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    Green is the colour of my feather because I am also a committed Saskatchewan Roughrider supporter in the Canadian Football League and a proud citizen of Rider Nation. 2013 was one of the best years of my life, a Stanley Cup victory for the Blackhawks and a Grey Cup win at home for the Roughriders. I love it when the Hawks win against cities with CFL franchises: Winnipeg - Jets/Blue Bombers, Calgary - Flames/Stampeders, Edmonton - Oilers/Eskimos, Vancouver - Canucks/Lions, Toronto - Leafs/Argonauts, Montreal - Canadians/Alouettes, Ottawa - Senators/Red Blacks.

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  1. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

  2. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

    Vinny on Fire~
  3. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

  4. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

  5. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

  6. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

    "All the Way Back to Sweet Home Chicago" ... love hearing the dagger again!
  7. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

    After three SC's i think Q deserves the full season before the final judgement on his status is made. Surely he has earned that?
  8. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

    So your point is that this team is irreparably broken? It must take practice to be that negative.
  9. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

    I like that the Hawks have pushed back after two the the GN goal and scored.
  10. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

    Hawks prospect just scored for the Swedes. rats.
  11. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

    I only saw the last 3 minutes. I gather from the comments the Hawks didn't play with the same intensity for tho other 17?
  12. 1/05 Hawks vs Knights

    Just started watching... was focused on the world juniors... so the Hawks are back in the game?
  13. 1/03 Hawks vs Rangers

    Milbury is a Hawk hater if there ever was one. He can't stand to see them win.
  14. 1/03 Hawks vs Rangers

    Watchout TAZER has his mojo back!
  15. 1/03 Hawks vs Rangers

    Way to battle Glass!