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  1. You Be The Gm

    So, basically, Q deliberately dressed a player that he did not use. I effect, chose to go into those crucial games with one less player than the rules allow him. You don't consider this to be bad decision-making? I might be willing to concede the point that there weren't many solid alternatives available in 2014, but that isn't really the case this year. Q dressing Mashinter makes the team worse, because a hockey player could play instead. Bollig didn't cost the team the Cup, Q did. Both Bollig and Mashinter are completely irrelevant when dressed, and that's the whole point. If they contribute nothing, they shouldn't play. Period.
  2. You Be The Gm

    Played 24 NHL games this season. And you can tell it really is irrational on Q's part if look at his ice-time. Only once in those 24 games did he play 10 minutes or more. Half the times he played, he was on the ice for less than 7 minutes. This is clearly not a player that is useful in the regular season, much less the playoffs. He's a marginally better, less funny John Scott.
  3. Hossa

    He just got a few nights off. And Q is usually pretty good about resting key players before the playoffs - not to mention the fatc that the team tends to phone in the last week or so. And BTW, the offseason is AFTER the season, you probably meant the postseason.
  4. Panarin

    I'm afraid 6 million would be the bridge deal. And he wouldn't be the first or the last player to get paid after one good year. He'd get more on an open market. At least it's better than paying a guy based on promise.
  5. You Be The Gm

    Oh, there's no bitterness. I'm too young to really remember the occupation and too apathetic to really care. But if you take an even casual look at Putin's Russia, who are they kidding? It's largely the same old thing with a different color palette. Oh, and a worse national hockey team, so that's good.
  6. You Be The Gm

    That's just wrong. Last season, Artemi Panarin played 54 regular season games PLUS 20 playoff games (they won the title) PLUS 13 international games for the Sov Russia. That equals 83 games, which is more than 54. Gustaffson played 55 regular season games (um, THAT is more than 54) PLUS another 12 playoff games for 67 total. Steve Konroyd is clearly a hockey guy, not a math guy. The only person about whom it's true is TVR, a Stanley Cup winner who played in last year's finals. But seriously, the numbers of our two Europeans are along the lines of someone who has played a full NHL season, except Panarin has significant playoff/hard game experience, not to mention a winning record.
  7. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Atta boy, Rene Bourque. You've made your old team proud.
  8. You Be The Gm

    This year.
  9. You Be The Gm

    Yes, I too think McGinn would be a realistic trade target. The one worry with him is his speed - he doesn't really play the kind of LW that the first line has been the most successful with. Of course, even if he didn't work out there, he would still be an addition to the lineup.
  10. You Be The Gm

    If Ladd's as cheap as you claim, I'm all for that deal. I'm not convinced, however. What do you think Ladd would cost?
  11. Hossa

    You are all in a locker room...
  12. Hossa

    Yup. His goal totals are pretty much the same as last year. It's hard to get assists when your wings just can't score, ever. However, his scoring has benefited from his success in 3-on-3 OT. Nevertheless, his goal production is largely where it's always been. Not that I disagree that the eye-test hasn't been great.
  13. Hossa

    Considering the fact that the first goal was a half-empty net and the second was his trademark low shot (albeit it seemed faster than usual), I would say no. I will expect a change in scoring as soon as I see a change in gameplay, not sooner. That is not to say he can't end up with 15-ish goals playing as he is.
  14. Hossa

    Now compare their defensive efforts and you'll be calling Sharp "lackluster" too. The players are different. However, Hossa has been a much more complete player than Sharp until recently and if he manages to regain his scoring touch - which I believe he will, he will be back to being the superior player. As it stands, Sharpie may have a slight edge or they may well be equal. Be as it may, Sharp's 16 goals are largely the result of him playing on a different and much more offensively-oriented team. I've said it before and I'll say it now - I'll start taking Dallas seriously the moment they win the Cup with that play, not a moment sooner. Until then, let them have fun chasing the President's Trophy.
  15. Hossa

    ...whose worth is overwhelmingly offensive.