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  1. That could be said about most of the teams in the NHL.
  2. That is our answer right there.
  3. Ott is not bad deal at 800k, when he was making almost 3mill, he was overpaid.
  4. Playoff team like past few years, how far they get will depend on many factors.
  5. I do like to go down there to visit, dessert makes me very peaceful. As far as hockey goes, I have no idea why would someone like to play there.
  6. Nice to see him take less money to stay in Florida, probably would have gotten more to play in Toronto.
  7. He would have not been good choice for around 3mil, too bad we have no cap space. Martin would have been nice addition as well, but not at that cap hit though.
  8. Him and Lucic can bother Canucks now.
  9. Glad to see that soupy is back, very cap friendly deal as well.
  10. We always have room for Swedes.
  11. I like Kruger, but when you are strapped with the cap, you can't afford to pay 3mill for essentially a 4th liner.
  12. 16 players and under 7 mill in cap, unless we see bunch of rookies, I don't see how they don't make another move. Last season we lost in the first round and we probably won't have (TT, Shaw) Ladd, Weise and Flesh on the roster. It's going to be tough to ice a good team next season.
  13. Looks like Detroit has found a taker for his contract, PD to the Yotes.
  14. I said that Shaw wouldn't be back, so this is not surprising. Best of luck to Andrew in Canada. It will be interesting to see what moves Hawks make this summer.
  15. Any chance he grows an inch or two?Joking aside DeBrincat is a good pick, hopefully he will be able to play in NHL despite his lack of size.