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  1. ATNBlackhawksFan

    Are They Having Fun?

    Oh yeah - its coming and I'm fine with that oddly enough. It could be worse and it has been worse. I wasn't around for the really lean times - I've only been a fan since 2000 - but like most things in life - sports are cyclical. If the Hawks time is over, it'll come again - and hell, at least we got a time. lol. I care and I get just as upset and disappointed as other people when things go wrong - but people handle things differently - and sometimes I feel like if you aren't on these boards being vocal about how upset and disappointed you are - you are seen as a homer, blind to reality, a kool aid drinker, etc. I yell at my tv and my boyfriend when they don't play like I think they should and then turn it off and move on. Others choose to come to this forum and write out their frustrations. No way is right or wrong I'd reckon. I don't see the merit in one and someone might not see the merit in the other. C'est la vie - which I think is french for Let's Go Hawks
  2. ATNBlackhawksFan

    Are They Having Fun?

    i'm honestly a bit confused. Since I got in here 2015 - most people, especially in the summers, have anointed this team a non playoff or WC at best team since they won that 3rd Cup. I saw it the summer before "the Russians' got here cause Saad and Sharpy were traded and we were gonna suck and Kaner was being the worlds biggest idiot that summer. But we did fine during the regular season and would have made it further imho if not for a lot of stupidity from players (Keith and his stick and suspension and Shaw and his stupid mouth and suspension) and a bad bounce and a double post. Then it was back to we will suck the summer before 17. Then the team won 50 games it was a tomb around here in GDTs until they were crap and got swept in the playoffs and then it was rinse and repeat. So are people mad that they might finally be that fringe team people have been calling for for 2 seasons - now 3 seasons? Be careful what you wish for as the saying goes I guess. Are they having fun? I don't think any of them enjoy not winning or being in a scoring drought. But I watch hockey each and every day of my life and I have fun doing so. When I stop having fun watching this team or any other team - I'm gonna stop watching them. But I watched when they sucked and I'll keep watching when and if they suck again. I've seen teams suck until January and make the playoffs, so I guess I'm a kool aid drinker cause I'm not convinced this team won't play itself out of this drought and still make it. But I'm working full time, going to graduate school full time and watching hockey any chance I get to make me not want to pull my hair out over my stress levels so personally I'm not bored, I'm not mad, I'm not disappointed. I greatly enjoy hockey. That is looked at as blind and homerish around these parts these days, but I can see that this team needs to be better and still not be angry or upset about it. Doesn't mean I can't see it or don't care - but its a sport. That I'm not making any money on. I'm not letting it affect my real life negatively. Just my 81 cents - in memory of my boy Hossa. lol.
  3. ATNBlackhawksFan

    11/01 Hawks vs Flyers

    Good ole Number 55 came up big last night. Glad to get 2 points. This scoring drought can't last forever - boys gotta have a shoot first mentality and get everything to the net. So many times last night I thought they should have shot. Crow came up huge last night and there were times when Elliott did for them as well - I thought the boys could have potted a few more. Still things to improve on - good thing there's still a LOT of season left to do so. You can't have this much turnover on a roster - lose a huge piece like Hossa and not think there aren't going to be growing pains. It was funny to see the non fight fight of Murphy. Probably don't want to beat up the assistant coaches son. lol. Good to see Crow getting some praises. I
  4. ATNBlackhawksFan

