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  1. Hawks Sign Soupyyyy

    Leddy could skate like butter, Soupy-lite when Q would trust him on the PP, but it's been awhile since we've had that option. Really excited about having BC back on a Richard-like team friendly contract, although I do suspect there will be a couple million in bonuses that will factor into next year when Panarin is due for the big bucks.
  2. Stan As Gm

    I always like this part of the year when all the haters have to eat Crawford crow for criticizing Bowman for making the deadline moves for the team that hoisted the cup. Vermette is not a good fit here, losing Smith will kill our PK, Kimmo can't keep up, etc. Once again Bowman has proved he knows how to retool a team and he'll have another big test this summer. Congrats on another well earned Stanley Cup to the Bowman legacy.
  3. The Crawford Thread

    We were playing some weaker teams during this stretch, but we were also getting outplayed by many of them. Crawford has had to absorb a lot of shots. He's the only reason we hung around in the Rangers game and made it out of the first two periods against the Sharks. Crawford was, as Q would say, "ordinary" coming back from his silly concert injury, but since Kane went down he's returned to early season form. He deserves a lot of credit, because all those all-star forwards haven't been all that great in front of him lately.
  4. Stan As Gm

    I believe Stan addressed every team need at the deadline (depth D, 2nd line center, 4th line toughness) and also addressed the impending cap crunch next year by shedding salary in the process. Tough not to be excited to see how the new look roster is going forward.
  5. Stan As Gm

    Said it in the Kane thread...last three notable collarbone breaks in the NHL: 5.5 weeks, 7 weeks and 9.5 weeks. Vermette would have to get injured in the regular season for your prophecy to happen even if Kane's healing takes longer than average.
  6. You Be The Gm

    Stan should just resign so the Blackhawks can save dollars on bandwidth for the message boards.
  7. The Crawford Thread

    Crow hasn't been the same since he partied a little too hard at that rock concert. The best save I've seen him make in the last little while was at the All-Star game. Hopefully he returns back to the form he displayed at the start of the year. Hawks need to go on another run here for their other monster road trip.
  8. You Be The Gm

    Still floors me sometimes when I look at Cap Geek that this same great team who has won recent cups iced guys like Steve Montador, Fernando Pisani, Nick Boynton and Sean O'Donnell in the not so distant past.
  9. The Crawford Thread

    Last year the concern here was that Crawford would not elevate his game to match his bigger contract. He has thus far, and he's been the dependable last line of defense we've needed him to be. He made some highlight reel saves throughout the circus trip, and the last two goals he's let in were both pretty fluky. Crow is just the steady, positional big body the Hawks' disciplined D scheme needs.
  10. The Crawford Thread

    Last I checked this was the Crawford thread, so I'll post on the man of the title. I've been really happy with his play this year - solid and dependable. He's not really making the big showy saves that the sports channels like, but he's doing all the things the Hawks need to stay in hockey games. Hardly any softies this year either. Through and through, he's probably been the best Hawk thus far this year - near the top of the stats (is that a bad word here now?) in GAA and S%. Hope he keeps it up.
  11. The Crawford Thread

    With two rookies in the lineup to start the year, our D was supposed to get worse. Nobody told Crawford. Great showing so far, hope we keeps it up and shuts up all the haters.
  12. You Be The Gm

    You know it's summer when we've got to suggesting trading Toews for prospects.
  13. Stan As Gm

    Yep, I agree with that, and overall I think Stan has done a very good job managing this team since he took over. But I don't think anyone will disagree that he now really has his work cut out for him going forward.
  14. Stan As Gm

    The irony is that the guys you mentioned were ditched when there was no cap or reason to not sign them for what they deserve. Now the pendulum has swung the other way - we're giving our star players too much and now it's going to hamstring the team.
  15. Stan As Gm

    The reality is that other GMs gave out ridiculous contracts to Weber, Parise, Suter, etc. for even more money, but the Hawks are going to be tagged with the two biggest cap hits in the NHL for 8 years each. I know we're under a different CBA, but as a GM you have to find a way to make that work. Stan didn't.