likely the final nail in the Blackhawks coffin. I don't see how the could possibly overcome losing Crow with the uninspired hole they dug themselves
  12. Patrick Sharp is coming to town.

    I really think the Hawks would be in great shape if everyone on the team was as good at their job as Kaner is at his job..................which is to score goals and make others around him better with his passing
  13. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Give me some of that koolaid. The Hawks should change their slogan from "one goal" to "when your mediocre your always at your best" I really think most of the core enjoys their time off the ice more than their time on the ice.
  14. Patrick Sharp is coming to town.

    Kane, Toews, Keith and crew have been the best thing ever to a Blackhawks fan. I grew up watching Hull, Makita, Esposito and the rest of them too but they never gave us near the excitement of the current group. While Kane is one of the best offensive players of his generation he's not a physical player that's not what he's paid to do. He will do some back checking and sometimes steal the puck but he puts all his energy into scoring goals and setting up some highlight reel goals for others. He has elevated the play of virtually everyone he's played with which is all you can ask of a player and leader. He just does it in a different way and has helped the Hawks win three Cups and for that I will be forever grateful.
  15. If... And I mean IF they miss the playoffs...

    They can look really good one game and terrible the next its maddening as a fan. I can only imagine how Q and the Hawks brass feel watching their team play. They need to start gelling and run off a win streak to get back in the playoff mix