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  1. Of course you had to know I'd pick the #19 horse to win the Kentucky Derby today...

    1. bhawksprncss19


      was there ever any doubt :P

    2. HKelly0853


      totally logical reasoning.

  2. Happy Birthday to our fearless Captain! Just returning the favor, buddy! ;)

  3. Thoughts and well wishes to Tazer. Glad to hear he's "good" after this morning's news...

  4. Happy Birthday to Stalberg and Jeremy Roenick! And a get well/speedy recovery to Carbomb. (or as "speedy" as ACL rehab can be...)

    1. ouzo


      Roenick! You forgot to congrat me at 16th :D

  5. Thank you so much! :D

    It was an absolute blast! The win only made it sweeter! :)


    Hope you had a great time at the game Sunday! Good win to see!


    Hope you had a great time at the game Sunday! Good win to see!

  8. Congrats to our 2012 All-Stars: Toews, Hoss, and Kaner! Just wish I could go this year. And Happy Birthday to Hossa as well!

  9. And grrr...WHY is this double-posting?!?! Just delete one.

  10. I'm going to DVR. Besides, game starts at 6, GA's at 8. I'm SO watching the end of this game; no way I'm missing it! Here's hoping the Hawks make Philly see red at home again!!!

  11. yes m'am! im going to have to only watch the game during commercials haha

  12. Oh, is that tomorrow already?!

  13. are you ready for new GA?? I know i am!

  14. Happy 30th Birthday to Sharpie! And congrats to John Scott and family on their precious new addition! :)

    1. Smokinmedic1


      Happy Birthday Sharpie!! And congrats to Big John and Danielle for the new little addition!! 3 new fathers since the beginning of the season, what a wonderful gift!!

    2. Smokinmedic1


      Happy birthday Sharpie and congrats to John and Danielle Scott on the birth of their new daughter Eva.

      What a year! 3 new babies and the Hawks in first place! I'll take it anyday!

      We are proud of you guys!!

  15. How bad is it that I now want to own the "Chicago Blackhawks Holiday Sing-A-Long" album? ;) Too funny!

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    2. Phill9


      What, you can't really get it? I just paid $1000 to someone on craigslist for it! (jk) Hilarious video

    3. Smokinmedic1
    4. netminder341