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  1. You Be The Gm

    Kruger being traded doesn't make much sense to me. If they kept Danault...which they should have I could see it. Stan has moved quite a few assets in the past couple of seasons: two 1st round picks, two second round picks, Dano, Johns, Paliotta, and Danault. While there was a cup win last season this will make the depth issue rather difficult going forward. I didn't include Saad as I think the Hawks had little choice in the matter.
  2. Panarin

    Because it was his first and possibly last NHL goal. Didn't see what Panarin did...so I don't have an opinion one way or another. I tend to think he is just really excited and it shows.
  3. You Be The Gm

    or.... just a thought here doog, you trade him this summer and then he plays out his contract next year. Then when his contract is up the Hawks make him an offer. He has spent almost his whole career here, so we have that in our favor. If he is lights out next year, then we couldn't afford him anyway. However he won't be playing with our guys so it may have some impact on his #'s.
  4. Stan As Gm

    Well T I think Stan finally has some assets (home grown) that he can draw upon that are developing as we speak. Those guys you mentioned either had little tread left, or didn't have any to being with. Stan also has to replenish well....it caught up with the Red Wings, but the Hawks core is much younger.
  5. You Be The Gm

    Happy we didn't go after him as this is his second back surgery. "This is the fifth straight season Hanzal has played 65 games or fewer. In his eight-year career, he has never finished an entire 82-game schedule — coming close with 81 in 2009-10."
  6. Stan As Gm

    I remember watching the 2000 draft. As I recall the general consensus was the Hawks had the best overall draft. Second rounder Nordqvist was viewed as a first rounder and a steal. Also "taking a chance" on a guy like Keith who was viewed as too small in the era of the slow and plodding Derian Hatcher brontosaurus types could be viewed as rather shrewd. In addition to taking a flyer on a big kid who just needed to work on his conditioning, because he had tools...
  7. You Be The Gm

    Lars Eller... Bergevin likes Leddy and we need a center. Start with those two pieces and fill in the blanks. This way we don't move our best young talent with their ELC's which we need going forward, and we get a good center. I like leddy, but there is a reason Stan picked up Rundblad and we have assets in Rockford.
  8. You Be The Gm

    I was hoping (and still am hopeful) that it would amount to Morin and Hayes for Buff, with Holl simply being icing on the cake.
  9. The Crawford Thread

    Well then that settles it....
  10. Stan As Gm

    "You gotta give credit to Stan Bowman; he has done a good job at re-tooling the roster. They are no different than any other team that wins the cup, in that they had to get rid of players. Players they have acquired have come of age and they did a good job in trading for Oh-do-yah.." Mike Babcock
  11. Stan As Gm

    Trotz had a stacked team last year and couldn't get it done. Results in the playoffs matter and thus far Trotz has been anything but remarkable.
  12. Nuck boards suck...but UB you should come back over to the WhattheNuck boards man. We've missed you over there and want to know if you're still interested in the fantasy pool. I purposely made sure nobody touched Chicago my friend. Send me a PM over on WTN please and thanks.

  13. Stan As Gm

    Why speculate about what Kane and Toews will do in the future ? Five years and two are down... the clock is ticking and nobody here (as far as I have seen) has said that no matter what happens or doesn't happen that Stan is the man for time immemorial. Let's see what he does this summer, like it or not he is here now so let's try to be somewhat positive... it's not as bad as some make it out to be. Draft, CBA, free agency...alot of things to be worked out going forward. We don't know what Tallon would have done... But we can watch him in Florida... several high picks and money to spend... Working out well but he has a long way to go.. That being said I think hockey in Florida is silly and will focus on the Hawks...all respect to Dale who I enjoyed while he was in the booth.
  14. Stan As Gm

    Rockford had a very good 2nd half of the season... Though they didn't make the playoff their record was over 500...and take into account the roster turnover... I think they did well. In addition... are all the "best" Hawks prospects in or have played significant time in Rockford ? Let's look at that for a second.. Bradon Saad...? No games in Rockford Mark McNeil...? Handful of games.. sat out some of them Phillip Danault? Handful of games... Clendening... None Johns.... None K. Hayes... None Holl ... None Beach ... Missed all but 17 games.. Morin... Play affected by missing most of the prior season.. Pirri... Had a good year... Olsen... Coming along nicely Jimmy Hayes.. Played some games with the big club...has the potential with his size to help the big club. Andrew Shaw.. Made the big club, hope he works hard this summer. LaLonde.. Down year... needs to work this summer. Ben Smith.. Hit during pre-season by Brendan Smith set him back... started in Rockford slow but picked it up as time went by. Had hip/hernia surgery and we will see where he ends up at training camp..
  15. Stan As Gm

    No I wouldn't ... what I would do is give the man some time to clean up the mess.. I think he is trying to build up the farm system... Nothing wrong with that seeing that the year before this one our most "nhl ready" d-man was a 19 year old kid who left college during his sophomore year.. I like the pieces has has acquired, but to expect 18-21 year old kids to come up and compete at the NHL level when most if not all have less than one year in the AHL is a bit of a stretch. He went cheap with the free agents to buy some time... I think he has to go a bit up the food chain with free agents without inking silly contracts that constrict the team going forward..