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  1. The Crawford Thread

    Crawford's first shutout was against the Ducks back in 07/08. I agree with buf52, he will get his 1st of the season!
  2. The Crawford Thread

    I don't know, Raanta is good but I haven't seen much of him (only as a Blackhawk and A game as an Icehog), but Crawford last season/ last playoffs and parts of this season has been remarkable! Remarkable enough to get a lot of mentions in a Canadian Olympic roster. Raanta is a solid goalie though, that I have no problem with in net for Crawfords absence. I'm also all for throwing Simpson in the net any given night on a game time decision to see how he does.
  3. The Crawford Thread

    Are you Antti Raanta in disguise?!
  4. The Crawford Thread

    Raanta and Simpson will do just fine in Crawford's absence, no need to go out and get anybody. And like Q said Crawford's injury more than likely isn't serious and will probably be back in, in a couple of games. I'd argue that any goaltender in the AHL is sufficient to at least go .500 over several (e.g. 6-10) games on a team like the Hawks.