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  1. Jan Rutta

    Hawks recall Pokka since Franson is placed on IR. How about let Kempny PLAY instead of sitting? Either play the guy or send him to Rockford to get ice time. He is not going to get better sitting out games.
  2. 12/06 Hawks vs Caps

    Someone tell Toews this vegan diet he's on sucks. Eat some RAW red meat Captain. Get some fire under your team.
  3. 12/06 Hawks vs Caps

    Nothing a 10 game winning streak won't fix. That will make the team....mediocre at best.
  4. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    Is the Schmaltz experiment over yet? Time to send him down and bring up someone hungry. Send either Kempny or Oesterle to Rockford to get playing time. They will not get better sitting in the press box. Release Sharp, was a nice gesture to sign him but no go. Saad has either gotten worse because he was under Torts or was not as good as we thought without Hossa. GOD I miss Hossa.