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  1. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    -Carmelo Anthony was supposed to have turned the Nuggets into a contender when they drafted him. When the Nuggets had reached stagnation on their roster many years later, Carmelo Anthony was supposed to have helped the Knicks make a title run. That looked to be the case when Mike Woodson replaced Mike D'Antoni as head coach & the Knicks won their first playoff series in 13 years. With Woodson being ousted the moment Phil Jackson became in charge of basketball operations, it now looks like Melo might be leaving the Big Apple for the Knicks to start over from scratch. However, Melo might stay similarly to how the Celtics had chosen to retain Rajon Rondo. The teams that Melo are on don't win in spite of him & not because of him. The Heat may not have won this year but could still be among N.B.A. Title favourites for next year depending on the offseason moves that Pat Riley would make. Just like it took a long time for LeBron to have captured a title, the window may be closing in on Melo to reach N.B.A. immortality while he remains a top-notch superstar in the league. Joining the Heat would be a great situation for Melo to enter given a stronger supporting cast in Miami. However, the Heat would not be done there. Their bench has dwindled into the likes of Minnesota's. The Spurs were supposed to have been done after being last year's finalists. I'm dying (figuratively speaking, again) to see if Miami will start from scratch or retool for more title runs along the way. My guess is the latter.
  2. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    - Doug Collins made an excellent point on the panel last night when he emphasized that Miami needed to generate the same kind of hatred towards the Spurs like they had for Indiana & Brooklyn. - An example from my life is that I want the Bears to beat the degenerate Packers more than anything on Earth. However, winning games against the other N.F.L. teams are as vital when it comes to making a run at the N.F.C. North division title. - Getting back to hoops again. While it may have been challenging for the Heat to have felt animosity towards the Spurs, it's like everyone will despise this group of Miami players until the day we all die (I mean that figuratively, like those lyrics from that classic rock song).
  3. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    - I am so relieved that the Spurs won & that the nightmare from last season no longer haunts the San Antonio organization. They deserved to win the title last year & were head & shoulders beyond anything that the Heat could put on the court this season. - Mark Jackson put it best as time was winding down by saying, "What a great success story!"
  4. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    Wednesday night in the N.B.A., the Charlotte Bobcats had avoided being swept by the Chicago Bulls in their four-game regular-season series with a 91-86 overtime win at Time Warner Cable Arena. -Fourth overall pick Cody Zellers' two huge dunks had included an alley-oop slam with less than a minute to go in the second quarter on a pass from Gerald Henderson. -Kentucky Wildcats' head coach John Calipari was photographed with Charlotte Bobcats' owner Michael Jordan. -The Charlotte Bobcats' opening playoff game against the two-time defending N.B.A. champion Miami Heat is slated for Sunday à 14H30 (HC). -The Chicago Bulls' record for the 2013-14 regular season is 48-34. "Even at halftime, I think that everybody could see our intensity. We were much more together on the floor. It was a good, hard-fought win. So, I feel a lot better than I had the last three games." Charlotte Bobcats' head coach Steve Clifford
  5. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    Chicago Bulls waive Tornike Shengelia www.bulls.com, Le 14 avril 2014. -Earlier today, the Chicago Bulls have announced that they have requested waivers on Tornike Shengelia (TOR-Neek Shen-ge-liya). -At 6-9 & 220 lbs, Tornike Shengelia was acquired from the Brooklyn Nets on January 21, 2014 in exchange for guard Marquis Teague. -In nine games appearing for the Chicago Bulls, Tornike Shengelia had averaged 0.4 ppg & 0.2 rpg in 1.9 mpg. -The Chicago Bulls' roster now stands at 14 players.
