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  1. Hey, I would strongly urge you to consider setting up a GoFundMe account. Post the link back here, and I'll make sure to post it in /r/hockey on Reddit for you. Edit: my post got removed on Reddit because it violates the "fundraising" rule in the posting guidelines that I didn't read.
  2. I'll be doing my best to get back in there on game nights this year.
  3. I'm having trouble understanding what the X and Y axis mean. (I get what the Corsi score is and how it's calculated)
  4. I don't disagree with you here, but who did you feel should have filled in instead that was as good or better? I felt like we had a stockpile of #6 d-men, and nobody to really fill in on that 2nd pairing.
  5. Disagree. I feel like it's the FO and our incredible scouts that got us to where we're at.
  6. $900k on a 1 year deal, right?
  7. This news makes me pretty happy to hear. Campbell easily plugs into our system and fills a defensive void that I thought we wouldn't get to address this off-season.
  8. My god, could you imagine him and Ott together?
  9. Here you go.
  10. I promise you, this is a no b.s. photo taken from the NBCSN broadcast against the Blows this post-season. I paused my DVR and took the picture with my cell-phone, but there is absolutely no modification to its qualities or appearance whatsoever. That is Patrick Kane.
  11. So much for willing to take a discount. I am just as sad as everyone else that Shaw is gone. I really loved what he brought every single night. But it's not $4.5mm worth. I could see $2.5mm AAV, but $4.5 is ridiculous. I wish him the best and hope that he didn't screw himself with that price on the chance that his linemates in MTL won't be as good.
  12. Ah, I didn't bother to look into that. Now it makes sense.
  13. I wouldn't ever do this if I'm Carolina. I'd be surprised if Bickell plays again (at least effectively), and TT is not worth the price of a 1st and a 3rd. Carolina also had all the leverage in knowing that we needed to unload his salary. I'm honestly surprised we were able to pull this off without retaining any of it. I'm almost ecstatic.
  14. We should have just kept Bickell and TT, then.