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  1. As we all know the length of the NHL season itself is mountain of a deterrent .... Even the coaches defy the owners saying its to much of a workload... It is what it is same for all teams ...The Blackhawks have enjoyed phenomenal support through the great times and embarrassing times...It takes character and integrity to motivate (any person) oneself to endure such a marathon task ...I think we all know short cuts are for the weak or uninspired .. What i am getting at is a basic relationship between team and fans Every level of the Blackhawks organization needs to appreciate the past years Appreciate the fans Appreciate the commitment Appreciate any help or positivity Reflect on how good its been Admit as a whole its been a incredible run but also a bit lucky... The players get mad when i would tease them look at the person when you sign something ...Even though this board has some negative comments its constructive criticism that gets dismissed by the idea of never played pro or never played the game .. there is this romantic notion of uniqueness ... there is this idea well that will never happen ( in terms of player personal) instead of the thought well yea the money aspect makes it impossible but the values and skills any said personal idea might be something we need... Basically it comes back to that old idea of tolerance .... the fans try to pitch in however they can even if a bit crazy or asking a lot ...its that commitment to the paying customer and to teammates that will carry them through the hard parts .... Got to get back to Truth Justice and the American way if they want to be supermen Superman never got caustic when some regular person shouted to him ...It should not take deaths or negative fan comments to motivate .... Negativity is not what sports are about .... the message is simple be the good guys not the finger pointers or the we are elite you are the sheep .... Hey it was a great regular season , Nashville is a great team ....its starting to sink in maybe they were better prepared had more desire ....While some of this rant may be personal What can rekindle the desire ...i am guessing here .... It may be its just about we are paid to play and anything else well thats on the other person... we just play yea its a business but its also personal .... being a negative person that we see in fan interactions or in organizational rivalry ....well whatever works for each individual i like to think better ...Even if its some romantic notion the same as we are the few true sports fans that need to invoke loyalty tests as a weapon..... just saying.... think what you want ...and hey like many have said ...they just may be getting old .... happens to everyone .....
  2. oh its over here now the point of this post was about AA not Shaw .....the point being he needs to get edgy ....touchy lot aren't you guys ....I already have to watch what i say Coach Q's nephew follows me on twitter ...Not complaining SB bailed me out with those last comments
  3. Preda played a gutsy game with the Ducks physicality that compares to 20 years ago ....Hats off to the winner and the loser
  4. One thing is for sure Kaner is 100%
  5. well todays controversy brings up old memories while not relating to AA maybe him and the bread man need to be a little more animated ..... catch the first few seconds of the old Shaw video
  6. 1 Is there any way to access my posts from game day both regular season and playoffs? 


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      Is there something specific you are looking for?

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      so you do save them ..... just not keep them open to the public ....like i said no big deal ...player personal recommendations and power play schemes are best done fresh ...

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      Not sure what you mean with your response to my question.

  7. 1 Is there any way to access my posts from game day both regular season and playoffs? 

