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  1. So, nobody interested in making any swaps?
  2. I have 3 Savards from Sunday's game. I'm looking for: Seabrook (12/14/14) Hossa (2/9/15) Hjalmarsson (2/24/15) Let me know if you want to swap anything. Thanks, Brian
  3. Original poster needs to get a grip and/or a clue.
  4. Still have an extra Toews from 4/4/13 if anyone wants one. Would like to get the new Kane, but would also be interested in the Sharp from training camp or the Seabrook. PM me if you have any interest and we can work out details. Or maybe Stosh can help us structure the deal.
  5. Was not aware of that. Oh well, I'm guessing there are still some folks who didn't get one yet and would like to have one. Lots of us don't have season tickets, so we don't get all the giveaways. Thanks for your "help".
  6. Hadn't even checked the 'bay yet. I guess I assumed they'd be worth the same amount, considering there were 10,000 of each of them. I wonder why the Kane is going for so much more?
  7. I know this really belongs in the "trading Post" section, but I have tried posting in that section and it doesn't look like it gets a whole lot of traffic. So, I thought I'd post here in hopes that more folks would actually read it. With that said, I've got an extra Toews bobblehead from the game on 4/4/13 that I'd like to swap for a Kane bobblehead from the game on 4/12/13. Let me know (PM me) if you have one and are interested in a swap. Also, if anyone has any other extra bobbleheads you're looking to move, let me know. Send me a message with details. Thanks! Brian
  8. I've got an extra Toews from last week (4/4/13) that I'd like to swap for the Kane from tonight (4/12/13). PM me if you want to trade. Thanks, Brian
  9. I won't address the rest of your post, but I will say that they played Columbus the same number of times they do every year. Six.