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  1. 3/18 Hawks vs Blues

    He's been growing that since last season.
  2. 3/18 Hawks vs Blues

    Nuttin you can do on that tip.
  3. 3/18 Hawks vs Blues

  4. 3/18 Hawks vs Blues

    Cat scores again!!!
  5. 3/18 Hawks vs Blues

    Pierre knows his history....and beer.
  6. 3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

    Let's look at the bright side..... <strobe light>
  7. 3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

    We're trying to stave off the Blues from dropping below us.
  8. 3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

    Had enough yet of the schmaltz experiment?
  9. 3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

    At least AA goes in front of the net and stays there. Can't say that about the rest.
  10. 3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

    If the Kings were not scared to fire their GM and coach just 2 years after winning 2 of 3 cups, why shouldn't the Hawks. They can't draft anyone of size and skill. Always short and weak, easily pushed around.
  11. 3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

  12. 3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

    OK, let's kill this PP without giving up a couple SHG.
  13. 3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

    You've seen it all year they shy away from contact. Afraid to Check any one and afraid against the boards.
  14. 3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

    They're making us green with how they play.
  15. 3/17 Hawks vs Sabres

    Where's Eddie O?