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  1. Madrose

    3/13 Hawks vs Leafs

    Wow, that was a 3rd period I don't want to see happen again!!! I hope Crow is okay.
  2. Madrose

    3/03 Hawks vs Sharks

    They told Bowman? Bowman was the one who said he believed they were a playoff team after Q was fired. So does this mean if they fail to make the playoffs Stan is fired? Other than the improved power play overall, firing Q didn't seem to make much difference.
  3. Madrose

    3/03 Hawks vs Sharks

    I wasn't complaining.
  4. Madrose

    3/03 Hawks vs Sharks

    Kane pretty much always doesn't want to get hit.
  5. Madrose

    2/27 Hawks vs Ducks

    Whoa, someone here called Kane getting the winner!
  6. Madrose

    2/22 Hawks vs Avs

    Horrible giveaway!!! Bad, bad, bad!