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  1. Stan As Gm

    I agree with they are passing to much and waiting. I dont remember where I heard it, but it was along the lines, of you will miss all the shots you dont take. But just throwing shots on net isnt very wise if only the D for the other team is there and will just send it down the ice. Which brings me to another thing I heard Eddie O say one nite." You can teach all day, yell all day, even be nice all day to a player. But at the end of the day if you want to get there attention. Take away ice time". If the guys out there are not getting it done and are not willing to stand in front of the net. Replace them with some of the tougher guys who will stand there and do it. That should start getting them to perform better, or at least spark a already dull PP. I think that will also do something else. Does anyone think guys like the Bieksa and Jackman type are going to take extra shots at Toews and kane, if there is a Carcillo, Bollig, or even Hayes out there with them.
  2. Stan As Gm

    I think we can all agree that the top 6 are good and leave alone. Maybe try Saad, mcneil, maybe pirri in the 2c. The bottom 6, I liked the third line towards the end of the season. If Bickell can keep playing like he did and hit for the whole season that would be great. With Bolland and Shaw there also. I think it is a pretty good shut down line. 4th line, There is Bollig, mayers, carcillo. I think those three are more than capable. Carcillo is also decent enough to play with one of the top lines if he needed to for little bit. Then there is still Hayes if anyone of the forwards isnt getting it done that can be inserted into the line up to change it up if needed. I also think some guys like Flick or Paridise will be fighting to make the team and both had good seasons in rockford last season. There are others, but I think these two would be able to make the biggest impact with the bottom 6. Beach also could be added to those two. On D. I really dont know what to do there. I wouldnt mind at all seeing Dylan olsen playing the #6 with Brookbank and learning the ropes from him. I think thats where he will make his future money anyway. A solid d-man that can clear the crease, fight when needed, kill penalties, basically the little things that need to get done. I am sure leddy will be playing, but I dont know who would be the odd man out. For the PP, Maybe split up the first unit a little bit and add one of the bottom 6 guys to each unit. It quite honestly cant hurt at this point. Then they would still have talent on the ice, and some guys willing to go sit in front of the net. I am still optimistic for this team. I have watched all these kids play in rockford and have seen them play well. I think its good that they are getting it. I am happy to see guys get used the same with the hawks as they were with the hogs. Shaw, bollig, etc. It has been one thing that has bothered me is watching guys play top 2 lines in rockford, then play 4th line with the hawks and get pushed around because they are not 4th line material.
  3. Stan As Gm

    I thought he played the same way in rockford till his first call up. Then when he was sent back down, he seemed to avoid the physical part of his game. I am not sure what the deal was with him. I was glad to see it starting to come back a little bit though.
  4. Stan As Gm

    Just a few thoughts and questions. Guys like Buff and Brower, Laad etc. All good role players and it definatly helped. But who here honestly thought at the time. "I sure cant wait for that guy they drafted in the eighth round to get here"(buff) or 7th round Brower. Or "hey there is this kid boston took in the 5th round. we should try and trade for him" versteeg. Now they are gone and there are other kids that need a chance to be a role player. Shaw, Flick, etc. One reason I like this, is it seems that veterans think they are better than what they are. And dont seem to want to get dirty in the corners and someone else get the glory. With a toews line, and sharp and hossa on another line. I dont know how you try and game plan for Shaw. If you put a top pair D against his line, that would open up one of the other lines I would think. I think he will outwork just about any bottom pair he is against. My opinion though. I understand most opinions on here about Bowman, but some are just said basically because its not Tallon. But my question is why does Bowman get all the abuse for not providing enough for toews, kane,sharp, hossa, but we dont hear hardly anything about the coach who already has that group and cant seem to get a PP that is respectable?
  5. Stan As Gm

