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  1. This signing is great. It gives us cover for when Mashinter is injured so Q doesn't have to play players who can still develop. Seriously though, the only thing I like about Tootoo is that he wears number 22 (get it?). I'm calling it right now that he'll be tried on the first line Carcillo style. And people thought Tikhonov was bad.
  2. Depends on two things, really: Toews and Hossa. If they play like they did last year, the Hawks ain't going nowhere and tanking is a valid option. If they play like we're used to them playing, the sky is the limit. I just hope Stan doesn't go bat**it again and trade for 4 players at the deadline. To any of you young GMs out there - if you need to add four players, YOU'RE NOT A CONTENDER!!!
  3. Just today, there was an article in a Slovak newspaper concerning the off-season training of one Marko Daňo. It's going to take place in Slovakia and, apparently, it's going to be "more varied" than in past years. He mentioned doing yoga and going to work with an Olympic team weight-lifting trainer to improve the power and pace of the first 2-3 steps (his words). Honestly, I don't really understand the argument that unless he's training with the mythical "team's training staff" in Chicago, he's somehow getting lower quality training. These guys are all professional athletes with access to the best fitness trainers in their respective countries. I'm sure there is a number of world-class fitness coaches in the Helsinki area, some of whom would have to be used to working with top Finnish hockey players past and present. I'm sure there's also a gym there somewhere. The thing is, he can get world-class training AND be close to his family and friends when he isn't training. Seems like a win-win, which is why most European hockey players do it that way. On the other hand, if the Blackhawks organization asked him to do something (anything) then he should have bloody well done it ... except the quotation doesn't really say that that's the way it had been framed. If this decision was about lack of work ethic, the organization might have waited for actual evidence of that and made the decision after the summer. It's almost like the reason this trade was made was Bickell and his terrible contract and not TT's work-out choices.
  4. There was a statistic floating around of how many of the 29 goals were scored while Handzus (his usual center) was on the ice with him. This handy resource shows that of the 17 goals that Kane scored at even strength this season, he scored all of ONE GOAL with Handzus on the ice. And Handzus was the forward Kane spent the second most time on the ice with (the first was Saad - 7 goals). 2013/14 Handzus was a black hole that sucked offensive potential out of Kane. It could hardly have been clearer.
  5. Well, a linesman isn't opposition, is he? At least he's not supposed to be. That was the reason for the original suspension.
  6. Serious question, because I'm not sure I understand. Would you cross-check a teammate if he was the one in the way? If not, you're in control enough to know not to cross-check a linesman either. I certainly wouldn't think it okay if say Mashinter got hit and took his frustration out on Tazer, because he angry, he smash.
  7. Speaking of Montreal, Fleischmann might be an option as well. Not as a 1st line LW, but as a cheap bottom-six LW with some scoring potential. He got off to a great start, but has fallen off terribly since. But then again, so has the entire team. He would cost very little and might be an improvement over Desjardins on the 3rd line, allowing him to move down. I'm sure TT would appreciate playing with someone with skill. If they fail to get a legit LW or choose to go for a defenseman instead, this kind of move might make sense. I'd still prefer someone like McGinn or Weisse, but this team has shown the ability to win with bargain bin players.
  8. So, basically, Q deliberately dressed a player that he did not use. I effect, chose to go into those crucial games with one less player than the rules allow him. You don't consider this to be bad decision-making? I might be willing to concede the point that there weren't many solid alternatives available in 2014, but that isn't really the case this year. Q dressing Mashinter makes the team worse, because a hockey player could play instead. Bollig didn't cost the team the Cup, Q did. Both Bollig and Mashinter are completely irrelevant when dressed, and that's the whole point. If they contribute nothing, they shouldn't play. Period.
  9. Played 24 NHL games this season. And you can tell it really is irrational on Q's part if look at his ice-time. Only once in those 24 games did he play 10 minutes or more. Half the times he played, he was on the ice for less than 7 minutes. This is clearly not a player that is useful in the regular season, much less the playoffs. He's a marginally better, less funny John Scott.
  10. He just got a few nights off. And Q is usually pretty good about resting key players before the playoffs - not to mention the fatc that the team tends to phone in the last week or so. And BTW, the offseason is AFTER the season, you probably meant the postseason.
  11. I'm afraid 6 million would be the bridge deal. And he wouldn't be the first or the last player to get paid after one good year. He'd get more on an open market. At least it's better than paying a guy based on promise.
  12. This is one of those things you have to watch multiple times just to realize what happened, because your brain just isn't used to seeing it. I mean, there is no way that anybody could do this on purpose and expect to get away with it, right? RIGHT?!? It reminds me of one story this guy told in a podcast on a soccer website I frequent. He was playing in an amateur game and one of the opposition players committed a completely blatant foul (I forget what exactly, but it was ridiculous). The ref didn't make a call. After the game, he asked the ref if he had missed the foul. "Oh, I saw it, alright," the ref said, "I just couldn't believe my eyes."
  13. Oh, there's no bitterness. I'm too young to really remember the occupation and too apathetic to really care. But if you take an even casual look at Putin's Russia, who are they kidding? It's largely the same old thing with a different color palette. Oh, and a worse national hockey team, so that's good.
  14. That's just wrong. Last season, Artemi Panarin played 54 regular season games PLUS 20 playoff games (they won the title) PLUS 13 international games for the Sov Russia. That equals 83 games, which is more than 54. Gustaffson played 55 regular season games (um, THAT is more than 54) PLUS another 12 playoff games for 67 total. Steve Konroyd is clearly a hockey guy, not a math guy. The only person about whom it's true is TVR, a Stanley Cup winner who played in last year's finals. But seriously, the numbers of our two Europeans are along the lines of someone who has played a full NHL season, except Panarin has significant playoff/hard game experience, not to mention a winning record.
  15. Are you seriously saying TT hasn't made Desjardins better? Do you think he scores 6 goals with Garbutt feeding him pucks?