  6. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    Bulls defeat Orlando in another heck of a game www.bulls.com by Sam Smith; Le 15 avril 2014. -There's a famous story from Illinois in the 1948 presidential campaign. -Incumbent & underdog Harry Truman was giving a speech in downstate Harrisburg. -As Harry Truman was coming hard & relentlessly at his Republican opponent, someone from the crowd had yelled, "Give 'em Hell, Harry!" -The feisty Harry Truman happily replied, "I don't give them Hell. I just tell the truth & they think it's Hell." -An unlikely N.B.A. star & No. 1 man, that sounded like Joakim Noah himself as the Bulls closed out their United Centre regular-season slate with a 108-95 win over the Orlando Magic. -The Chicago Bulls may not know who their first-round opponent shall be until after Wednesday's season finalé at Charlotte. -As the Chicago Bulls have exceled at all season long, head coach Tom Thibodeau has successfully gotten his message through to the team as they continue to put one foot ahead of the other, one step at a time. "Jimmer (Jimmy Butler) is a good dude. He came through. He hasn't played in a long time. But he comes in & delivers one when we needed him. That says a lot about his professionalism & shows a lot about his character. Not being able to play for such a long period & coming in when his number is called. It shows how hard he works. Jimmer is a Hell of a player." Chicago Bulls' centre Joakim Noah
  7. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    Sunday night in the N.B.A., the New York Knicks took out their frustrations in a fit of rage out on the Chicago Bulls for not making the playoffs as they got a 100-89 win at Madison Square Garden. -Although Joakim Noah fell just short of another triple-double that featured 13 points, 17 rebounds, & nine assists, the best the Bulls could muster was shooting a lifeless 39.2 percent from the field. -The Toronto Raptors catapulted the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference standings with a 116-107 win over the Detroit Pistons at the Palace of Auburn Hills. -The Chicago Bulls shall try to keep up with the Toronto Raptors as they host the Orlando Magic tonight at the United Center. -British singing legend Phil Collins had sat courtside in New York City. "At the end of the day, I'm the coach & I didn't get it done." New York Knicks' head coach Mike Woodson
  8. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    -What sets me apart from most other people with narcisstic personalities is that I can get humbled incredibly easily. That's how I feel now that the Bulls lost at Madison Square Garden last night. -I delayed answering this question because of how well the Bulls were doing. I doubted that any assessment done on my part would have been an objective one. I needed to be brought back down to Earth again. -I was thinking that perhaps I should wait until either the exact end of the regular season or just prior to the Bulls beginning their first-round playoff series. That might improve the chances of any projection shaping out the way I believe that it would. -There is also the superstition factor. T.S.N. hockey & C.F.L. broadcaster Gord Miller emphasizes that somebody's comments has no direct impact on what unfolds on the playing field itself. But since the Bulls have been doing so darn well, I figure, why take a chance? Although I may very well be the most outspoken person in human history, I'm thinking of keeping any comments on the N.B.A. playoffs entirely to myself to maximize the Bulls' chances this year. -As the lame ole' cliché goes, I'll just take things day-by-day for now. -I know that this answer was not what you were expecting, but this has been really hard for me to sort out. -If my biggest concern in life is not spoiling the Bulls' chances for an N.B.A. championship, then I've got it pretty good! -Yikes! I actually said it out loud! This post shall now end before stumbling in any murkier waters. Au revoir.