    I was thinking this whole roster stability last night also. In 2009, 19 different players suited up for the WCF against detroit throught out the series. I did not count the goalies, I think we all know the goalie situation around here, and I didnt look and see who the scratches were. Of those 19, 14 of them were on the played in the SCF 2010 where 20 different players suited up. Gone was Walker, Havlat, Barker, and Pahlson. Added Sopel, Hendry, Madden Hosss, and Kopecky. In 2011, 22 different players suited up in the playoffs. 11 from the finals the season before, and 9 from the 2009 team. 2012, 24 guys suited up in the playoffs. Only 8 from the cup, I am sure we can all guess who the 8 players are. But out of those 24, who is still here? The only two I see gone are Brunette and Morrison. The fact there isnt much roster turnover this season is why I am not complaining for someone to be fired. The core is in place. Young players were given playoff experience. I dont see how they could not improve quite a bit over last season. All though If it doesnt happen, I would agree that more than 1 person should be fired over it.
  6. Stan As Gm

    I think if the pp was better, than they dont lose in the first round to phoenix. IMO that was a huge difference in the series. Thats a coaching problem to me. If the finess guys dont want to screen the goalie and do the little things to make it work, then maybe do something unconventional. Put bollig, carcillo(I know he didnt play in the playoffs)shaw, hayes, or hell maybe even bickell, if he wants to use his size that day, in on the pp. It cant hurt. IMO the pk seemed a little bit greedy. They seemed to have success the cup year on pk, and scored quite a few shorties in the process. Last season it was like they were trying to hard to get the shorthanded chance first rather than just killing the penalty. And that was causing guys to be out of position more often. I dont mind the GM and coach not being buddies. It can make for a nice little checks and balances situation. But if guys brought in are not able to play within a coaches system, or the coach is not flexible enough,or to stuborn to find a players strength and fit it into the system because he is pissed at the gm. This will never work.
  7. Stan As Gm

    In 2010 there were FA, and young players brought up and trades made before that which helped the team. They were mentioned with Campbell, hossa. And Sharpe versteeg, Laad. But lets be honest. Those were not the only trades made, or FA signed(Huet). And how many people were saying how happy they were that Versteeg had finally made it and what a steal he was at the time. My point is for every deal that works out, there is probably 2 trades that dont 3-4 FA that dont, and 5-10 prospects that dont make it. Serious question. How many players out of a certain draft class are excpected to make it in the NHL? I mean teams are drafting 6-9 players each season. WHat is considered a good class? Obviously teams are taking a chance on some of the players. In fantasy land it would be nice to say at the end of the season to say we need this or that, then go out and get it. Some people think if we just swap out player X bad season and swap in player-Y good season, we will be SC champions every year. Reality IMO once a player is FA, they have a pretty good idea where they are going. If they say they dont know, I think they are just trying to get more from someone by making them think they are going to play somewhere else. Maybe its just me, but I think some of the signings this summer are pretty crazy. I would like to sign someone to help now, but I dont want to spend for the sake of spending. Alot on here are complaing about 1st round exits the last two seasons. I dont like it either, but again reality gets to me. Sometimes you just run into a team at the wrong time. It happenes. Bottom line in either of those series is with the exception of 2-3 of the core players. The whole team sucked both seasons. Especially the PP against phoenix. Ray Shero has been mentioned on here as a good GM. Well he has lost out on Praise, suter, and last I heard he was trying for Doan unsuccesfully so far also. Since there last cup in 2009. They have lost to a 8th seed in rnd 2, and back to back first round exits also. They even have two of the best on the planet right now and they cant get out of the first round. I know Crosby was hurt one year, but to bad injuries happen. If he is a good GM find a way to get through it. The hawks did ok when Toews was down. Now they have to start bringing up there kids to play. It has been said on here they have some pretty good ones coming up, well they have the same experience the hawks young players have little or none. The hawks young players get talked about for not making the playoffs. TRue they have not. But the hogs do not exsist for the hawks to win championships in rockford. This has been stated by the organization from Day 1 of the affiliation. They have been one of the youngest in the league for about 3 years now. They have improved, and since Jan 1 they were the 3rd best in the entire league and hey had far more turnover then the hawks did with I think something like 45 different players suiting up for them. Anyone know about minor league hockey also knows that not all teams follow this philosophy. THere are teams that use alot more veterans, and use them in top line minutes and tight spots. THe hogs dont do that. They use there prospects and then find veterans to fill in the rest. You cant just look at numbers from a player in the minors and tell how good they are going to be
  8. Stan As Gm

