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  1. Happy Birthday Sharpie!!! 32 years young!!!

    1. yooper496


      Nice birthday present he gave to himself and the team!

    2. HawksFan117


      Happy Birthday Sharpie! :)

  2. The Crawford Thread

    Didn't the new CBA make it nearly impossible to bury a player on a 1 way contract in the minors? I believe that if the Hawks send Khabby down through waivers to Rockford (once he is healthy), that they still have to absorb his cap hit. I am no expert on the issue, which is why I ask what the new CBA says about burying a player in the minors.
  3. Happy holidays to all my Hawks family and friends! I been on here much lately, but in reading some of the threads on here, I am kind of glad as there seems to be a lot of bickering back and forth. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope to be in chat more often on game nights after the 1st of the year!

    1. buf52


      Frolik navidad medic !

    2. hsbob


      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and the boy medic!

  4. The Crawford Thread

    Just a curious question...what is Karlsson's status right now? I know he was loaned overseas, but can the Hawks recall him on an emergency basis? I know the Hawks still own his rights, but I am unsure of the rules when you loan a player overseas. Maybe someone better versed (Cap or Rob?) would have an answer to this. Anyway, I highly doubt that they will go outside the organization for another goalie. They have Mac Carruth in Rockford (I would prefer to see him as Raanta's backup honestly), and they also have Karlsson. With them being tight to the cap, I just don't see them going outside to bring another tender in.
  5. Congrats to Patrick Sharp and his wife on the arrival of their little angel Sadie Sharp! Welcome to the Blackhawks family, Sadie!!

  6. My oldest daughter Lauren is getting married tomorrow! So, I will miss the Hawks game against TB, but we will be partying at the reception! I'm sure I will find a way to sneak a peek at the score somehow!! Go Hawks Go!

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    2. Smokinmedic1


      Thanks all, the wedding was absolutely beautiful! I don't remember much,as it was one of the few times I had way too much to drink...but it was a great time!! Sorry to see the Hawks lost, last time I got a chance to sneak a peek at the score, it was 2-0 hawks in the 3rd.

    3. HawksFan117
    4. Smokinmedic1


      I just posted a thread in the VIP lounge with a couple pics if you want to check it out!

  7. Happy birthday Coach Q!!! See you guys tomorrow at training camp!

  8. Stan As Gm

    I was never a big fan of Stan, but I think you are wrong on this. I believe that he has done a good to excellent job plugging in the right pieces to make this team a true contender every year. Sure, he made his mistakes along the way, every GM does, but I think the past year or two he has done a good job of bringing in the right pieces. Now, it will be a test to see how the "kids" do at the NHL level. I am anxious to see how well Stan has drafted. All in all, even though I used to be a big critic of SB, I am hoping that his decisions and others like them continue over the next number of years. It always helps that Stan has his dad whispering in his ear, putting him on the right track.
  9. According to Chris Kuc on Twitter......#Blackhawks winger Patrick Sharp and wife are expecting another daughter right around the start of the season. Congrats again Sharpie, I see you have been keeping busy off the ice too! :)

    1. Blackhawks12251992


      Aww that's adorable!! Congrats to them :)

  10. Stan As Gm

    I thought I posted this yesterday, but I guess I didn't.I also can't resist ER! If the 2013 and 2010 Hawks (and their 2 Cups) are Tallon's team (as Wis says they are), then his argument that Shero is a great GM is flawed. Shero didn't draft the large majority of the Pens core (Sid, Malkin Fluery), Craig Patrick did. So, you can't give Tallon credit for putting together the Hawks core and snub Stan in the process and then turn around and say that Shero is the best GM in the league because it's a double standard. By your way of thinking, the Pens aren't Shero's team, and the credit belongs to Patrick. So Wis, you can either credit Stan for helping build the Hawks or take back your stand on Shero. You can't have it both ways dude!
  11. If anyone going to the convention wants to meet up, plz PM me with your number and I will text you on Friday! I love talking Hawks with anyone that loves the team like me!