    2 why have the regular season gamed day threads been altered

  8. Caps' McPhee Awaits Disciplinary Action By Jason La Canfora Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, September 27, 1999; Page D01 Washington Capitals General Manager George McPhee is awaiting disciplinary action from the NHL for an incident involving him and several members of the Chicago Blackhawks following a preseason game Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio. The league is investigating reports by several Blackhawks who said McPhee punched their coach, Lorne Molleken, after the Capitals' fight-marred 3-1 victory at Value City Arena. The altercation apparently stemmed from the Capitals' belief that the Blackhawks dressed a lineup loaded with enforcers and were attempting to injure Washington players. McPhee went to the Blackhawks' dressing room to confront the coaching staff immediately after the game, and several Blackhawks alleged McPhee hit Molleken in the eye before being surrounded by about a dozen Chicago players and staff. Punches were exchanged, McPhee's suit was nearly ripped in half and police had to pull him from the scuffle. No charges were filed, police said, and the NHL will not comment on the matter until the investigation is complete. Molleken's eye reportedly was discolored yesterday. McPhee, who likely will face at least a fine, declined to comment, and the team is withholding formal comment until the league concludes its investigation. The Blackhawks have been involved in several melees during the preseason, including a brawl-filled game last weekend, and sources said the league already was watching them closely. Mike Murphy, a league vice president, was at Saturday night's game for that very reason and, sources said, he told the Capitals after the game that he found Chicago's tactics inappropriate. Blackhawks owner Bill Wirtz voiced his displeasure yesterday about McPhee's postgame actions through team spokesman Jim DeMaria: "He said he's quite shocked by the turn of events [Saturday] night, because we've always had a very amicable relationship with Washington. He said he's even more appalled because Lorne Molleken left his dad's deathbed--where he's been for the last week because his dad is gravely ill--to coach in the game [Saturday] night. It's no different between players and managers--if you take on one person in the organization you're taking on everybody, because we're a team." Likewise, McPhee's actions apparently are well-supported within the Capitals organization. "I'm upset that George didn't tell us he was doing that, because I think you would have seen the whole staff march down there [with him]," Coach Ron Wilson said. "I'm 100 percent for what George did. There will be people out there saying you're not supposed to do things like that, but George went in there and stood up for the whole team. That's an amazing act of courage. The way Chicago played just isn't right. There's no place for that. . . . I'm proud of George for doing what he did. It might be wrong, but it was right. I'm just mad George didn't extend the invitation to us." McPhee had phoned Chicago General Manager Bob Murray on Wednesday in hopes of preempting an ugly game, sources said. McPhee had asked Murray to use skilled players, rather than those who tended to rely on physical play, since the Capitals intended to dress Peter Bondra, Adam Oates and Sergei Gonchar in order to give fans a quality performance (the Columbus Blue Jackets enter the NHL next season). When the Capitals saw a lineup with Bob Probert, Reid Simpson, Dave Manson, Remi Royer and minor league enforcer Nathan Perrott--players who contribute little beyond fisticuffs--Washington scratched its top players. Blackhawks sources said they wanted to rest key players for Sunday's home game and needed to use even the most marginal players during a stretch of four games in five nights. Saturday's game was filled with constant penalties and scrums, as well as five fights. The Blackhawks produced just 10 shots in two periods while being called for 14 penalties. The Capitals had few fighters in the lineup besides minor leaguer Trevor Halverson. He fought Mark Janssens 33 seconds into the game and a few shifts after returning from the penalty box he dropped the gloves with Perrott. Players are automatically ejected for fighting three times in a game, and the Capitals believe Chicago spent the rest of the game trying to goad Halverson into a fight. Royer fought Halverson early in third period, knocking him to the ice with a punch. "I suppose I could maybe see doing that kind of stuff if you're maybe trying to intimidate the other team completely because you need to win a game to get into the playoffs," Wilson said. "Maybe in a playoff game. But come on, it's an exhibition game in a city where you're trying to sell the game." By the time the game ended, the Capitals were fuming over several incidents. Manson was suspended by the league pending a hearing for what appeared to be a sucker punch thrown at Steve Konowalchuk in the second period. Manson was assessed a match penalty for "attempt to injure." Janssens drew a penalty for running into goalie Olaf Kolzig with about two minutes left in the game and the result already decided. After that, sources said, McPhee visited Wilson on the bench and they discussed pulling the team from the ice before the end of the game. © Copyright 1999 The Washington Post Company
  9. ok ok how about this Panarin for the number 6 pick Middlestadt along with a 3rd in 2019 AA FOR 2 2nd round and the agreement not to take TVR .... Than since Ovi is in the doghouse The Knights get Ovi sign Radulov ....get Kovalchuk and start a Vodka company .... no joke.....
  10. the I's have it
  11. will you guys stop with the trade Panarin talk ....everyone around the league is laughing at the idea ....its the same response when someone overtips in a foreign currency ......Thank you Sir........ barely holding in a shout of joy ...Leave it to Modry to pick out more gems from greater Bohemia
  12. True i stand corrected ...Hossa is not the topic Panik is. It is my opinion he will be on the 1st line ...But yea after reading what you wrote , the way Q juggles lines ....not so sure
  13. 3rd line!?????? what ? use your heads Panik is going to play on the 1st line with Toews and Hossa.... the idea is to play 5 feet of the net ... that line will be 2 -3 with the defense never jumping in ...Rather taking shots from 5 feet from the blue line then those three pouncing ....Hossa can play center ice middle of the offensive zone perhaps he will shoot more .... the second line is set ....breaking up those 3 is nonsense ..... like the smart posters say there is nothing more irrelevant than second line defensive play lol ... Panik will be most dangerous on slow or singular line changes But yea Panik will be on the 1st line whats with the board ? jumpy posting ,strange glitches
  14. The reason i been back weighing in when i exiled myself for good reason ....the day before the press conference i wrote an email expressing what i thought the right thing to do was ..... the idea was backed up by that Murray radio rant we never heard ...A rant that many of us wanted to hear ...that many fans wanted to hear because it echoed the sentiment The whole situation reminded me of when Virgina McCaskey fired Marc Trestman just not the coaches fault I remembered her statement .... While i never used the word unacceptable the idea that not being mad not being fired up the idea of complacent is the end not the beginning I asked them to promise change even if nothing could be done and not to let the fan base slip away .... well whoever wrote that bit for Stan Bowman did a great job .... It mirrored the fan opinion and spoke from the heart to us fans ..It provided us and gave us something to talk about besides this team is done ...it let the media have a few more weeks of coverage ..its been therapy A few reasons i make this confession the season is over the what if's are getting to be counter productive ( not here all these ideas have merit ) counter productive from the media I fear talking about it to much on sports shows when we had enough time to get over it Now is the time for wait till next year let the Cup run its course ...It prepared us for a time without the core which someday will come ... the last reason is this power struggle thing I in no way said fire coaches (which normally happens in bad seasons) Its become apparent some staffers know of the email even if the sentiment the press conference was already written before i wrote the email ...I do not want to be in the middle of some internal struggle when i have always preached One Goal being united in a common cause all striving for one goal ... that sports writer's article today touched off these emotions by using negative things i used to say ...back in the day ..I believe sedition and backstabbing not in the spirit of sports while its a business not a religion the idea of unity should be the rule ...just my opinion.. I remove myself again leaving this board to some of the best fans in sports If i ever meet any of you bums on a street corner ..... best wishes
  15. While it is impossible to say Mr Hassen or Mr Werner did not do a excellent job creating fan interest and managing attendance ..It is impossible to say Mr MacIsaac Mr Maciver or Mr Kelley did pull players from a magic hat ...It is impossible to say Mr Skattum is not a slide ruler genius while having great success Mr ....Waight's job might get harder....all that being said ....managing the hard times the competitive times might need "out of the box thinking"