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  1. Toews

    Ok ....will give you something to write about ..... Part of the "WOW" factor of this team .......Better words part of the Weird Supernatural aspect of this team is Toews.....How so or How come its different this year this team?.... Watch Toews not what he does on ice but emotions and .mannerisms between plays or sometimes even trailing plays. Dude is so ultra confident this year, so wry smile its the most confidence Capt Serious has ever had... Other years he was a supporting Capt had positive words all that ...This year he assumes gain better words he knows they are going to win Its funny now in hindsight, But all that negative talk all that blame all that off year talk .......well lets just say he heard it....Toews has an extremely high confidence level this year... no explanations stretch it out the article length however you may ......
  2. 10/07 Hawks vs Blue Jackets

    look for yourselves ,(like many are doing mentioning various stats) the team is very very fast the team passes well its a physical team no shying from hits always looking to hit , most importantly willing to finish thru hits.. The team has a game plan the lookers devours every bit of info on any team i would bet they get a deliberate cheat sheet each game .... when i say game plan well something Conrad & Duke said last bight along with a few other tips makes me believe the front office lookers (scouts and stat men) and the coaching staff have finally completely embraced the perpetual motion out of the box amateur hockey theory tempered by decades of hockey man-hours to create a team that has a New England offensive playbook in their muscle memory This team is very deliberate very particular in their spacing they set up plays when everyone hits there spots they have this game plan but its also flexible just from the 4 line threat ....A hockey team that runs plays with the spacing and position is the hike pitch or whistle... well lots of different scary thoughts how this team can actually get better .. the way they handle the puck ....forget about it listen i can go on and on there are levels to this team i am going to shut up enjoy the run quit while ahead until something happens i am on a uptick in terms of Prophecy accuracy i see the writing with the other games can judge at a glance . So here is the story to pursue ....65 to 70 wins lots of personal stories and heroics lots to write about.... like i said layers .... I call it like i see it .. its a very good team... perhaps best Injury? Schmaltz ? From where i watch even though he was skating around with a puppy dog frown Hinostroza is in the same class .... Weird as in Supernatural in nature Good luck lots of opportunity here for cheering and writing
  3. Jan Rutta

  4. 10/07 Hawks vs Blue Jackets

    Should be insane but probably 3-2, Will it be game two of destiny ...... no contradiction their it could be .....Could be a mania of competitive hockey ,could be purposefully low key.... Regarding Forsberg Old team Drama on many levels .... Well for me i am 100% on him having seen him play just a couple of times turning the channel because of disgust one particular time. I caught a couple of segments on him i think on the NHL Network dont feel the need to reference particulars just bought the logic.... Game 2 of destiny
  5. Schmaltz Thread

    When i heard the talk last year from training camp i thought omg more third hand hype...The guy moves well ...Still anything said about Schmaltz you have to follow it up with something about Hartman. Both of them are light years ahead of last year .... One game, another tonight ....
  6. Jan Rutta

    weird [wird] ADJECTIVE suggesting something supernatural; uncanny: Are the players and us fans...... is the city .....On a Mission From Stanley "the weird crying of a seal" synonyms: uncanny · eerie · unnatural · supernatural · unearthly · otherworldly · [more] NOUN a person's destiny. ..... Is this another written in the stars, best team yet moment in time, Just at Game 2 VERB induce a sense of disbelief or alienation in someone....... It is scary how good they can be ... odd how a switch got flipped .......Weird is the right word
  7. 10/05 It Begins...Opening Night - Hawks vs Pens

    The game answered a lot of questions....Hopefully Schmaltz will not miss much time, he took a stick to the skate just before he favored the leg...Knee Sprain or less however he did it he made the jump to the next skill tier ....About the 6 minute mark i thought to myself ok uneventful hockey but .......But it was the Hawks that was imposing their will, running and handling the puck in ways that were polished and timed thought ok they are on their game..... O Brother were they on their game ..... To say that the game answered questions, Understatement ... Who can cut it who can still play well the roster is rock solid .... Seriously every Hawks player that touched the ice was on par...Lots of extra effort contributions when up big, with all the players making noticeable plays or efforts besides points which their was enough of How fired up was Sharp How Capt Serious was Kane...Kane is on a mission this year , his disposition his mannerism , vocalizations Dude is ready to lead by example drop a 100 pt year on the ice....Kane is on a mission.....No Joke Again every player had noticeable moments or actions..... The one that tickled me that Debrincat was to small or weak .... While not saying concerns aint valid ....That kid hits like he is a fullback .... Well the on ice product is an instant premium How to efficiently maximize the tremendous interest and excitement ...
  8. 10/05 It Begins...Opening Night - Hawks vs Pens

