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  1. Congratulations Chicago!!!!! I was rooting for you guys. I'm genuinely glad to see you guys win your 2nd cup in 4 years. It's good for the game that you guys won. Chicago truly is hockeytown.

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      Just now catching my breath; wow, what a finish! So proud of my Blackhawks! Just so happy for them to have won the Cup...AGAIN. Congrats guys!!!

  2. Stan As Gm

    I know this post was a while ago but I just have to reply to it. Also I'm not sure if someone else has replied to it and made the point I'm going to make but whatever. Anyways... You cannot make that comparison. Florida and Chicago are two completely different teams. Chicago is a cap team while Florida is a floor team. He can't fill the holes in Florida because they don't have the money. Florida cannot spend to the cap. They just can't. That's probably the biggest hurtle in getting Lu to Florida is the fact that they can't afford his contract. Not every team can spend to the cap. But you look at the pieces that Dale has brought in for the future. He has brought in a tonne of young talent into Florida's system. Florida now has the potential to turn into a powerhouse. They have a grade A goal-tending prospect and a couple of grade A prospects at forward and defense. The only problem will be re-signing all these young guns when their entry level deals are done. They're probably hoping that with all this young talent the team can have some success and bring the fans back thus allowing them to be a cap team which would allow Dale to fill the holes for the team. Dale Tallon is an amazing GM. Just watch. He will turn the Florida Panthers into a contender.
  3. Stan As Gm

    Q is one of the best coaches in the league (Babcock or Bylsma is the best). If you guys fire Q it will be one of the dumbest things the Hawks have done. You need depth in order to win games and championships. You need capable role players who can step up when needed. When you guys won the Cup in 2010 you had the best role players in the league at the time. Almost every Cup winner has had a capable 3rd line that can play. LA this year had one. Boston last year had one. You guys had one in 2010. The Penguins had one in 09. The Red Wings had one in 08. Depending on the way you look at it the 3rd line is just as important as the 1st line. The coach can only do so much with the pieces he's given.