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  1. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    A little over board, no?
  2. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    Colorado made a block buster to turn things around. We need a block buster.
  3. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    He’s done.
  4. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    That was good...but did you mean to type Q?😜
  5. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    That...like many others...can’t be blamed on someone else.
  6. How the Hawks Get Better

    Yes, not a full picture of each draft...but when you start at the bad positions that he has...those positions only get worse after that pick!
  7. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    Stay strong, Pdx. I've officially joined the #embraceTheTank crowd and the #Fallin4Dahlin crowd. It's one of the pieces to turning this around. Fake season.
  8. How the Hawks Get Better

    I was just referencing first picks in each draft...which should be your "best" pick in each draft...more times than not. I get picks in the later rounds are considered "good finds" but they are also mostly a gamble...luck. My comparison was solely on the first pick in each draft over the last 30 years. Start from 2009 and go back...WOW!
  9. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    Seriously? That kool-aid must be the extra strength stuff.
  10. How the Hawks Get Better

    Lots of bad ones by the praised GMs before SB (from some posters on this board). Point being: you don't hit on every pick...even first picks that you have in the draft when you are drafting from poor positions. Kane and JT were 1st and 3rd overall picks. SB has been drafting from 29, 39, 54, 20, 30, 18, 18 and 24. You don't find a Kane and a JT in those positions. Lots of bad top 10 picks before SB as well. 3 of the 9 hit...and Beach at 11 was a bust too. Could you imagine if this was SB's drafting resume?
  11. How the Hawks Get Better

    He needs that...something.
  12. How the Hawks Get Better

    mvr: Look at the first pick's draft position in each of SB's drafts. They weren't good due to the success of the team. How does it look with the first pick in each of the drafts before him...over the last 30 years? The best picks were Kane 1st overall, JT 3rd overall and JR 8th overall. When has SB drafted his first pick from that position...except for this upcoming draft?
  13. How the Hawks Get Better

    Fair...and the picks before 2011? Ouch, no?
  14. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    I'm sure he's happy being with the Hawks. I hope Q's blender buttons give him good minutes and opportunities here. A playoff/winning culture helps...hope the Hogs can do it this year.
  15. 3/18 Hawks vs Blues

    Then this is stupid. What "personal reasons" would there be? Did his dog pee on someone's grass?