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  1. First news of the trades I got this morning was seeing the Thank you, Hammer on Instagram. I knew what that meant and was shocked and saddened to see Hammer go. He put everything out there and Hammer even took less last contract to stay a Hawk. It's a tough loss. Then I see the Welcome Back, Saader. Considering Panarin was signed for just two more years and underwhelmed in the playoffs for the Hawks I think this is a good move. Also good for the Breadman to see what he is made of solo sans Kane. I didn't follow Saad closely on the Jackets but considering the loss of Boss Hoss, welcome back! Plus he's set for 4 more years.
  2. Just saw this news today. I am absolutely gutted. Hoss is and always has been a class act. I genuinely believe he loves playing and would continue to play if he could regardless of salary. I will certainly miss him and will hope for his healthy return. Huge loss for the Hawks. Get well soon, Hoss! Best wishes for health, happiness and joy to you and your family!
  3. I like that it's the Sens potting them in.
  4. Sounds good to me.
  5. The Senators that bad? You never know what can happen in the playoffs!
  6. Gosh, this is getting hard to watch.
  7. Pens have the dangerous two goal lead.
  8. Blues have already scored in one game that's still going the same number of goals the Hawks scored in 4 games.
  9. The memory of the Lightning series is not forgotten on the vets I'm sure.
  10. And Sobotka opens up the scoring in the series.
  11. What a fitting way for me to wrap up the regular season with my NHL subscription which doesn't allow me to watch games in my own area. Ugh! I think this year there were more Hawks games than ever before which I was restricted from watching (that darn NHL Network). Many thanks to Modry & GT for your link prowess. I'm not invested much in this game, other than I hope the Hawks stay healthy. A win would be nice though.