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  1. Happy Birthday Sharpie!!! 32 years young!!!

    1. yooper496


      Nice birthday present he gave to himself and the team!

    2. HawksFan117


      Happy Birthday Sharpie! :)

  2. Happy holidays to all my Hawks family and friends! I been on here much lately, but in reading some of the threads on here, I am kind of glad as there seems to be a lot of bickering back and forth. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope to be in chat more often on game nights after the 1st of the year!

    1. buf52


      Frolik navidad medic !

    2. hsbob


      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and the boy medic!

  3. Congrats to Patrick Sharp and his wife on the arrival of their little angel Sadie Sharp! Welcome to the Blackhawks family, Sadie!!

  4. My oldest daughter Lauren is getting married tomorrow! So, I will miss the Hawks game against TB, but we will be partying at the reception! I'm sure I will find a way to sneak a peek at the score somehow!! Go Hawks Go!

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    2. Smokinmedic1


      Thanks all, the wedding was absolutely beautiful! I don't remember much,as it was one of the few times I had way too much to drink...but it was a great time!! Sorry to see the Hawks lost, last time I got a chance to sneak a peek at the score, it was 2-0 hawks in the 3rd.

    3. HawksFan117
    4. Smokinmedic1


      I just posted a thread in the VIP lounge with a couple pics if you want to check it out!

  5. Happy birthday Coach Q!!! See you guys tomorrow at training camp!

  6. According to Chris Kuc on Twitter......#Blackhawks winger Patrick Sharp and wife are expecting another daughter right around the start of the season. Congrats again Sharpie, I see you have been keeping busy off the ice too! :)

    1. Blackhawks12251992


      Aww that's adorable!! Congrats to them :)

  7. If anyone going to the convention wants to meet up, plz PM me with your number and I will text you on Friday! I love talking Hawks with anyone that loves the team like me!

    1. Smokinmedic1


      Ok guys! We are off to the Convention!! WooHooo, been waiting for this for a month with great anticipation! I will have my laptop with me and will check in occassionally during the weekend and post any good pics or videos ect, I hope I get to meet some of you that are going as well! Have a fun weekend all!

    2. HawksFan117


      Aww, I wish I would have seen this before I left for convention. Sorry I missed you! :( Hope you had a blast!

  8. Happy 22nd birthday to Andrew "Killer" Shaw and happy 24th to Ryan Stanton!! Have a great day guys!!

  9. I guess I am the birthday police! A very happy 30th birthday goes out to Duncan Keith!! Hope you have an awesome day, Duncs!!

  10. Happy birthday to Ben of my all time favorite "black aces"!!!

    1. daze71


      Hope to see Ben bring the Cup back to Avon CT so i can see it.

  11. Good Luck in Toronto Bolly!! Thanks for scoring that game winning gola and helping bring the Cup to Chicago twice in 4 seasons! You will be missed around here!!

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    2. Smokinmedic1
    3. Smokinmedic1


      Also, Best of luck to Frolik in Winnipeg! Gonna miss his PK abilities and his penalty shots that find the back of the net!!

    4. GigECJ


      Yes indeed. Much thanks to both departing players!

  12. Only two players in NHL history has captained their team to 2 Cups before the age of 25..Wayne Gretzky and Jonathan Toews!! Looks like Captain Serious is in great company!! Way to go JT!!

    1. yooper496


      Ain't dat somethin!

    2. eurostileness
    3. Icaddiedforstosh


      Foley nailed it. In Chicago "The Captain" says it all!

  13. Tornadoes sighted in DeKalb County and warnings have been issued. If you are in the path of these storms, please take cover NOW!! I will be chasing and updating as soon as I can! Stay safe everyone!

  14. Happy 26th birthday to Hammer, the shot blocking machine!! Hope your knee is ok and that you continue to play solid defense and block those shots for many years!

  15. Happy Birthday Captain Serious!!! WooHooo, playoff time!! Go get 'em JT!!!

    1. william745


      Fun fact it is also Jay Cutlers b-day.

    2. Smokinmedic1


      Cutler? Hmmm, no comment! LOL!