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  1. ok i will do it for you jealousy His roots who is a friggan hockey Knight got him in the door 80% oF these here best and brightest got their jobs the same way .... dude had cancer his first years .....More than that sure ....because some guys want what other have .....He does not need a pass he did well .....the lol is this like no one knows all the little secret identities all the little vicious motives LOL WHERE IS Biscuit tell us again who wEARS the white hats and how no media or players read this stuff ( main point i tell them lately NEVER READ NUTHIN PURE DEVILTRY ) LOL DISGRACE well like a good rat you admitted media when its served your purpose The other guys just say it never happened lol thanks guys League office here i come
  2. splain why not who
  3. seriously though media stop embarrassing yourselves and sounding like fools ! how why ? this continual banter about guys with no trade clauses...You do not know the details any speculation is pure fiction ....referencing during the reg season you said trade a guy with a no trade? huh Now when SB says he is fielding calls on a player this does not give you the right to say he is being shopped Just bad reporting It is a courtesy to other GM's seriously think the point is made just stop sucking at your jobs so bad ok maybe i over reacted on Oduya but this trade Sharp and Seabrook speculation is just nuts and yea if the other teams know Oduya list the Hawks lose leverage
  4. who said media the Media = New York City
  5. lmao yea i think we can both say from personal experience happens to the best of us .....lol the way he gor pieced back together able to just get out there lol Dr Frankenstein would of been proud
  6. Regarding TT OF COURSE he is going to play a full season !!!!!!!! lol i find it hard to not laugh because the guy is so good .... Not sure who watched the playoffs not sure who watches the regular season ... Two completely different animals To add a bit of personal prophecy as a foot note The idea that TT is undersized came from the realization of what playoff hockey entails .... Referenced Kruger battles vs the Nucks the argument started a week before JT got nailed....Called being a prophet does not apply to a 85 game season Kid is a wizard ............. What does apply like we all saw is length of schedule vs peak performance vs injury or bad timing Adding muscle seems like the trend going back to a 2009 game but for us might slow us down or be a wrong fit If we do go overhaul bigger must be at least 1000 pounds worth meaning 4 or 5 guys wait till we see the Hawks Blue Jacket games this year
  7. umm because the guys agent had to speak to for him because its pissing everyone off because the guy knows what he is doing, what he is trying to accomplish is preventing forest fires Because there is like this factions of forced opinion trying to leverage the front office with shouting instead of fact not disputing any comments you made only answering your public comment why a press conference... As an official heads up so to speak without any fictional libertiesi would like to note the various campaigns on these boards relating to roster moves questioning Q ,,,,,,,,,,, remember one thing the hacks listen to yas dont learn them to be instigators
  8. In my opinion SB should take a draft or 2 off leveraging for the future ... My reasoning comes from examining the natural peaks and valleys of all teams cap concerns... In lean years AHL players must fill the gap In fat years they rarely get used ...SB's drafting us will carry us through the next year or 2 .... ALL of you guys saying i dont want to be the GM making these choices ...? Easiest time .... They have to do something... Its pulling the trigger on a hunch or research ithats the hard part
  9. Well i almost like all the different Brainchilds except for the fact that its like a moral blow to the guys we are talking about .... remember that one goal slogan being one short of the finals is damn close ... so what do they get for that heroic dig deep down what your made of stand? trade trade trade So much so agents have to actively battle media ....... loyalty?? 2 weeks worth of manufactured nonsense that was basically sedition ...... DK's LAST WORDS this season was " lets get on the same page" seems reasonable
  10. First thing to consider if its worth offering Frolik something winny will NOT match Has pedigree and desire nice mixture besides that he is a really kool guy... next kool guy Bolland ufa worth more to us than other teams Two points to consider without the elephant in the room point crowding in .... The rfas we have now had some serious production ...Can they be signed maybe Will they keep the production hopefully ... Bigger point is an esoteric one i originally applied to that new football lawsuit... Stepping up........ Which player will take it to the next level can take it to the next level and so on ...Is it better to have hungry go getters looking to step up or proven performers with skill sets.... Curiously desire and skillsets apply more to this sport than any other... lastly the Elephant 100 a piece 125 a piece 150 a apiece we may be fillin in with some league min roster spots for a while
  11. might grow it out again shows ginsing
  12. first rd the goalies were cheating 5 hole this time when we as fans been bragging since last year about needle threads figuring CC should overplay short side with a message to the weak side defender cover my azzzzz of course shot selection is a fluid mutating thing the glove side will show again whoever said CC plays by gate keeping positioning is more than half right
  13. One also needs to realize the "clearly superior insight, expertise, and intimacy" has a supports system in terms of video strength and conditioning coaches and knows how the guys are feeling ...lol Beyond that i dont know if anyone else is noticing they been shifting gears like a Ferrari that has to be some aspect of coaching.. These player experiments or line juggling In my opinion is necessary to tweek but more importantly to have the option of surprise or a counter to the other teams action
  14. He is done When is that contract up ? I still say he will get 66 mil a year when he is free
  15. the Bulls = the oilers but in fairness hard not to be splintered after all they went thru ...Now its Noahs and Dengs team again Everyone forgets how sick Deng was last year ...