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  1. Bicks needed to go. and frankly TT is a skilled, but very little dude who doesn't like to mix it up in the corners and with I think a questionable upside. He's a 2nd or 3rd line guy. He isn't going to be the star that a lot of people thought he might be. besides, the hawks seem to be flush with Talented, But Little dudes in their system. I have no problem with that trade
  2. Makes you realize that Keith is not that big of a dude. I don't see Svedburg as being a savior here. A big dude but I don't think he has the quickness, but especially, the puck-handling skills. I simply don't see it. will they miss Shaw? Somewhat. Montreal overpaid him. but I think his energy and toughness will be missed
  3. I hate to say it, but the salaries paid to the top 1/3 of the lineup have put the Hawks into the "cap-heavy, team good but in decline" grouping. They make the playoffs. barely. out in the first round again. Next summer, they finally unload Seabrook and his silly contract. The youth movement continues as the core of the team ages.
  4. Stan made some bad moves this year. A lot of picks, players and prospects were given up that didn't pan out. Team is aging at its core, and is especially thin at Defense. Anyone still like to have Dahlback and Johns in the system? I would. painted ourselves into a Cap corner. they're going to need to shop SOMEONE (Crawford, maybe) to get cap space and hopefully a serious defenseman in return. that being said, turning over the job to Darling doesn't exactly excite me either. I think this team had an INCREDIBLE run, but let's face it, the team is in decline. The cap KILLED us. You can't win with just anyone and retread veterans. Unless there is some amazing talent just bursting in Rockford (is there?), and not even a #1 this year -- this team is headed back down to mediocrity.
  5. Nope. Roszi is no longer effective. TVR is ok. Gustaffson is simply ok, but I doubt he's going to be a top 2 pair defenseman. Ever. Svedberg is big but not nimble. Runblad is a disaster and shouldn't be in the NHL. All the various moves Stan made to shore it up this year: Daly, Scuderi, Ehrhoff simply didn't pan out. At all. If they had, they would've been playing. We traded away good prospects in Dahlback and Johns. Nobody in Rockford looks like a budding defensive star, though some are very young and could be. Some day. Maybe. We are not in good shape at that position. And still living in cap hell. Someone said the Hawks core is aging and "in decline". I can't help but wonder if that's true. We've painted ourselves into a corner with big contracts to Hossa, Kane, Toews, Seabrook, etc. This year was such a disappointment. Flashes of brilliance, but a lot of bad hockey. Blowout losses to good teams. I figured they would not make the Cup this year, but to be dumped in the first round. Well. by any measure, it's a disappointment. I hope Stan has ideas here that do NOT have to do with taking on mediocre veterans while dumping young talent.
  6. Have to win the next 2 or its over. I don't see this team coming back from 3-1 down, or even 3-2 at this point.
  7. The Blues are trying the same strategy as the Ducks did in the WCF last year. Heavy forechecking. Pound the Hawk defensemen whenever possible and get some turnovers. We barely survived that round so its a proven strategy. If I'm Hitchcock, given their size, speed and quality defense that can gobble up odd man rushes resulting from forechecking, I'd do it too. We don't have the same level of defensive depth as last year (sure wish we had not had to have given away Stephen Johns for zip. Miss Oduya more than I realized we might. Svedberg at times looks out of his depth as does TVR), and a couple fewer real skill players (miss Sharp now? Saad? I do. but it couldn't be helped/ Realities of the cap). Crawford has been, and will be, the key for the whole series because there is simply going to not be a lot of open ice. Need a better start today. Take it to 'em. Go Hawks
  8. They have to bring Runblad up now. I mean, who else WOULD it be? You're down to 5 defenseman and one is KT. Who only gets you so much.
  9. yes, he's "proven" to be a liability. He doesn't come up big when the chips are down. Not last year. And not this year. He pretty much lost the Conf finals last year giving up a soft goal to tie Game 7 and then the softiest of soft to lose the game. He's proven? and this year? He's got a 6.75 GAA in the playoffs and a save % hovering around. 800. Darling looks solid while CC gives up soft goal after soft goal. As long as they are winning/or Darling looks really good in a narrow loss, you ride Darling. Plain and simple. and then you deal Crawford over the summer hoping someone will take him and his elite-level salary
  10. Crawford makes $6 mil a year. I don't know now if anyone will take him off our hands this summer at that rate, but if you are in cap hell and you can get the same or better performance out of Darling/Raanta as a combo? No-brainer. Dump Corey to save the core of the rest of the team. You can throw out Bickel and his $4 mil too. I'm a big fan of Sharpie, but he makes $6 mil a year and his production is in severe decline. If there is any common thread with teams that were once elite in the NHL but took a major nose-dive is that they traded young talent to keep vets who were on the downside of the career. trade the 3 of them. savings to re-sign your key players and get a decent FA or two? $16 mil
  11. Corey ??? Corey who??
  12. If darling wins game 3 and looks good doing it, you won't see Crawford the rest of the playoffs. Nor should we. The man is frankly an overpaid mediocrity, and lately, he looks like the worst goalie in the league. Big time players step up in the big time. He's not a big time player. and nobody give me this "if you're a REAL fan, you're RAH RAH RAH matter what they do." That attitude is for morons. Q was stupid for starting Crawford in game 2 and thank God he's come to his senses for this game. I don't know if Darling will be as fantastic as game 1, but honestly, could he be worse than a goalie who has given up 9 goals in 47 shots in 4 periods? Could anyone? He's honestly making miss Huet
  13. really? So to be a "fan" I have to a blind, mindless homer like you?? LOL. That's not a "real fan" -- it's a "real fool" Pal, I went to my first live game in 1968. I don't have to prove my fandom bona fides to anyone, especially not you. Crawford stinks. Any team whose #1 goalie has a .800 save percentage and a 6.75 GAA in the playoffs is unlikely to go anywhere. Anyone can see that. I don't think "mindless homerism" is going to make them better.
  14. Yeah, good call, Q. Starting Crawford last night. what's that now? 9 goals in 4 playoff periods? Save % .809. GAA 6.75 Yeah, he's f'ing amazing...real "shut-down" goaltender!!! Worth every penny of that $6 mil a year. He's the "MVP"!! He's definitely going to lead the Hawks!! ....directly to the goal course in about 1 week
  15. The softest of soft goals.