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    Winning a back to back would be nice other than the Bulls
  1. Being an owner=millions, Being players=millions, Loyalty to fans a BIG FAT FRICKIN O!!!

  2. Talking with a lot of Hockey fans...They're Done! Unfortunately I'm one of the cult followers of Hockey, but they're going to lose a lot of fans that were newcomers to the game....Sad!

  3. What tem does Leddy play for? He has been BAD since the platoffs last year. maybe a -20something?

  4. O'Donnell sit down and watch, you're not up for this anymore.

  5. Morrison and Frolik? Not now.

  6. I've been pretty hard on the some guys this year, go out play hard and have fun, whatever happens I'm proud to be a Hawk fan!

    1. PuckProphet


      hear hear the reality is what it is

  7. Leddy a -4 end last year. A -3 in playoffs. A minus 14 thus far this year. A-21 all together. Send him down!!!

  8. I feel bad for Kane and Toews, keep your head on a swivel boys, I don't think anyone is afraid of Shaw. Here comes the hit parade again!

  9. Nick Leddy is now a minus -14 !! What was he watching when that guy tipped that puck in??? BOX HIM OUT!!!!

  10. Just wondering, Scott injured? Toews is being clobbered out there and do we really want Sharpie helping him?

  11. 6 S. O'Donnell D 0 0 0 -2 0 2

  12. Krueger and O'Donnel need to sit, Leddy, as much as I like him needs a break also, -10 !! Bolland, what happened?? -8 i

    1. gdk614


      right now they all suck except for the rockies veterans must wake up

  13. Who's this Russian guy, he's tearing it up, Maxim something?

  14. Can't knock anybody off the puck, too small.

    1. harpuaholz


      HE is slightly bigger than Kaner but needs to beef up and learn to play defense. He is second in scoring (25 goals ) in the MHL (KhLminor league). He is seventh in total points. He is only 19 years old . He needs to play In North America next year to build up his body and get better coaching to make more of a complete player. If he says Nyyet o Amerca - he would be another wasted Russian draft pick.9