  9. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    Chicago Bulls move to third in Eastern Conference www.bulls.com by Sam Smith; Le 12 avril 2014. -Friday night in the N.B.A., the Chicago Bulls rumbled by the misfiring Detroit Pistons 106-98 at the United Center. -With the Chicago Bulls trailing by as many as ten points to begin the fourth quarter, Taj Gibson led a rally that was ignited by an injured Derrick Rose sitting right beside him on the team bench. -Taj Gibson finished with 17 points in the game. -Being called the team's most efficient scorers by Chicago Bulls' head coach Tom Thibodeau, Taj Gibson & D.J. Augustin had totaled a combined 23 fourth-quarter points. -The Chicago Bulls have now been averaging 101 points in scoring during a seven-game winning streak. -Though the Detroit Pistons now have a record of 29-51, you can be a loser quickly if you let a team that's out of the playoff picture get going. -The Chicago Bulls' next game is at Madison Square Garden on Sunday night against a Knicks' team that's desperate to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. "The Bulls in the United Center, it's a 48-minute war. That team competes on every possession. You're going to have to come in here & compete. You can't take your foot off the pedal for a second. It's a great atmosphere here to play a game. They feed off that." Detroit Pistons' interim head coach John Loyer
  10. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    Wednesday night in the N.B.A., the Chicago Bulls grab their sixth straight victory by soundly defeating the Timberwolves 102-87 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. -With Toronto's 125-114 win against the Philadelphia 76'ers occurring on the same night, the Chicago Bulls continue to be tied with the Raptors for third place in the N.B.A.'s Eastern Conference. But because the Raptors lead in the Atlantic Division & the Bulls sit at second place in the Central Division, it's Toronto that currently gets favoured with the Eastern Conference's tiebreaker. -With his 15 points, 13 rebounds, & eleven assists, Bulls' centre Joakim Noah has now tied Indiana's Lance Stephenson for the N.B.A. lead in triple-doubles with four. -The Chicago Bulls' next game is against the Detroit Pistons at the United Centre on Friday, April 11, 2014. -It was revealed on the N.B.A.'s official website that Tom Thibodeau's first N.B.A. job was as an assistant coach to the late Bill Musselman for the expansion Minnesota Timberwolves back in 1989. "Joakim Noah was terrific throughout the whole game. The best thing about him was the winning part of it. To me, that's what separates him from most other talented star players." Chicago Bulls' head coach Tom Thibodeau
  11. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    Preamble: I'd like to tip my hat off to the Kentucky Wildcats. Thank heavens the Badgers are gone. The student population at the University of Wisconsin can take lessons from the Ottawa Senators on how to look for the finest golf courses around. Bulls also making Washington look troubled www.bulls.com by Sam Smith; April 6, 2014. -The only games when the Chicago Bulls played one another was twice within a five-day stretch in mid-January. -The Washington Wizards had won both of those games as the U.S. Midwest was learning the term, 'polar vortex.' -While everyone was cold then, the Chicago Bulls are now hot. -Last night, the Chicago Bulls romped the Washington Wizards 96-78. -Joakim Noah had 21 points & twelve rebounds. -The way the Bulls had played in Washington, against a Wizards' team with their own playoff visions, was proof as well as impressive in basically an end-to-end conquest that made a statement to at least one former Chicago Bull. "It was definitely a statement game, getting a possible matchup in the first round, & they took it the same way. The Chicago Bulls wanted to make a statement early." Former Chicago Bull Drew Gooden P.S. Since the Bulls' next game isn't until Wednesday at Minnesota, the Bulls' roster won't be the only people taking a mini retreat. I shall talk about the Bulls' playoff aspirations when the team will next be seen again.
