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  1. davebrau

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

  2. davebrau

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    kanes ability to find the open guy with a perfect pass still amazes me..
  3. davebrau

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    miss Hammer another great trade by stan the man! oy
  4. davebrau

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    PP is awful yotes have an aggressive PK, need to keep moving the puck!
  5. davebrau

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    thanks Lord, i thought thats what i had heard.. maybe wake him the F up!
  6. davebrau

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    is Saad playing tonight?
  7. davebrau

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    Thanks MR Cant wait to see Crow back in net, really didnt think it would ever happen again Lets Go Hawks!
  8. davebrau

    Brandon Saad

    ya know, heres a crazy thought/observation i remember the first few games last season, Saad was on fire, had like 5 goals in the first week or something then i also remember he got lit up in front of the net a few times, may have even banged his head on the crossbar after a brutal cross check that of course was not called.. didnt seem to be the same player from there on out IMO. did he decide he wasnt going to get killed, or end up with a head injury, thinking of his future, etc.?? just a thought i had late last year, because he was a beast before that, seemed he was more timid, stopped going to the net as much after these events.... hmmmmmm
  9. davebrau

    The Crawford Thread

    oh wow, thats cool.. and crazy... hope it works out, he was on top of his game when he played last...
  10. davebrau

    The Crawford Thread

    Crow playing Thursday? been strangely quiet about this for some reason.. thought that was the plan....
  11. davebrau

    Brandon Saad

  12. davebrau

    Henri J (can't spell it)

    i agree about AA, he was in front of the net on one of Kaners late goals on sunday night goalies in this league usually stop what they see.. usually.
  13. davebrau

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    ugh, i was so pissed when that game went to o.t. probably shouldnt even have been in it, but Ward gave them a chance and they blew it. how many times are we going to see the whole team move towards the puck when its behind the net and leave everyone uncovered right out front?!?! i believe they've done that every game so far this season. is that on the coaches or on the players?? stop puck watching! cover an area or a player!!! fricking obvious to me, and the coaches need to pound this home to the players.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  14. davebrau

    Henri J (can't spell it)

    unless your GT name is Ward, he sees em and they still go in! ugh.. but i agree, need bodies in front of the net, watched the Caps/Knights game yesterday, actually saw 2 bodies in front of the net on Vegas's PP... coaching man!!
  15. davebrau

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    Good catch Gig. Pregame ceremony really got to me