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  1. Can't they just send a larger contract to the AHL like they did to Rusty Olesz? Rozsival would be a good candidate for that. Anyone else would be picked up, except maybe Versteeg.
  2. Don't fret Peter Regin is back
  3. It should be a boring day for us. The team doesn't have the cap space to make any significant moves. Stan will probably sign a center that can play defense, kill penalties, and win faceoffs. Nothing flashy
  4. um, Steve Ott is available.
  5. I heard Crosby is on the block after his poor playoff performance. Versteeg and Leddy ought to get it done. Sharp toews hossa saad crosby kane
  6. The media stuff doesn't seem to phase Crawford. . Mentally he will be fine. One of his strongest qualities as a goalie is not letting a bad game bother him. Opinions of a radio broadcaster mean very little. The games are settled on the ice, not by popular opinion.
  7. I'm sure Morin would love to come up and take more penalties.
  8. Sucks that Torres is back in the playoffs.
  9. Colin Fraser's name is on there twice. Some people are just lucky.
  10. Quiet! Stan's hands are sleeping. Zzzzz
  11. We could have beaten Phoenix if only we had......Sheldon Brookbank.
  12. The team has gotten so bad under Stan that fans are actually liking the possibility of adding Luongo.
  13. Seabrook = Suter? In what world? Seabrook is way more valuable than Suter. Kane and Seteguchi shouldn't even be compared. Hell, I think Stalberg could turn out to be better than Seteguchi.
  14. We didn't need either of those guys to be honest. You take a shot at Parise because he's a great player and all heart like Toews. Suter is overrated and not worth that type of money. He's no Norris Trophy candidate or anything.
  15. Wait till the prospects develop? We did wait. Then we won the cup and all our prospect went somewhere else. So were back to the stage of losing and waiting for prospects again? Fun times. It never gets old being a Hawks fan.