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  1. Kruger being traded doesn't make much sense to me. If they kept Danault...which they should have I could see it. Stan has moved quite a few assets in the past couple of seasons: two 1st round picks, two second round picks, Dano, Johns, Paliotta, and Danault. While there was a cup win last season this will make the depth issue rather difficult going forward. I didn't include Saad as I think the Hawks had little choice in the matter.
  2. Kings 1st round pick this year goes to the Canes for the Sekera deal last year. Now that the Sharks have jettisoned the human colostomy bag aka Raffy "taffy apple" Torres I can pull for them if we get knocked out.
  3. Sad but true, because after the big 3 all that is left is 3 rookies and 2 washed up vets. I did not include Rundblad for obvious reasons. Wasn't it Bowman (or Q mouthing the party line) who said we wanted our defensive depth to be about 10 men ? No way to argue that it is not a complete and utter failure.
  4. Gonna ride 4 1/2 d-men for the second year in a row. Lightning will not strike twice and that is on Bowman.
  5. Erhoff should be able to give us as many minutes as Rundblad did, and he has wheels. Was Q messing with Stan by putting Rundblad in and then basically not playing him ?
  6. Why does Rockford need him ? The Hawks are his fourth team and it's clear the party is over. Better off loaning him to a swiss league team like we did with Huet.
  7. Should have kept Danalut....I thought the Hawk would be set up the middel : Towes, Anisimov, Kruger, and Danault. Bergevin was hot for Danault for a long time
  8. Blues have better defensive depth. That Parayko is a heck of a player....a 3rd round friggin gem. We took Dillon Fournier in the 2nd round....cup of coffee in the NHL is as likely as myself getting that cup o joe. The Blues have those big bodied d men clearing and boxing out the crease...punishing our guys and simply making life difficult. We had a couple of those types in the minors...Johns and Paliotta. Johns is doing good work in Dallas right now, and Paliotta had a very solid year in the AHL as a "throw in" in the Saad trade.
  9. Time will tell whether or not he was sincere and subsequently exhibit restraint when others take liberties. Playing the Blues in round 1 will be a rather strict test wouldn't you agree ?
  10. I enjoy watching him play and cannot wait until he is back on the ice. Will don red Keith with joy come round 1 !
  11. I found this link on another site. Keith is responsible for his stick and his actions (still a fan..even more after I watched the video)... but it appears as if ole Charlie is a bit of a
  12. I hope if the Hawks do make a trade that they do not ship off Pokka. He looks like a keeper and with the time spent in the minors his game seems to be improving. He is the most ready prospect we have, and I think he will be far better suited to the Hawks game going forward than say Sved. Don't know how our D-prospects are doing in Europe. The only one I have heard anything about is Forsling....nice move Stan. Our big 3 in addition to cost controlled TVR-GUS-Pokka and a vet at #7. I think next year our D looks might fine.
  13. Because it was his first and possibly last NHL goal. Didn't see what Panarin did...so I don't have an opinion one way or another. I tend to think he is just really excited and it shows.
  14. Oh neither am I, but your questions about my post would do the thread justice in my opinion by being discussed on the side. I say this because they have to do with me and not David Rundblad.
  15. I am describing Rundblad, and if you would like me to go into more detail feel free to send me a message on the side.