    1. Smokinmedic1


      Ok guys! We are off to the Convention!! WooHooo, been waiting for this for a month with great anticipation! I will have my laptop with me and will check in occassionally during the weekend and post any good pics or videos ect, I hope I get to meet some of you that are going as well! Have a fun weekend all!

    2. HawksFan117


      Aww, I wish I would have seen this before I left for convention. Sorry I missed you! :( Hope you had a blast!

  12. Stan As Gm

    http://committedindians.com/the-2008-nhl-draft-chicagos-worst-of-the-decade/ Saw this response on the Committed Indian website to an article they wrote. It sums up my feelings exactly!! A bit wordy, but this guy knows what he is talking about!! Sr. Brad says: I’ve been holding back some thoughts on Tallon, because everything has ended up working out so well for us (2 Cups in 4 years)…Dale Tallon came in during a difficult time in Chicago, where NO ONE wanted to play for this franchise, and to sign FAs he had to overpay (see Brian Campbell). But there really are no excuses for his drafts and some of his trades (big passing grade on Patrick Sharp). The fact of the matter is, when you take the time rationally to lay everything out neatly, Tallon actually did a pretty bad job as GM in Chicago. Toews and Kane were BOTH no brainers…there were tons of sites in 2006 that had Toews at #1 overall because of his maturity and leadership…when he was there at 3, Tallon had NO other choice…Kane was merely manna from heaven. When you look back at those drafts, after so many years, and take away Toews and Kane that were gimmies, its pretty clear that every other “hit” was purely luck…statistical %’s where by sheer averages, we had to hit something eventually. In other words, they didn’t know what they were doing. And regardless of any sport in any era, outside of shocking talent, you always draft CHARACTER. Because its the high compete, high character kids that make it…even if some of them find out their talent isn’t as superior as they had hoped, character kids learn from this, work hard and get better….kids like Kyle Beach sit in dumfounded shock that they no longer stand out. I’ve got news for anyone who hasn’t followed Beach in Rockford over the past 2+ years…HE HAS NO GAME…Nada, nill, zip…about half way through last year Kyle finally began to see an image of himself that he could stand…a rugged 2 way winger that could mix things up and crash the net. At this rate, in another year he MIGHT become a decent 4th liner for us…I promise you, unless the light miraculously comes on, that’s it for Beach. Smith, Hammer, and Kruger are all great picks in my estimation, but when its 3 out of 43 (and those 3 all came late), you’re just throwing darts at the board (blindfolded). When you consider Tallon’s drafts, his trades, his FA contracts, and then the wholesale shedding of top shelf talent after the Cup win in 2o10, 2 things become apparent…One, a good GM doesn’t do things this way, and tw0, a good GM (actually, likely a great GM) followed after him. To have won a Cup only 3 years after the first one, using key pieces from his own recent drafts, and not selling away the farm for a legitimate 2nd line Centre, Bowman has been a miracle worker. We don’t win the Cup without Andrew Shaw, Brandon Saad, Marcus Kruger and Michael Frolik. We don’t win the President’s Trophy without Ray Emery and Michael Roszival. Emery, Rozy, and Handzus all came at a small price…Shaw was a 5th round pick that played with us in his FIRST YEAR out of juniors. Bowman latched on to Kruger right away, and got Marcus to sign a pro contract and play in Rockford in his first season after the draft…and then in his 2nd year he became a Hawk regular…Brandon was our SECOND selection in the 2nd round, and he played in his first season after the draft, even seeing time in a playoff game. This year, he was only the best rookie in the NHL logging first line minutes with Toews and Hossa, allowing the Hawks to stack the 2nd line and compensate for the lack of a true 2nd line centre…that’s huge…and in acquiring Frolik, who was AMAZING all year long in his role, Bowman traded away another first round, top 10 bomb in Jack Skille. Now consider all that, and the fact that we just won our 2nd Cup in 4 years, and our roster for next season has depth like we have never seen it before, a great balance between youth and age, and we are $2 million under the Cap…can anyone say hocus pocus??? Because if that’s not magic, its a close substitute. Bowman should be given a medal because of what he has done in Chicago, and he’s had to be so good, so fast, because honestly, Tallon was that bad for that long. Trading Brian Campbell for Rusty Olescz and then looking like a fool to your own fans??? That’s not a trade that ANYONE wants to make, but he did it, and without ripping Tallon in the media, because HE HAD TO… And the kids that are coming this season, Hayes, Morin, Smith and Pirri, are good players and going to become good Hawks…the kids that are in the system developing are top notch, and the last draft we just had (7 days after winning the SC) was breathtakingly good because we didn’t have hardly any picks to use…again, Bowman didn’t want to trade this year’s 2nd and 3rd for Johhny Oduya, but that’s the price he had to pay to get another good, transistional DMan for the playoff run. With Oduya in our lineup, we have barely lost any regular season games since he has been here, and won a cup…that’s an incredible pickup, and then to have the balls to trade away Dave Bolland (who’s meant so much to our franchise) and Michael Frolik (who was a key component of our Cup win) only 5 days after winning the SC, is incredible…and as good as our pick was in the first round (Hartman, and believe me that this kid is going to be a good Hawk for a long time), his 2nd through 5th rounds were incredble. Many of you still don’t know yet how many home runs he hit…many scouts had Dahlstrom as THE surest DMan in the draft to make the pros in a few years…John Hayden is lookig like a first round talent…and many scouts felt Robin Norrell had the most offensive talent of any DMan in the draft…but because of his size, playing in Sweden and his age, no one wanted to spend a high pick on him… Look at last year, TT has Patrick Kane-like talent…Garret Ross is Andrew Shaw with hands…Fournier is looking like he will make an outstanding puck moving DMan in another couple of years. From 2011, Danault has big time hockey player written all over him…he’s a cross between Henri Richard and Jean Bealiveau, just oozing character…Adam Clendening is going to be a STAR NHL DMAN…Saad is already one of the best young players in the game and Andrew Shaw is a rock star. And with Kevin Hayes (forward) and Johns and Holl (DMen) from 2010, essentially another year maybe 2 years away, this organization is like a dream…that’s why Sports Illustrated rated it the best run franchise in professional sports…and behind all of this is Scotty Bowman (who just won his 13th SC ring) reminding everyone how to do things…you let your goalies walk when they want $5 million plus…you draft Phillip Danaults and Teuvo Teravainians, and you promote from the minors Bryan Bickells and Andrew Shaws… So, again, sorry the length, and the criticisms of Dale Tallon, but as Tab brilliantly laid out, Tallon’s legacy is far from perfect in Chicago.
  13. Stan As Gm

