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  1. jacksalmon

    10/21 Hawks vs Bolts

    Yeah, I have been whining a lot so far this year about how the Hawks have mostly been dominated in their games, despite their record with last night in Columbus being a prime example. But, tonight was flat out ridiculous. Toews looked like a brand new guy in his first few games as he was all over the ice and he has not been that way the last few games. I am not knocking him. I am just saying I just notice a difference in his game from what I saw in the first few games this year. Despite the fact that the second period was dominance on steroids, it was pretty cool to see the most shots on goal by a team in the 51 years of the NHL since expansion from the original six. I can't figure out why the Hawks who have some legitimate offensive stars are so dominated by other teams, but, regardless of the reasons, dominated they are. Good luck to them as they are going to need a lot of it.
  2. jacksalmon

    10/21 Hawks vs Bolts

    I gotta say that despite being outplayed most of the time this season, the Hawks with their skilled players have managed to pull out the goals when needed to amass a good winning record. Debrincat illustrates that perfectly. He is nowhere to be seen for most of the game, but then, all of a sudden, he is alone in the slot with the puck and he rifles it in. Great skill! Last night was the prime example of both Debrincat and the team being outplayed. The Yote game was an example of being thoroughly outplayed where the skilled players did not come to the rescue. What I will be looking for tonight is a game where they play hard and take it to the Bolts at both ends of the ice. Maybe they are not capable of that and will have to rely on quick strikes from their stars while holding the other team off enough to make those strikes stand up for a win. But, I would rather see them control the puck and dominate the effort in a game for a change; and, then, on a regular basis.
  3. jacksalmon

    10/20 Hawks vs Jackets

    This one makes up for the Yote game. The Hawks had no business winning this game except for Crawford's play. They were completely outplayed by the Jackets, just like they were outplayed by the Yotes the other night. But, at least tonight, they got the goals when they needed them and won it despite making it look like a NHL team v. some outfit of juniors. Except for the goals and the play of Crawford, that was one ugly effort by the Hawks. Their power play totally sucks. But, when they needed the goals, they pulled them out of their jocks and won it. Maybe tomorrow they will be able to give an effort that makes them look like a NHL team. I am glad they won, but they need to do something about getting regularly outplayed and outhustled. Tonight, Crawford was great and the team was lucky. It won't always be like that as the Yote game proved.
  4. jacksalmon

    10/20 Hawks vs Jackets

    Well, all it took was a loss to the Yotes at home to make my confidence in this team go away. So, now I am back to just waiting to see what happens. Panarin leads the BJs with 9 points and even DuClair has 4 points with 2 goals. Who knows how this will turn out?
  5. jacksalmon

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    Outplayed by the Yotes? Yes, they were and who knows why. One would think that with Crow's return, they would have been an excited bunch and taken it to Arizona. But, it was not to be. Put AA at center with Kane, cuz Schmaltz is not cutting it and do whatever is necessary to trade Saad. The guy does nothing and needs to think about going back to Pittsburgh and start learning to be a barista. He should be able to afford the tuition for barista school.
  6. jacksalmon

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    From what I've seen so far this year, I suspect that core and rookies will up their games to support Crow as best as possible in his return. I hope I am right and that the winning ways continue as Crow notches his first win in almost a year.
  7. jacksalmon

    Brandon Saad

    Anyone with Spinners' music stuck in his head can't be all bad and that goes for you also. Actually, the Spinners recorded a song that fits Brandon Sad perfectly---------it's called It's A Shame. No more need be said.
  8. jacksalmon

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    I agree about Schmaltz and just getting rid of Saad's salary would be great. They can get a $800,000/year guy to do what Saad does, which is next to nothing. Then, they can use the money to get Panarin back.
  9. jacksalmon

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    The Bucs game was played flawlessly. The Fish game was played with as many flaws as possible. Ugly, ugly, but at least there was some offensive bright spots.
  10. jacksalmon

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    That should be doable, but don't get me too excited like you did with your predictions about Tavares coming here. Bottom line, though, something has to be done about Saad and I am just not sold on Schmaltz.
  11. jacksalmon

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    That is a fun fact and very impressive. Those three guys can carry this team. Thru the first half of the game, I was all set to write about how this was the most impressive performance of the year with the Hawks demonstrating great speed and yes, puck possession. I had not seen the latter all of last year. Then, the collapse when they gave up three goals in a row and I wondered how such a great game could have turned into a possible loss. But, they managed to come back and it turned out to be impressive, after all. I am impressed with DeBrincat's shot. It is a hard shot and he can place it top shelf, when needed, just like Kane. This may not last, but this streak they have been on has been fun to watch. I hope this is giving the team confidence and that it will carry over throughout the season. Keep it going!!!!
  12. jacksalmon

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    The above is true and the least that Quenville should have done was call a time out to figure out how they were going to deal with the situation when Dubnyk left the net to make it 5 on 5. While I have indicated that I could hardly believe they lost that game, the fact that they did is a true indicator of how far they have to go to improve the team.
  13. jacksalmon

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    For me, it seemed that the Wild outplayed the Hawks most of the game, but the Hawks had three goals that came out of nowhere and were going to win the game anyway, I thought. How the hell does a team with a power play at the end of the game let them get a shorty to tie it up? That goal was the icing on the cake of being outplayed most of the game. The Wild saved their best effort for the last minute of the game and the Hawks just couldn't figure out how to use the man advantage to win it in regulation. Oh well, it could be worse, but that sure was disappointing. I thought they were going to win it for sure.
  14. jacksalmon

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    I'll agree with you about the glaring and serious issues. But, my impressions is that most around here expected a team somewhere on the continuum between not making the playoffs and battling for the #1 draft pick. That is why I said that if Kane and Toews continue to light it up and Crawford comes back as Crawford, I think they will be better than expected. We'll see, but I certainly did not expect to see Toews play as he has so far.
  15. jacksalmon

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    Those are concerning stats for sure. There is basically no change in the PP from last year, except that it is worse. That four minute PP with No Shots, Nada Shots and Zero Shots was absolutely brutal and the worst performance of the evening. How that can be is way beyond me, but it has been that way for quite some time, so I guess it should not be surprising.