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  1. Kruger being traded doesn't make much sense to me. If they kept Danault...which they should have I could see it. Stan has moved quite a few assets in the past couple of seasons: two 1st round picks, two second round picks, Dano, Johns, Paliotta, and Danault. While there was a cup win last season this will make the depth issue rather difficult going forward. I didn't include Saad as I think the Hawks had little choice in the matter.
  2. Should have kept Danalut....I thought the Hawk would be set up the middel : Towes, Anisimov, Kruger, and Danault. Bergevin was hot for Danault for a long time
  3. Because it was his first and possibly last NHL goal. Didn't see what Panarin did...so I don't have an opinion one way or another. I tend to think he is just really excited and it shows.
  4. Oh neither am I, but your questions about my post would do the thread justice in my opinion by being discussed on the side. I say this because they have to do with me and not David Rundblad.
  5. I am describing Rundblad, and if you would like me to go into more detail feel free to send me a message on the side.
  6. I have heard that train of thought before and it sounds logical. However Rundblad doesn't appear to "think" the game well and react accordingly. Couple that with his not being "fleet of foot" and playing small....really small. The guy gets shoved around like he is smaller than Teuvo, and what is worse is he seems to not mind being shoved around. You would figure after a month of sitting he would show some fire, but he just skates around chewing on his mouth guard like a child who is having a fit of some sort. I am beginning to agree with SoCalAL and think that Stan just can't admit what appears to be rather obvious. I just don't know if it is pride or what because three other teams thought Rundblad just didn't have it.
  7. Stan signed him for a reason, and I don't think it was simply to make good on the 2nd round pick used to acquire him. I thought I read somewhere that the Hawks felt this was the year that Rundblad/afflack would turn the corner. But how can he "turn the corner" when he doesn't play ?
  8. It's Runblad's time to "shine".... if not now then when ? Be nice to have the Hogs bow out "gracefully" to the Griffins and call up Johns...just in case . David-san.
  9. I am pulling for Rundblad...we all are, and we have little choice. But Doog...as much as Paliotta projects going forward, he is as green as a leaf. At least Johns has played 50 + professional games this season. Big leap up from College hockey, so while it's a gamble ..the though of Paliotta or Cumiskey getting minutes reminds me of this song......
  10. He has improved...but the Ducks forecheck is going to really be an issue. This is 2010 all over again except we plugged in Boynton, and by some miracle Sopel's leg/legs didn't fall off after blocking so many shots. I hope Rundblad rises to the occasion, and I would be the first (or one of the first) to eat crow. One thing is for certain and that is the Ducks will put all kinds of pressure on him.
  11. Jordan Hendry circa 2010.. and the Flyers (Ducks) took the body time after time and he folded like a cheap tent. Johns may not be the best answer (only due to his level of experience)....but he may be the only answer. HJammer came up in 2009 late in the season and was solid in the playoffs.... perhaps something similar can happen with Johns.
  12. Well Q said it doesn't look good regarding Rozi. I like the idea of Johns' being up. Paliotta is too green....and all we have is Rundblad and Cumiskey...
  13. or.... just a thought here doog, you trade him this summer and then he plays out his contract next year. Then when his contract is up the Hawks make him an offer. He has spent almost his whole career here, so we have that in our favor. If he is lights out next year, then we couldn't afford him anyway. However he won't be playing with our guys so it may have some impact on his #'s.
  14. Well T I think Stan finally has some assets (home grown) that he can draw upon that are developing as we speak. Those guys you mentioned either had little tread left, or didn't have any to being with. Stan also has to replenish well....it caught up with the Red Wings, but the Hawks core is much younger.