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  1. Thank-you Chicago Blackhawks for beating the Leafs tonight! Now I don't have to hear any TO fans around me!

  2. I had my share of doubt and frustration but I cannot be more proud of our boys and how hard they all worked this season! Congrats Chicago Blackhawks! <3

  3. I blame Q for not having Stalberg up with Kane and/or Toews. But that's about all I really blame Q for. I read in a hockey magazine Kane was talking about Q & he was saying he is the toughest coach he has ever had to play for. So Q is doing what he can with what he has, that's all you can ask of a coach. It's the job of the GM to get the players for the coach to work with, and replace the players that were taken away. Stan has not done that. He took away our big bodied guys who were the ones to go into the corners, screen the goalie, crash opponents that get in their way, and defend the stars. They were never replace with others who will do that. So how does anyone expect us to do well without those guys that helped so much in winning the SC? Because now we have small guys like Shaw having to go into the corner battles, and we have guys like Toews getting the brute of it all (like Buff endured). We could have gotten O'Rieley (Avs), Gagner (Oil), or Parise (NJ) just to name a few. Any of those guys would have helped our PP, getting goals, and toughness. Our GM is only concerned with making sure our cap is under and thats it. So what's that good for if we are out 3years in a row. And taking Q out of the equation is not the answer or change that we need!
  4. Salt in our wounds. "Well at least we are the Presidents Trophy Winners!" said no Hawk fan/player ever. If anyone sees the Real Chicago Blackhawks please give them a good butt kickin' and put them on the ice & tell them to get crackin'!!!

    1. Blackhawks12251992


      oh & btw Toews & Hawks are both trending in Toronto right now. Thats how big this mess is the Hawks are in!

  5. Won't be on chat for the game but I will be cheering on our boys never-the-less! ***GO HAWKS GO***

  6. As long as the Hawks enter the postseason healthy and hungry then whatever happens in the regular season doesn't matter

  7. From the album Blackhawks

    Love the people that run their teams twitter! They are hilarious!!
  8. Well Anaheim swept us in the regular season, I guess that is testament to what they will do to us in the PO's. What would change in the PO's?

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    2. Icaddiedforstosh


      Either you're incredibly naive or you're just digging for a reaction, which is the better bet.

    3. ROB315


      Those are even odds, toss up game there.

    4. papercut


      I always love the law of averages! Ducks got 3 and Hawks got nothin'! We shall see!

  9. The difference between the Blackhawks and the other teams in the NHL is the Hawks can't win all their games, and the other teams can't loose all their games! (Just a little joke to maybe make you smile after tough loss last night) :)

    1. ROB315


      I would smile if you quit spelling "lose" wrong.

  10. This was the true test, and they didn't pass with flying colours like some thought. Maybe this will wake SB up to make a good trade!

  11. The players have proven that they can get the job done, now it's our GM's turn to follow through with he says he will do, and get the added depth to accompany the success that we have already!

    1. ROB315


      The GM did not say he would definitely add depth. He said if the right deal is there he will add depth but he said he is okay with sticking with the team he has too.

    2. Stosh-1


      Daily "you're a twit" comment.

  12. Thank-you Chicago Blackhawks for reading my status & acting upon it! Great, solid game through & through! Could not be more proud!! :)

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    2. Stosh-1


      We laugh at you more. I think.

    3. Blackhawks12251992


      Again I say immaturity & rudeness reign true with you both! It's really appalling!

      I laugh at the fact that you think what you post here effects me...

    4. Stosh-1
  13. Just once Hawks would it kill you to maybe win a game that's not a nailbiter?!? Please and thank-you ;)

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    2. Blackhawks12251992


      You need a mix of both but blowouts are great too because if their just winning close games the guys are worn out, they have to work hard for the whole 60 mins. In a blowout your working a good 40 mins (give or take) and then just letting the guys monopolize the game and play it their way, put the other team on their heels instead of us. It also gives them confidence that they know they are able to score 4, 5, 6 goals a game!

    3. yooper496


      Yep, blowouts are great for stats! We do have a team full of hard workers who also can be as skillful as any.

    4. Blackhawks12251992


      That is true we have a great bunch of guys, but a blowout gives our stars a chance to breath and not work hard to get that extra goal! haha but I love how they come together with the tight games, work hard together. Like I said, you need to have a mix of both! :)

  14. even when we get blown out, or loose multiple games in a row, or get injury etc it amazes me that Stan can still sit there are think we are still good enough! He know we need a solid 2nd line centre and yet he fails to produce what the team needs! Then how can anyone say he is doing a good job, when he has not gotten the pieces that are still missing (and have been for 2+ years)!

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    2. ROB315


      Why would a parent get their kid involved watching a sport when the kid turns 18? Why?

    3. Blackhawks12251992


      Smokinmedic1 of course Sharpie is very much missed he is a great players, but giving up 12 goals in two game after not giving up more than 3 previously is a huge drop in performance with it being just one guy taken out. The hate is on Stan because he knows (or should know) that we have needed a second line centre for 2+ years now (as I said before), and he has not produced. Do you remember who was the best team in the first half of last year? Kane, Toews, Sharp & Hossa were all in the top...

    4. Blackhawks12251992


      ^...10 scoring after 40 games. Then we met Edmonton & Calgary and got blown out just like we did against Colorado and Edmonton this year. We then went on a 10 game loosing streak, and well the rest was history (out in the first round etc.). What else is new? What has Stan done to greatly improve this team, from last years team?