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  1. Stan said the buyout was for Rundblad to give him a fresh start, even if it adds an extra $300,000 to our cap over the next two years. It's not huge money but it does show why many consider the Hawks to be the class of the league and why free agents want to come here (above all the cup winning and all that!) - putting the players first. Not a big price to pay for good PR.
  2. Leddy could skate like butter, Soupy-lite when Q would trust him on the PP, but it's been awhile since we've had that option. Really excited about having BC back on a Richard-like team friendly contract, although I do suspect there will be a couple million in bonuses that will factor into next year when Panarin is due for the big bucks.
  3. Weise got the ol' Vermette treatment with a spot on the bench to start the playoffs. Look for him to rejoin the lineup once Q puts the Mashinter experiment to bed and look for him to contribute with a key goal here or there going forward this series. Tough outcome last night but not all that unfamiliar - Hawks similarly outshot the Blues in the first game in 2014 only to lose in OT. We know how that series ended up. Can't wait to see Keith back and the push back the Hawks give tomorrow - steal one in Missouri!
  4. I'm betting this is an insurance move - he's still recovering from the ankle break so he'll be out for the immediate future. He's on LTIR for the first bit and Hawks bring him back if the new/young guys aren't cutting it on D. His contract is small enough that it can be fully buried in the AHL if needed, or he's claimed off waivers. His contract really doesn't have to mean anything to the Hawks' salary cap if they don't want it to, so they could still sign some of the PTO's, but at the same time still allow Rosie a salary for his committment to the Indian Head and world-class facilities and trainers to ensure he is taken care of in his recovery. I like the move, shows class, and as much as people hated on Rosie, he was rock solid in the Wild series and the Hawks really felt his absence the next two series.
  5. Another option is trading Bickell for Ryan Clowe. It would be like a Clarkson/Horton situation, with the Devils getting someone who can actually play for them and the Hawks getting a guy they can LTIR for more moneys. Clowe has a moderately bigger cap hit (4.85 vs 4) and one extra year, but he's officially done in the league. Dealing with having to be within 10% of the cap max every summer with a contract like that on LTIR would be challenging, but it's an option if they really want Bickell gone.
  6. I've always been behind Q, I think he's an amazing coach and the feats he pulled off this year with a depleted back end and the tough decisions with his forward corps might be hist best. I did disagree with how he managed the roster in 2014, but he's always been a guy to make bold moves and take risks - sometimes they pay off and sometimes they don't. They've paid off three times so far...I'll take it.
  7. I always like this part of the year when all the haters have to eat Crawford crow for criticizing Bowman for making the deadline moves for the team that hoisted the cup. Vermette is not a good fit here, losing Smith will kill our PK, Kimmo can't keep up, etc. Once again Bowman has proved he knows how to retool a team and he'll have another big test this summer. Congrats on another well earned Stanley Cup to the Bowman legacy.
  8. Remember when Rozsival was the worst Hawk ever and Rundblad deserved to be in the lineup? Hear that music? That's the Karma Chameleon.
  9. Hawks are going to miss Rozsival now, for sure. I definitely wouldn't have said that after Game 2 of the Nashville series, but since then he has logged quality minutes and simplified his game. He was becoming a calming force behind the net and on the boards, the veteran leadership and patience that Q preaches. KT has been slow and predictable, but he's at least aware of his weaknesses and not pinching or making plays that run him the risk of being caught ahead of the opposition's offense. The Hawks' D is going to have to change now, and honestly, there isn't going to be a scenario better than what Q had in the Wild series - at least the Hawks will have a week to practice some new pairings. Stick tap to Rozsi, hate to see that from such a gracious vet.
  10. Last year the knock was that Q's bench was too short, tiring out his top lines while LA rolled 4 lines. Yesterday we had scoring from all 4 lines, but yet we should be avoiding the bottom 5 depth guys on the team. On this board, you can't win.
  11. Ungrateful. This franchise once had Alpo Suhonen behind the bench!
  12. Everyone always seems to try to make a point when Q gets "out coached" or doesn't include so and so in the roster, etc. Thought I'd give a special shout out to Q today - big move to pull arguably the Hawks MVP this season after the entire team played bad in the first. Q kept his composure and rallied the team to an amazing victory yesterday. Also, many thought he'd have Rozsival riding the twine after he brutally misplayed the first goal, but he stuck with that pairing and Rozy ended up playing a pretty good game by the end of it all, contributing to the OT winner. TT's assist was huge to get the Hawks going in the 2nd, and had Q done the safe bet and dressed the under-performing Vermette for baby Kane the Hawks wouldn't have had that spark (or the responsible minutes by the 4th line that followed in some key situations). This is why Señor Stache is one of the all-time coaching greats.
  13. We were playing some weaker teams during this stretch, but we were also getting outplayed by many of them. Crawford has had to absorb a lot of shots. He's the only reason we hung around in the Rangers game and made it out of the first two periods against the Sharks. Crawford was, as Q would say, "ordinary" coming back from his silly concert injury, but since Kane went down he's returned to early season form. He deserves a lot of credit, because all those all-star forwards haven't been all that great in front of him lately.
  14. I believe Stan addressed every team need at the deadline (depth D, 2nd line center, 4th line toughness) and also addressed the impending cap crunch next year by shedding salary in the process. Tough not to be excited to see how the new look roster is going forward.
  15. Said it in the Kane thread...last three notable collarbone breaks in the NHL: 5.5 weeks, 7 weeks and 9.5 weeks. Vermette would have to get injured in the regular season for your prophecy to happen even if Kane's healing takes longer than average.