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  1. The Panik Thread

    I was at this game! It was the first time in the 20+ years as a Hawks fan that I'd ever been to a home game. What an experience!
  2. Icehogs 2016-17 Season

    It's the only thing keeping me from drinking myself "to bolivian" after two short seasons.
  3. Icehogs 2016-17 Season

    https://www.nhl.com/blackhawks/news/blackhawks-relieve-dent-of-coaching-duties/c-289080102 AND YOU GET A RELIEVE! AND YOUUU GET A RELIEVE! EVERYONE GETS A RELIEVE!
  4. Blackhawks relieve Mike Kitchen

    What about Bylsma? He's great with young players, which we've got quite a few of on our roster.
  5. https://www.nhl.com/blackhawks/news/blackhawks-relieve-mike-kitchen-of-coaching-duties/c-289062316
  6. Huge Hawks Fans Looking for Help

    Hey, I would strongly urge you to consider setting up a GoFundMe account. Post the link back here, and I'll make sure to post it in /r/hockey on Reddit for you. Edit: my post got removed on Reddit because it violates the "fundraising" rule in the posting guidelines that I didn't read.
  7. Okay Our Defence?

    I'm having trouble understanding what the X and Y axis mean. (I get what the Corsi score is and how it's calculated)
  8. Artem Anisimov

    This is why I never question SB's moves when they happen. I mean sure, when I saw Saad's headline, I must have yelled out loud, but I realized then (as I do every time, it seems), that SB seems to know what he's doing. Except with regard to showing human emotion - he needs some work there.
  9. I ate a big fat piece of humble pie. I enjoyed the **** out of the game. I had tears streaming down my face in laughter when Scott planted Kane on his ass.
  10. You know what event I'd love to see? A mix of kids and NHL players. Talking young kids, like old enough to have some skill. That'd be pretty damn cool for whomever goes.
  11. I feel bad for JS as well. He'll be a part of the skills competition and embarrass himself completely. His peers will see it as well, but nobody will give him a hard time. He'll be the laughing stock of the entire weekend. I really do feel bad for him. To echo Gig, he's actually very smart and did seem to be a decent guy. Just doesn't need to be in the NHL.
  12. Same here. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing the worst players in the league voted in as some kind of joke. It's obviously a well-known joke to vote in John Scott, otherwise he wouldn't be leading the Coyotes' ballot.
  13. I don't think for a second that folks are actually wanting to see John Scott play.
  14. It's okay, nobody watches the ASG anyways. You won't miss anything.
  15. Panarin

    I read an interview somewhere where he said something to the effect of wanting to come to a winning team.