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  1. Shalunov? what do you guys think of this?

    Shalunov 's KHL team is done. he didn't get traded to a playoff team. Bowman called an an important prospect which might mean he is trying to bring him back. he needs a little time in the AHL to adjust. maybe they can agree on a fixed no. games before he is brought up.
  2. Icehogs 2016-17 Season

    after trading Mc Neil, Carrick and Abbott, they may have the worst offense in the AHL. I hope they are making room for Shalunov and some college signees. while keeping # contracts below 50. the return from the Ducks today was useless so it can't be for players. who would take a 2019 7th rd pick now ?
  3. Debrincat

    De Brincat slid to mid 2nd round solely due to his size. even 5ft 9 and 5 ft 10 is small, but 5 ft 7 may be too small. for a team with few 1st round pciks last few years, taking him was too risky with your top pick. he has been on a line with Dylan Strome (3rd overall from 2016) which inflates his stats. they should have taken his Erie linemate Raddysh with their 50th pick I hope he works out, but I am nervous about how he translates to the pros. high risk-high reward. a crap shoot.
  4. You Be The Gm

    Boychuk also signed a PTO he may be better than what we have competing on LW-by default Versteeg had about 8 suitors so we probbaly couldn't sign him to a PTO anyway
  5. You Be The Gm

    if we had made better deals and not gotten guys like Haggerty and Daley back, we'd have more depth Pokka hasn't developed fast enough either. so it's up to our draft picks like Mc Neil, Schmaltz, Motte, Hinostroza,Hartman. maybe a few will pan out.
  6. Jimmy Vesey To The Hawks?

    we have a LW spot open (actually more than 1) and Vesey isn't interested ? I guess Stan is as bad at signing FA as he is negotiating deals NYR have more to offer ? on what basis ? Boston and Buffalo have more to offer. Penguins have more also. I don't follow the logic, but maybe Vesey wants to be closer to mommy. Maybe K Hayes talked him out of Chicago .
  7. Jimmy Vesey To The Hawks?

    if Vesey signs with NJD, he is a fool they have a stagnant offense even with hall they still play a form of trap he will not score enough he will not make the playoffs he will not like Newark NYR are also a bad choice aging top players cranky coach with newcomers not a true contender now Toronto is a 3rd mistake team is builing and finished dead last will take several yrs to become contenders
  8. Jimmy Vesey To The Hawks?

    NYR are not good with young players either Vigneault does not like them per some fans I know they also are not a true contender now they are a palyoff bubble team Hayes had a bad year and Kreider hasn't developed as hoped what can they say to entice Vesey ? look at us ? Toronto is a fishbowl and has few decent vets to help him Matthews is 18 yrs old and can't show Vesey anything no Cup since 1967 and none coming for another few yrs
  9. Mc Neil has been another 1st round disappointment. but he may be able to cut it as a 3rd liner this year due to his versatility and lack of strong competition.. we don't have that many quality young forwards. . what annoys me more is that Haggerty was let go so we gave away Raanta for nothing. the guy was injured and really never got going. I had heard from some NYR fans he had talent. Paliotta was signed by NYR. Columbus should have kept him.
  10. Mc Neil was supposedly more developed physically at 18 than most juniors and there was talk of him making the team aftre being drafted in 2011. now, its 5 yrs later and he's a borderline guy. He has good size,but I've heard he isn't that physical or aggressive. since we have few good forward prospects, we need to give him a shot. but he has to be reasonable with regards to a contract as mvr said.
  11. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    he is a dedicated athlete he takes care of himself. I remember the problems he gave us in the 1992 finals. that was only 24 yrs ago.
  12. Stan As Gm

    I agree there is some disconnect we didn't utilize most of the new guys we acquired Weise and Ehrhoff were wasted. when you use Rundblad in a game 7, something is off. trading for rentals implies you see them as a short=term help. if you benchthem, then what is the point ?
  13. Stan As Gm

    all Stan's deals were almost pointless Ladd was an overpay regardless of the fact that we went nowheres the deal wiht Mtl did nothing the Sharp deal was a fiasco and compunded by givyng away Daley and garbutt and the deals with Carolina ? what did we need Mc Intyre for ? he left for Germany and didn't play much in AHL Harrison never played a total disaster we can now skip the 2016 draft also. I guess Pokka isn't as good as Rundblad. not a good sign.
  14. You Be The Gm

    any team that has Rundblad and E Gustaffson on defesne in game 7 has problems. we can thank our GM for that the D- for the Sharp trade given on last page was generous he compunded it by giivng away Daley and garbutt
  15. Stan As Gm

    I just have a problem that most of the guys we dealt for at the TDL have had almost no impact. you can't guarantee winning a Cup, but you expect more than an early exit. when some of the guys don't even dress or play very few minutes, why did we need them ? why did we give away assets for them on a temp assignment ? our projections and evaluations were off. if a lte 1st round pick is of limited value, what are we going to get late in the 3rd ?