    Best 1st game 1st period start in Franchise history ...Could be should be gonna be a historic night ...
  9. Debrincat

    Something i been thinking about is how the kid's size will help him..... Like those under 6ft running backs ....leverage ......center of gravity ....shoulders ......i think he is going to develop a power game aspect ..... I do not normally get on bandwagons but in this case the long road of hype is as advertised in my opinion ....so far at least 4 or 5 games ...Off topic i am getting to like Q'S system ...... you can run these guys through a plethora of tests, measure athleticism .....This aint battle of the network stars or a college group tryout Measuring the way a person moves or "fits in" is as valuable as a scouts report
  10. Debrincat

    lol dont start ....... you know i want the hacks to at least put it in their own words punctuate and such ........ lol got to admit though the new flattop looks good you must of paid a lot of money for that lid nice picture
  11. Jan Rutta

    i was trying to be delicate in saying.. Rutta is a very polished player that has yet to show any real brilliance rather a very clever defensive play .....To me Seabrook or Kieth are still someone to strive to be like ....... Still Forsling will get recalled thought he was staying in Rockford .... what i was really getting at mostly in private conversations and emails The sink or swim time the last of the Ice Hog prospects old prospects is Viktor Svedberg 6.9 240 Personally speaking i would get the kid some NHL games under his belt let him get burned or whatever to get experience to become a Kieth Chara or Seabrook Goes for all these log jams ....l
  12. '17/18 hawks outlook

    intimidation comes in a lot of forms to me a head hunter is the same deal as an enforcer ...... not denying your scorecard but Simmonds and Ward do not get pushed around Most of this stick up for one another "fighting" is not a fight t is the more valuable to the team win stuff comes in the form of jousting pile ups in front of the net and around the benches....so to answer your question 1 i been comparing those 3 all summer 2 i throw all those fast skating hard hitting limited stick skill guys into one basket with some being better than others in terms of actual skills ....Ben Eager was the last real good one the Hawks had... Tootoo was as good at hitting as fighting without starting a new thread the old days the less pads days the talk = action days todays enforcer cut off fingers take hard shots take cheap shots they dont say do u want to fight ....fighting is worthless in todays game.... A novelty for the fan
  13. You Be The Gm

    lol this board is going to implode not explode if they go 8 14 plus ties the first two months
  14. '17/18 hawks outlook

    Not sure how to word my 2 cents On Tootoo well i like the guy and traded some really good insults The point of having a really aggressive motivated fast moving guy or Frankenstien is of course a hockey traditional Tootoo reportedly was brought in by Kieth and Seabrook.... Toot has a long respected history Tootoo been a on a lot of good teams ....some not so good ....He moved really well like always ...... You got to understand Coach Q's method when it comes to scouting ... where i am concerned is Jurco ....Jurco had some assists.... played a lot..... made plays.....but when it came down to it the plays he made he had to stretch dive or was a bit late ...Obviously he was a step behind the rest of the team..... Tootoo will destroy the AHL he will score torture and be a jerk what he is good at ...Will Jurco get in better shape get faster or is he injured? It used to be NHL players were afraid on being beat up and embarrassed by some goon would change their style of play ..... Nowadays ...Better words since Torri ......NHL players fear broken necks cut off fingers or concussion ...Times change most times legality leads the way .... Watch the last two years off Blackhawks playoffs count how many times players hit the deck rather than take the hit ......league wide trend ......Thinking Slashing on the hand or wrists will somehow become 4 min. Paris been talking about it.... LOL i wrote McPhee maybe 5 emails telling him to take Reeves They settled in on Simmonds to the response "you are nuts we are not trading Simmonds for draft picks" Personally i put Ward before Reeves close call
  15. Debrincat

    Well we can all lean to the side of the kid got skills he made the team because of skill idea ..... He got very good shoulders ...very good .... Very good lateral movement ( was surprised ) .... Speed Strength Skill whats not to like? lol ... not a breakdown every aspect of his game but i will say one point i do NOT like in hopes it will get back to him ...... The kid gambles on long 3 lane passes while i got no problem with it in the offensive zone passing from the d end to the offensive end diagonally passing low % chances threading needles ..... Well even Kaner or Veersteg dont have a high % on those ...... Otherwise yea no all star within 5 years