    10/28 Hawks vs Avs

    I found myself in Nashville this weekend because my town's water supply was tainted and we were under boil advisory so we took that opportunity for a mini vacay in Nashvegas with some friends. Decided last minute to get some cheap tickets to the Preds/Isles game and spent my night as a pretend Isles fan cheering them on as they whooped on on the Preds 6-2. It made this loss a bit easier to swallow. Also I watched the Pens backup get plugged for 5 in the first and they wound up losing 7-1 so that helped my weekend as well. I was only getting notifications, but then went back and watched the game and it actually wasn't as bad as I thought. It was bad - but it wasn't like they laid down and died. Hayden missing that shorty was a turning point in the wrong direction though - I think had he buried that it would have made a difference. Love that the kid is putting himself in a position to even get that great of a chance though. Do the Hawks not have set PP plays? I've only ever coached competitive cheerleading/gymnastics - but we would "borrow" things from other routines all the time. Can't they borrow some set plays from other teams? If they could get that going it would be the difference between getting something and nothing from some of these close games or making some of these games in reach. Meh. Nothing you can do from a loss but move on. 70 games left. They'll either make the playoffs or not. Its up to them. I'm watching either way cause I don't get paid extra regardless of if they win or lose. I watch for fun. If I stopped having fun watching - I'd stop. I've watched this team when they lost more than they won and since 2009 they've not done that in the regular season. Plenty of time for them to keep that going. Either way - Go Hawks!!!!
  5. ATNBlackhawksFan

    10/24 Hawks vs Knights

    That unfortunately went the wrong way. I'm wondering if the Knights can keep this pace going. It'll be interesting to see. I feel asleep during the first intermission when it was 2-1 and woke up afterwards and was disappointed but not surprised. Knights have lost 1 game all season. They are playing with a chip on their shoulder and reckless abandon and sometimes that's hard to counter especially when you are playing your best - and Hawks didn't play their best. It's weird because they didn't get badly out shot this game and they edged out in FO - but then the PK - which has been such a bright spot - well, it was still good considering it got a shorty and killed a 4 minute - but it also let in 2 goals. They need to get everything working in tangent. Back home playing Nashville who were up by 2 in the 3rd against Calgary last night and let them come back and win in a SO - so they'll be good and fired up on Friday. The boys are going to have to find that same type of fire if they want to win. Is there a reason Wingels is playing center? Is it just to keep that 4th line together? I'd like to see Schmaltz moved to wing with Kane and maybe see a kid like Kampf or Hinny get a look at center on one of the lines or maybe at wing - not sure if either of those are pure centers or not. On to the next. Every game is a new chance to start over and be better after a loss. Go Hawks!!!!
  6. ATNBlackhawksFan

    10/24 Hawks vs Knights

    Wow - the 9 pm start time is hard for old fogies like me. The Hawks better make it worth my while if I'm giving up prime sleep time for them! The Knights have been on a whirlwind. I've watched all their games and they will out work a team in a heart beat. They are out there battling every shift and they will give 110 percent effort. So hopefully the Hawks can match it and bring back 2 points. They need to get as many shots as possible on their young tender who is making his NHL debut. Also, I didn't realize the Hawks PK is ranked 6th in the league. SO much better than the abysmal start from last year. Hope they can keep that up. It would be nice to see the PP start to get it together, but its always good when your PK is effective. Go Hawks!!!!
  7. ATNBlackhawksFan

    The Crawford Thread

    Crow has always been solid. I also think he's good in the room and has a good relationship with his teammates. Rags and Habs are showing that "elite" goal tending can't mask everything and as so many like to point out - Crow isn't "elite" but he's damned good and he's good with this team and in this system - and its worked for quite a bit. I think Crow gets that right now on this team - he's the constant and he's the anchor - and while the team in front of him figures it out - I think he just stays in his crease and does his job and he's ok with that. Is it sustainable. Hopefully it is for as long as it takes the team to acclimate and play better in front of him. Sooner rather than later would be nice - but honestly - I'd not sure there's another tender I'd rather have back there in the meantime. Good ole trusty number 55.
  8. ATNBlackhawksFan

    '17/18 hawks outlook

    I would agree, but with so many new faces - I think that is too be expected. As the newbies learn the system and the chemistry starts to gel more - I'm hoping that will work itself out.
  9. ATNBlackhawksFan

