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  1. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    yup, just heard its done.. hmmm
  2. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    hey lama! how about a little summin for the effort??
  3. Draft 2018

    exactly! i was expecting it as well.. sigh...
  4. Draft 2018

    wont have to worry about that last part Bob, because they wont be in the postseason!! very frustrating to watch, they shouldve fired Stan this offseason..
  5. Draft 2018

    apparently we need a bigger/taller GM!
  6. Draft 2018

    what the hell is going on?? pee wee league guys for F sake!
  7. Draft 2018

    small worked for the Caps! oh wait.....
  8. Draft 2018

    ive never liked Stan the kid is smaller than him!
  9. Draft 2018

    whew, figured they would take him for sure!
  10. If rough start, who is first to go?

    man im glad im not the only one who noticed this. im tired of hearing Kempny's name being called in every game constantly. does make you wonder why players like him and Daley didnt work out here, then they go elsewhere and thrive.. seems if they dont fit Qs system, he cant adapt his system to the players he has...
  11. 5 years ago....

    im telling ya, it never fails when we go to a game, i always have someone cheering for the opposing team near me.. i cant remember for sure, ill have to ask the misses, but there were at least 5, maybe more it was like everyone behind us was a D fan. we were in the 2nd to the last row in the nosebleeds crazy, but a lifetime memory.
  12. 5 years ago....

    well we had a row of detroit fans sitting right behind us at that game, and when hammer scored, i lit into each and everyone of em.. then i had to take it back after they reversed the call.. :/ but to their credit, they all said that was a terrible call and the goal shouldve counted.. just one of many great memories i have from a bunch of games we attended. unfortunately im still paying for a few of them!
  13. Keith to Panthers?

    i couldnt remember until Phil posted above. i saw it on facebook as well