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  1. What a team! Thanks for a run I'll never forget, Hawks! And thanks everyone for being such great folks to talk Hawkey with. Enjoy this one, friends!!!

  2. Heard Jerry Bruckheimer is making a movie about Raffi Torres. It's called Coyote Ugly.

  3. Going to the game again tonight, please don't make it 4 losses in a row in Calgary!

  4. I'm going to miss that avatar! Maybe you change it when he has his Florida jersey!?

  5. yone is realistic though and I'm not sold on Bowman's ability to evaluate talent yet.

  6. Oh I completely agree with your assessment. I was more thinking about what the players are going through right now after the game. They must feel like being in the bottom of the barrel.

    We've got some great rookies plus Campoli & Salak. Bickell had a great rookie year. Kruger looks like he will be something & Ben Smith made a nice NHL debut. I don't think keeping ever...

  7. Gonna represent our boys from the third level tonight! Go Hawks!