  12. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    Last night in the N.B.A., the Chicago Bulls got another dominant win on their home floor at the United Centre with a 102-90 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. -Chicago's Jimmy Butler & Kirk Hinrich each had 17 points. -Carlos Boozer had 14 points & eleven rebounds. -Tony Snell played eight minutes for the Bulls & made one basket. -Because of Toronto's impressive 102-94 win over the Indiana Pacers played on the same night, the Bulls remain tied with them for third place in the Eastern Conference standings. -Tonight's pivotal game # 1: Bulls at Wizards. -Tonight's pivotal game # 2: Raptors at Bucks. "Milwaukee played harder than us for a stretch. But when we needed to score, we got it done." Chicago Bulls' forward Taj Gibson
  13. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    -It was only as recently as last season that the Heat held the second-longest winning streak in N.B.A. history. However, that happened after the All-Star break. Up until just now, the Heat have leapfrogged the Pacers for supremacy in the Eastern Conference. Though the Heat would never exactly sleepwalk through any duration of time, they do happen to switch gears into full throttle whenever they sense that the regular-season action they are in at the time will significantly impact their playoff implications. Back when the Celtics had their own Big Three in Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, & Kevin Garnett, they would hardly ever do anything special in the regular season aside from capturing the Atlantic Division. While those Celtic teams may have been impressive, they were not dominant like this installment of the Heat are. The Heat are the team to beat (sad N.B.A. pun) not because they are two-time N.B.A. champions, but by how they've set the bar in the league. -As for the Spurs, this is the year then the huge streak is theirs. One needs to proceed with caution as they had a large winning streak two seasons ago while entering OKC's Chesapeake Energy Arena with a 2-0 series lead. It was OKC that advanced to the N.B.A. Finals for the first time since the franchise's relocation. However, an abundance of credit goes to the Spurs. They had their championship snatched away from them at the same time that the N.H.L. season abruptly ended at Boston's T.D. Garden. However, S.A.'s team was not dismantled the way that the 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks were, & they had actually 'won' the whole thing. Personally, I thought that this would be the last we've heard of the Spurs the way hockey fans have seen the Vancouver Canucks fade away. However, the Spurs had chosen to stick together to make another run at N.B.A. immortality. After everything had gone wrong at their potentially championship-clinching Game # 6 at Miami's American Airlines Arena, an emotionally fragile Spurs team is not showing any fear of putting themselves in that exact position again. When many pro sports teams suffer such devastation, they often disappear into the abyss. While time will tell as to whether or not they'll recover from last season's heart-broken heart ache, the Spurs are not afraid to grab all the marbles when they are emotionally vulnerable. Though moral victories may appear to be pretty lame regardless of any circumstance, the Spurs do deserve plenty of credit well before it gets determined as to whether or not another championship banner gets raised in the Alamo City.
  14. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    Wednesday night in the N.B.A., the Atlanta Hawks lost for the 21st time in 28 games & are merely percentage points behind the mediocre New York Knicks for the eighth & final playoff seed in the Eastern Conference thanks to losing to the Chicago Bulls 105-92 at Philips Arena. -Because of Toronto's steady 107-103 win over the Houston Rockets at the Air Canada Centre on the same night, the Chicago Bulls continue to share the Eastern Conference's third spot with their Canadian rivals. -D.J. Augustin came off the bench to spark the Chicago Bulls to their third straight win. -Chicago swingman Jimmy Butler added three treys as the Bulls shot an astonishing 48 percent from downtown. -Chicago's next game is at home to Milwaukee on Friday, April 4, 2014. "There were a lot of turnovers that were, to some degree, unforced. I think that our mental focus was not there for 48 minutes the way it needs to be when playing a good defensive team like Chicago." Atlanta Hawks' head coach Mike Budenholzer
  15. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    Chicago Bulls defeat Boston Celtics for second straight night www.bulls.com by Sam Smith; C'est le premier avril. -They're all teams, thirty of them in the N.B.A. -But some, like the Chicago Bulls, just seem like more of a team than others. -And it came through once again in Monday's 94-80 victory over the Boston Celtics. -Chicago's win moved the Bulls to a season-best ten games over .500. -The Bulls are currently tied for third place in the Eastern Conference with the Toronto Raptors. -If the Bulls can manage to hold the third seed, they could potentially avoid the Nets in the first round & the Heat in the second round. -Mike Dunleavy emerging as this game's leading scorer typifies in the ultimate sense how this run has been a united team effort for the Chicago Bulls. -In their game held earlier at Boston's T.D. Garden, it was D.J. Augustin who bursted out with a career-high 33 points. -The Boston Celtics are overmatched, & these sort of games seem an inevitability, though you still have to compete! -The Bulls' next outing is at Philips Arena when they play the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday, April 2, 2014 à 18h30 (HC).