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  1. The Crawford Thread

    and my guess is Crow is in some sort of rehab from what ive been hearing if so, i hope he figures it out, he was pretty drunk at the Cup rallies in 13 and 15...
  2. The Crawford Thread

    its too bad they didnt figure out what Bicks problem was while he was still here, we would still have TT instead of having to use him as trade bait. :/
  3. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    its 1.000 today
  4. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    well at least i dont have to go to work tomorrow got that going for me.
  5. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    yup, already saw a little jump happens a lot actually, play hard early and you're not down 3 to begin with..
  6. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    if they cant get motivated for this, the last game before 5 days off, when can they? sad..
  7. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    well thats how you do it. game,set,match..
  8. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    sux as usual
  9. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    muck fe
  10. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    well thats not good.. little lucky, but cmon boys hate these early games..
  11. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Thanks MR Lets Go Hawks!!!
  12. 1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    i think all 3 stars of this game werent even on the team last season.. crazy
  13. 1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    yes! man i wanted the shut out for mr. glass!!
  14. 1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    now we have to sweat it out the next 3 minutes.. :/
  15. 1/12 Hawks vs Jets