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  1. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    That could be, but his salary would go a long ways toward getting those free agents that will help revive the core. To me, what to do with Sad is a very tough call. I can see both sides of the argument. If I were in charge, my final call might depend on what I was offered if I shopped him around. I never thought he would replace Panarin, but I sure thought he would have a much better year than he has had.
  2. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    That's my kind of thinking, Although, I must admit that I can see where some might say it is too quick to give up on Sad. But, Toews and Kane don't have that much time left, so they might have go for it, which means cutting ties with Sad sooner than later.
  3. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    I thought Sad was going to be the Hawks' Kessel, or at least 3/4 Kessel. But, man, that dude is really sad. I agree that he should be unloaded just to get more money to buy a replacement.
  4. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    As you just expressed, Big T has said that with the potential of a couple of free agents (he often cites Tavares and Stone), the Hawk core could get revived. Makes sense to me. Besides, what other approach is there. As he said, to play another season with what they got right now is not going to work. What they do with Crawford will be interesting. To me, he is great. But, could someone approaching his quality be put there for much less than his $6 million so that Crow could be traded with little loss in goaltending and some extra money to buy a dman. That is a tough one for the front office to work out because there is the backup goalie problem also. It will be an interesting summer.
  5. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    I hope that is the case, but who knows if those "kids" are good enough. I still think your idea that this team's only hope is to have some free money in the offseason and be able to buy some free agents. On the other hand, aren't the other teams who are already much better going to have some money and get some free agents? There is simply a lot of uncertainty.
  6. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Pretty funny post. Did the hope and optimism really evaporate that quickly?
  7. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    That's cool. I realize that at times like this, my negativity can get old, so I will tone it down and try to hope for the best next year.
  8. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Big T: My sincerest apologies to you. My rant was directed to you because I failed to see that Bob was the one who posted what I was responding to. Anyway, I guess I am losing it, but not so much that I know I need to apologize again. Sorry.
  9. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Let the players accept generous contracts, but at the same time realize that doing so has hamstrung the team as a result of the lack of money to buy some good support. In addition, when one accepts those contracts, then one should be prepared to produce very well, not choke in the playoffs for two years in a row and then, in third year, not make the playoffs at all. To choke so often and not expect some criticism indicates an attitude that one is above reproach, which is not true for any sports star. Hold the GM accountable, that is fine with me. I am only saying that $10.5 million stars should have produced better than they did this year and should have done better than they did in the playoffs of 16 and 17. Again, what did they score in those two playoff years, 4 points? 3? 5? in total. How many points are they going to score in this year's playoffs? If SB couldn't figure out that if he paid T&K $21 million and would be unable to fill out the roster with good players because of that then he is an idiot.
  10. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Big T: I am going to set you straight on your absurd assertions about my attitudes. I fully expect you won't believe what I say anyway, but I can't let the bs you have put out here stand without response. So, I will respond chronologically to your blatantly false assertions to clear your mind. 1. Sure, I thought they were dominant when they won Cups, but I also recognized the excellent support players and other stars they had without whom they would have won no Cups and gotten no honors. Now, I am saying they are not dominant enough to win, or even perform well, when unsupported and are not good enough as individuals to dominate a game, given the present state of their team. 2. To say that I have general dislike for T&K is false and absurd. I really can't believe you said such crap. I have praised each one of them many times when they deserved it. I have criticized Toews many times because I think he choked in the 16 and 17 playoffs and mostly choked this year when he should have been stepping it up to make up for the lack of support he helped cause to occur. I will praise each of them again, if they ever recover and play hockey that deserves to be praise. Right now, they are playing as above average players and not the superstars they are indicated to be by their salaries. To say I generally dislike them is insane and nonsensical. Should they be immune from criticism even if they have **** years. 3. To say I am green with envy about the salaries is absolutely lunacy. Jose Altuve, a baseball player just signed for slightly over $30 million per year. I love Altuve and say more power to him and any other person in any field who does well and makes a lot of coin. I don't give a **** how much anyone makes including Toews and Kane. I am very happy with my own financial situation and don't give a **** how much anyone else makes. For you to say I am envious simply lessens anything you else you have to say because your credibility is shot when you make statements like that without any basis for it. I have criticized their salaries not because I am jealous, but because, one, their money has caused the team to be unable to ice other good players; and two, they have failed to play up to their pay grade. Do you really think that Toews' offensive stats this year are those of a guy who is making $10.5 per year? You can say I am envious as much as you want, but it won't make it true; and every time you say it you demean yourself. 