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  1. GT, I think we can all agree that we love your never wavering faith in the squad. And your seeming ability to remain calm. I wish I could stay as calm as you seem to be!!
  2. What an amazing comeback. I posted the "list of positives" after period one, but was certainly not feeling great at that point. Glad they proved that we should always keep the faith! LET'S GO HAWKS!!!!
  3. Let's not have a repeat of the 3rd period from game 5. Hawks need to stay aggressive. SMART, but aggressive.
  4. Agreed. Seems crazy how he seems to be open so often.
  5. Here are a few: 1) we scored one 2) Elliott is giving up juicy rebounds 3) Crow gave up 3 on the first 7 shots. That trend won't continue. 4) we've been better in the 2nd this series 4) there are 40 minutes left LET'S GO HAWKS!!!
  6. Agreed, he has definitely been a bright spot this series. But, yeah, that was a killer penalty to take there. The Hawks may not have tied it anyway, but that pretty much shut down their chances.
  7. Well, they still just need to win 3 more. It takes 4 wins, no matter what order they come in. Trying to stay positive somehow. As has been mentioned many times, they HAVE done it before.
  8. Good point. It really is hard to complain too much, based on the success this team has had over the last several years. But it still sucks to lose. Edit: maybe this one's not over yet???
  9. Well, the Cubs won tonight. Got that going for me. Which is nice...
  10. Just gotta win the 3rd period. Would love to see 19 and/or 88 finally pot one. LET'S GO HAWKS!!!
  11. I like it!
  12. Well, home ice is overrated anyway, right? The Hawks have done just fine without home ice advantage in the past, so that isn't the end of the world. One thing that is a little worrisome for me is that tonight's loss extended the winless streak against WC playoff teams to 12 games. Last win against one of those teams was 2/6 vs. Dallas. That's actually mind-blowing, if you ask me. But maybe that just makes some Hawks playoff wins inevitable. Let's Go Hawks!!!
  13. Not sure what "slo-mo" has to do with it. You can't take a swing at someone's head. Period. If he wanted to drop the gloves, I think we're all fine with that. THAT is part of hockey. But swinging your stick at someone's head the way David Lee Roth swings his sword on NOT hockey. I'd be curious to see if you felt the same way if the tables were turned. Perhaps if Backes swung his stick at Kane's head, for instance.
  14. Disagree with you on this one, Creatch. I agree that Coyle's play was dirty, and that it should probably be looked at, too (though I'm sure it won't be). But Keith absolutely HAS to know how to show restraint. That was a selfish play, and could end up costing the team big time. Go drop the gloves if you need "revenge", but dirty hits for dirty hits I cannot support.
  15. Tough to say what they'll do, as DOPS is about as consistent with this stuff as the NCAA is with school violations. That said, I think it's safe to say they won't be cutting him any slack. Keith has now put himself solidly into the repeat offender category - which is very disappointing. I'm guessing he gets 8-10 games, but won't be shocked if he gets more. On a side note, I wouldn't mind seeing him lose his "A" after this. Others may think that's crazy, and I'm sure he won't. But I don't think these incidents are a very good example from one of the team's "leaders". I hate that other fan bases can point at him the way we point at guys from Vancouver (for example).