    How do you figure that? Don't get me wrong here, I always liked Dale Tallon and he was a players GM for sure, but the fact that you want to give him credit for the 2013 Cup win?? That's kinda crazy! Considering that there are only 9 players left on the team from the 2010 Cup year (which, by the way, I give full credit to Dale for), how is the 2013 Championship team still considered Dale's team in your book? Stan had the job of having to send players packing after the 2010 win, which was a difficult thing to do, but he did what had to be done to clean up the mess left by Dale and some of his ridiculous contracts. Stan has done a masterful job at keeping things under the cap, standing by his decisions to trust the team he constructed and not make any knee jerk moves (even when the fan base was screaming for him to), and the end result was this year's cup win.Make no mistake about it, this is every bit Stan's team. He has drafted well, if you need evidence of that, just look at how deep this team is on the farm, loaded with lots of talent all competing for spots on the big team. Andrew Shaw and Brandon Saad and Marcus Kruger were Stan's. Along with signings like Handzeus and Oduya and the re upping of Sharpie and Seabrook, I think he deserves to be credited with this team and this Cup. The 2010 team could arguably be Dale's team, and he was given credit for being a huge part of constructing that team, but the 2013 Cup winning team is all Stan. I say, well played Mr. Bowman.
  14. Stan As Gm

    Amen Caddie!!!!
  15. Happy 22nd birthday to Andrew "Killer" Shaw and happy 24th to Ryan Stanton!! Have a great day guys!!