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  1. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    that's correct, but it just might be what the Dr. ordered, has a wittle bit of Kane in'em
  2. Hossa done?

    I can't believe, that we as uninformed fans, could question the word of a man who has devoted his life to play a game he loves, I believe he still wants to play, think it may be that his family, after listening to what his Dr, might have said, put pressure on hoss to agree. Not hearing a statement from Hoss (that I know of) , and hearing he did not play in a summer tournament for charity with Chara and a few others, leads me to believe that what we are hearing is true
  3. 3/19 Hawks vs Avs

    just caught replay of the goal, or no goal, if u look, panic doesn't touch the puck, till tazer crosses the BL and goes back in, so that makes sense,and tazer is still the first back across the line.
  4. You Be The Gm

    Looking at the bright side, young Mr Hayden, gives us a big man who can play, on the top or bottom six,C ya AD and JT
  5. Changes needed on the fourth line....

    I thought this team was three points from the top of the NHL, something must be working
  6. 3/10 Hawks vs Wings

    yup as long as u have the puck your good
  7. 3/09 Hawks vs Ducks

    simply amazing how tazer and breadman got that puck from their feet to their stick
  8. You Be The Gm

    I cried in 72, broke my TV in 92,and sat in wonder if I was dreaming, or that Kane really did score, in 2010 . in 2013 and 15 I was an old pro,
  9. Tomas Jurco

    I watched jurco in jr with huberdeau and colye, didn't look out of place with those two and is amazing with the puck,could just be they got him cheap and want to take a flyer in him
  10. You Be The Gm

    but hopefully Vegas will see some value in Kruger, as a good defensive center
  11. You Be The Gm

    lets hope so
  12. You Be The Gm

    hate to loose TVR think he will be a good one
  13. You Be The Gm

    pretty silly argument, I blame the loss on a defenceman that couldn't lift the puck,
  14. Panarin

    is that the plane they flew in on behind him lol
  15. Panarin

    The code, is that like a secret squirrel stuff I played comp hockey all my life and never heard about the CODE,