    10/21 Hawks vs Yotes

    Agreed. I like to watch the Panthers play because they are a fast young team - and yet every home game it's mostly an empty rink and I think - that's gotta be hard on the players. And they basically try to give away tickets to Panthers game. They always have specials like 3 games and all you eat concessions for 50 bucks or something outrageous like that and I'm like - I'd be there every game! lol. And for someone like Hammer who is used to 20 thousand at the UC and a fanbase that travels so they are loud basically anywhere you play around the league - it must be disconcerting to go from that to the Yotes.
  10. ATNBlackhawksFan

    10/21 Hawks vs Yotes

    For sure. It has to demoralizing and for Hammer it had to have felt odd because you are a Coyote now and I'm sure he sees people in his Hawks jersey at games and especially last night. I watched the Panthers play the Blues the other night and half their arena was empty and of the people who were there - a good number of them were Blues fans. I've always wondered what that must feel like for a player and if it makes it hard to go out there and win when you look up at the stands and its mostly empty or if the opposing team has more fans than you. I remember Getzlaf saying something in an interview about the low crowd turnout in Arizona a couple of years ago. Something about how hard it was to play to a dead crowd.
  11. ATNBlackhawksFan

    10/21 Hawks vs Yotes

    Ditto my friend. Arizona doesn't ever have the most skill but they work hard each and every game and you can't underestimate that. Nashville got beat by the Rangers in what is only their 2nd regulation win of the season. It's way too soon to be saying any team should be an easy win based on standings imho. PK did well tonight and it was good to see the 4th line put up some points. Maybe that will give them some confidence. This team needs secondary scoring to help win games. It was good to see Murphy take up for a teammate. I'm sure Tie Domi's short and annoying son is frustrated at being winless this season - but that hit was petty. Hammer looks weird in that ugly jersey. All this losing has got to be so freaking odd for him. He has never had a losing NHL season in his career since he became a full time player in 2010.
  12. ATNBlackhawksFan

    10/19 Hawks vs Oilers

    Welp, I did my part. lol Pregame rituals were done and I watched the entire game. This half loss was on the PP this time. There is plenty of work to be done - but plenty of time to do it in. Goalie position looks to be as strong as ever though. On to the next. Let's Go Hawks!!!!
  13. ATNBlackhawksFan

    Okay Our Defence?

    I agree with you and Lord that I wouldn't mind seeing more of a transition of giving the other D more ice time and responsibilities. Maybe the mind set is to give them more time to get the system down and become more acclimated before they add those responsibilities on to them? It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
  14. ATNBlackhawksFan

    Okay Our Defence?

    No worries. I have just honestly never heard that saying before and I just took it literally. I've learned something new today! lol. Also Manwiched is about the most accurate description possible for what happened to poor Schmaltzie. I'll be happy to see him back. He was playing like a kid on a mission in preseason and the first game and minute of the second. And I totally see what you are saying. They do need to be better. D Corps, Forwards - not sure the Goaltending could get much better- they've been pretty solid for sure. I guess I just think that they will get there at some point. I didn't have the greatest of expectations coming into it considering how new they all were - but for me when you factor in Forsling being 21 but looking 12, Ruuta being a North American Ice/NHL newbie, Kempny being what Ruuta was last season and not doing near as well imho but looking better this season, Murphy and Franson being brand new to the system - I just assumed the team D and the D Corps would take a step back and we might be in Rags or Habs or Shark territory where we just couldn't seem to get things to click at the beginning. It hasn't been great, but I'm way more pleasantly surprised and optimistic because I think they can get better and work on things. They have a long way to go - but I think they have the talent and the fortitude to get there as a team. As far as Duncs and Seabs - I do actually agree that they probably need to be split up. I just didn't want to discredit the hard work I think the newbies are putting in - cause I do think they are working hard on the ice and are willing to learn and get better. Hopefully the vets will take a page out of their books.
  15. ATNBlackhawksFan

    Okay Our Defence?

    I'm not a man so I thought that was what it was referring to. So it's an expression that means everyone/unanimous. I've never heard that before. Then I amend my previous literal reading of it. Still don't agree though. lol.