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  1. Bicks needed to go. and frankly TT is a skilled, but very little dude who doesn't like to mix it up in the corners and with I think a questionable upside. He's a 2nd or 3rd line guy. He isn't going to be the star that a lot of people thought he might be. besides, the hawks seem to be flush with Talented, But Little dudes in their system. I have no problem with that trade
  2. Makes you realize that Keith is not that big of a dude. I don't see Svedburg as being a savior here. A big dude but I don't think he has the quickness, but especially, the puck-handling skills. I simply don't see it. will they miss Shaw? Somewhat. Montreal overpaid him. but I think his energy and toughness will be missed
  3. I hate to say it, but the salaries paid to the top 1/3 of the lineup have put the Hawks into the "cap-heavy, team good but in decline" grouping. They make the playoffs. barely. out in the first round again. Next summer, they finally unload Seabrook and his silly contract. The youth movement continues as the core of the team ages.
  4. They have to bring Runblad up now. I mean, who else WOULD it be? You're down to 5 defenseman and one is KT. Who only gets you so much.
  5. Crawford makes $6 mil a year. I don't know now if anyone will take him off our hands this summer at that rate, but if you are in cap hell and you can get the same or better performance out of Darling/Raanta as a combo? No-brainer. Dump Corey to save the core of the rest of the team. You can throw out Bickel and his $4 mil too. I'm a big fan of Sharpie, but he makes $6 mil a year and his production is in severe decline. If there is any common thread with teams that were once elite in the NHL but took a major nose-dive is that they traded young talent to keep vets who were on the downside of the career. trade the 3 of them. savings to re-sign your key players and get a decent FA or two? $16 mil
  6. Corey ??? Corey who??
  7. If darling wins game 3 and looks good doing it, you won't see Crawford the rest of the playoffs. Nor should we. The man is frankly an overpaid mediocrity, and lately, he looks like the worst goalie in the league. Big time players step up in the big time. He's not a big time player. and nobody give me this "if you're a REAL fan, you're RAH RAH RAH matter what they do." That attitude is for morons. Q was stupid for starting Crawford in game 2 and thank God he's come to his senses for this game. I don't know if Darling will be as fantastic as game 1, but honestly, could he be worse than a goalie who has given up 9 goals in 47 shots in 4 periods? Could anyone? He's honestly making miss Huet
  8. really? So to be a "fan" I have to a blind, mindless homer like you?? LOL. That's not a "real fan" -- it's a "real fool" Pal, I went to my first live game in 1968. I don't have to prove my fandom bona fides to anyone, especially not you. Crawford stinks. Any team whose #1 goalie has a .800 save percentage and a 6.75 GAA in the playoffs is unlikely to go anywhere. Anyone can see that. I don't think "mindless homerism" is going to make them better.
  9. Yeah, good call, Q. Starting Crawford last night. what's that now? 9 goals in 4 playoff periods? Save % .809. GAA 6.75 Yeah, he's f'ing amazing...real "shut-down" goaltender!!! Worth every penny of that $6 mil a year. He's the "MVP"!! He's definitely going to lead the Hawks!! ....directly to the goal course in about 1 week
  10. The softest of soft goals.
  11. Nope. But do you think Crawford was largely the reason they didn't go back to the Finals last year? I certainly do. If CC played the rest of the game last night, the Hawks lose. Darling won that game. Flat-out. He deserves game 2. Just sayin. He's way overpaid at $6 mil. He's a solid goalie, but not elite. He gives up maddeningly soft goals at inopportune times. It's a fact.
  12. sit him. He's not exactly been lights out in the playoffs. As one columnist so aptly put it: Corey Crawford on Wednesday night picked up where he left off at the end of last year's postseason by allowing three first-period goals—two of which were cringe-worthy, a third eminently stoppable—on 12 shots, and Joel Quenneville yanked him during the intermission.This isn't just strike one against Crawford; it's strike two. In last year's Western Conference Final , Crawford was a canoe made of newspaper in a storm, taking on water for the final six games of that series before eventually drowning the Blackhawks. He stopped 162 of 187 shots across Games 2 through 7, which included a horrendous late tying goal in Game 7 before he allowed the series-ending goal in overtime. Including his nine saves on 12 shots Wednesday, Crawford has an .859 save percentage in his past seven playoff games. With a soft short-side goal by Colin Wilson, a mental mistake on Viktor Stalberg's goal with Crawford trapped behind the net and a somewhat excusable third goal when Wilson tipped a Seth Jones shot, Crawford looked like he was re-enacting his 2014 postseason in a one-man show no one in Chicago wanted to see. His Stanley Cup season is a bit of an anomaly as well, seeing as how it came in a shortened season filled with anomalies. Take 2013 out of the equation and Crawford has a career postseason save percentage of .910 in 34 contests that occurred after 82-game regular seasons. I agree. Darling won that game. He deserves Game 2. Just sayin.
  13. I thought Bickell was overpaid at the time. I said so here. I'm just sayin that some of the moves Stan has made have been frankly lousy. How many defensemen that were the best prospects in the system did he basically give away this year? Clendening, Leddy, Dahlback, Olsen. What did he sign? What did he get in return? The system that once looked pretty stocked now looks pretty bare, while Stan signs old dude after old washed up dude in one failed experiment after another, and holding on to veterans perhaps a year or two too long. Sharp had trade value at the beginning of the season. Now he looks like a 3rd line salary cap alabatross. meanwhile, his "cast-offs" look pretty damn good elsewhere. Hayes-the-Older, Hayes-the-Younger (granted, not a cast-off but clearly wasn't interested in signing him - NYR was!), Leddy (just got a 7 year deal with NYI), Pirri. And most of those guys are on cheap deals. Their ROI is much higher. Who did we get back? A slow, aging defenseman? Or Erixson who's already gone? Runblad -- barely average. Or signed people like brad Richards who scores once every Fiscal Quarter?\ and oh by the way, for the "offensive juggernaut" that is Vermette, we have no #1 in this year's draft. The system is now counting on whom? Nick Schmaltz? Mark McNeil? Who on earth is left in Rockford that's going to form the core of this team in the next year or two?
  14. Yeah, been an offensive juggernaut since the trade deadline. And to just give a bit of perspective here: 2014-15 Stats: Bowman decisions: Patrick Sharp - $6 million salary - 10 goals, 22 assists Bryan Bickell - $4 million salary - 11 goals, 13 assists TOTAL: $10 million - 21 goals, 35 assists (or $476,190 per goal, or $178,551 per point) vs. Bowman's Fire Sale Cast-Offs Jimmy Hayes - $925,000 salary - 17 goals, 12 assists Brandon Pirri - $925,000 salary - 13 goals, 2 assists TOTAL: $1.850 million - 30 goals, 14 assists. (or $61,667 per goal, or $34,259 per point)
  15. Crawford - $6.5 million Darling - $600K Ship Crawford and his cap hit out the door for a trade. I don't think there is much drop off if any between Darling and CC