4. I am not attempting to rewrite history or belittle their honors. They won every honor they have won by playing in a manner that merited getting the honor. There is no rewrite on that. Now, I think they are not playing well. How many honors are they going to win this year? Where is the rewrite? Again, that statement by you is a reflection of how pissed off you are that I have dared criticize your two darlings, I guess. I am attempting no rewrite. I respect and know what they have accomplished in the past, but they aren't doing it anymore. They both choked in the 16 and 17 playoffs and will not play in the 18 playoffs. Is that a rewrite or an accurate statement about what happened in those three years? 5. Being at career averages is not good enough when the money you make depletes the team of adequate support. Such a player has to step up his game to make up for what the team is lacking. Neither one of them stepped up his game this year. Even you have said they are probably whining and refusing to play hard because Stan, or Q, messed up their team, so why try? I just think highly paid superstars should play up to their pay grades and when they don't, they deserve every bit of criticism that is heaped upon them. 6. To say I don't dislike the Pens is more insanity from your keyboard. I hate those a-holes and always will. I make statements that recognize how good Malkin and Crosby are; and hold them up as the standards against which Toews and Kane should be measured and say that they aren't measuring up very well. So, because of that, you say it indicates that I am a Pens fan. Madness! Madness! Madness! You know better than that, but, again, I have pissed you off so much by criticizing your darlings that you are reaching for any bs to can pound out, even if makes no sense. 7. I am not oblivious to the fact that past Cup winners have revived and that individual players have also crashed and revived. But, I said I have my doubts about Toews and Kane because they have choked for 3 years in a row now. I have my doubts about the team reviving because it was so bad this year; and unless, as you have said, they pick up a couple of good free agents this summer, they will be bad again next year. I know revival is a possibility but the past chokes by T&K and the team makes it hard for me to see the revival. If they revive, I'll believe it, but not until I see it. So, go ahead and pound out some more bs if you want; or you can simply recognize that I still want to see the team and all individuals on the team do well. But, because I am a pessimist, it is hard for me to believe that all will be great again as you optimists do. In addition, I am willing to criticize any player despite past honors because all that counts now is the present. The past is for hall of fame conversations. If one is still putting on a uniform, then one should produce or be subject to criticism.
  11. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    So, how long did being the highest paid last? One year? What GM would take any pride in having the highest paid players when his team wquld crumble as a result? Only one who is in serious need of a lobotomy, or at least some lengthy mental health counseling; or some Ritalin or some anti-psychotic. Hard for me to believe that a GM of a major sports team would be so mentally deficient.
  12. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    I was only referring to Malkin's play this year in using him as a measure of how the Hawk core should have been playing this year. If two of those guys are being paid $10.5 and Sad is being paid $6, then score some damn goals and dominate the game, if you are so good that you are paid so much money. They have no excuse for playing far below their pay grades. Even if the team sucks, then go out and establish some personal bests. It would be far more fun to go out there and try to do well, then mope around because Stan can't get them the players they want. Or, maybe they just aren't the dominant players that people thought they were who can still dominate even in the face of weak teammates. But, they gave the appearance of being that kind of dominant player because they were surrounded by very good support players from 2010 through 2015. Then, when put on their own, showed that they weren't the kind of superstars who can dominate a team game without adequate help.
  13. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    If what you say is true, then Stan should have been canned as soon as that was revealed. If true, then the rot goes above Stan to McDonut or above. If true, that is totally f'd up. One would sacrifice his team for the sake of having the two highest paid players. I have never heard of a more idiotic move by a manager in sports, if true.
  14. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Big T: I know they are only human and can get disappointed and discouraged. But, they are professionals and have to show up everyday and play like Malkin or Letang. Do your job and if you are on a shitty team, still do your job! Every other dork in the world that is not happy at work has to do his/her job. They ain't no different. The only difference is if Mr. Dork does not do his job well, he gets canned. If any of the Mr. Cores does not do his job, there ain't nothing the org can do about it. That is downright nasty.
  15. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    I agree with this. What the hell did they expect when their salaries ate up so much of the total cap? They got nothing to be unhappy about if the team went off in a direction they did not like. Play like Malkin and shut up.