    Some stuff on here just makes me laugh. And mto you just made my day. For whatever reason I laughed out loud at that. no no no. Thank You
  9. Stan As Gm

    Farve was near 40, but was 13-3, 4000 yds, 30 td his last season in GB. Another roughly 10000yds passing 60ish tds and a trip to the confrence championship after he left. Still productive. Not the point though. Point being it was unpopular, like alot of stans moves. I am not talking about rebuilding, just using what is already in place with the younger players rather than chase every FA who had a good last season of there expiring contract to fill in the gaps. If he has a plan, then I would rather have him stick to it, instead of going after someone because the Tribune, suntimes, blogger, or anyone else who uses hindsight to look back and say they should have done this or that.
  10. Stan As Gm

    Here is my thought. I dont know exact numbers for contracts, and I am not really sure who drafted who because of players not being old enough and going back to juniors or college etc. But I do know what the players look like when I watch the 40 or so games for the hogs. There are some kids there that are not to bad and the last two seasons the hogs have been one of the youngest in the league. Now most of them are entering there 3rd season of pro hockey and I think that is going to be huge for a lot of them, and they will be able to contribute to the hawks. Now as far as stan himself. If they guy has a plan that he wants to build around the core that is in place by drafting and using young cheap players I am ok with that, and will give him the benefit of the doubt for a few years to implament that plan. I am not comparing the NFL to the NHL, and I am sure no one on here wants to talk about the Packers, but Ted Thompson started the same thing several years ago. He traded some guy named Farve and went with his unproven QB. He also has never really been a big player in free agency. People around there wanted his head on a platter. But he stuck with his plan and did what was best for the organization and didnt just go after someone because thats what people wanted. But he has also done what was needed if he had a hole to fill. Overall I would say that has worked for them. If stan does this the hawks would be good for several years, not just one or two. The hawks need to be better on D, and #2 center. These are the biggest two needs that I think they need. They added a physical D-man that can kill penalties in Brookbank, but he is a #5 guy. I think olsen playing with someone like that will help him. I think thats what olsen is, a 5-6 guy. Stanton can be physical and play a 3-4 role if needed IMO. #2 center. I like Pirri, and Kruger to get that chance. Kruger will have more experience, but I think pirri will be better. Yes there will be growing pains, but if the goal is long term succsess I think this is the way to do it. However after giving the young players a chance, and they prove they cant do the job, then the saved money needs to get spent on bringing in what is needed. If there is no improvement in the team this season over last I to will be wanting Bowman fired, but I will give him a chance to put his plan in place first.
  11. Stan As Gm

    I still dont realize how Niemi is Bowmans fault. He offerd a contract, niemi said no. It went to arbitration, and Niemi was awarded a raise, this time Bowman said no. Niemi was a FA for quite a while if I rember right, which means nobody wanted him for that price. Then the sharks got him for essentially what the hawks offerd in the first place. Is that close to how it happened?
  12. Stan As Gm

    It means that the hawks have quite a following, and by some chance that no one gets hurt, they score more goals than everyone else and win more games they will get to the playoffs. And then make it through another 16-28 games with a little luck they will be champions and no one in vegas will go broke because the hawks are only 12-1
  13. Stan As Gm

    Here is that whole Free agent thing again. I am pretty sure there were offers out there. But just because there is a offer doesnt mean a player needs to take it. Alot of players were probably waiting to see what these 2 got just to gauge there own deal. A little early to be firing someone. I like the Brookbank signing, but if thats the biggest move made before training camp I also will probably be _ithchin about getting rid of a few people.
  14. Stan As Gm

    Didnt Neimmi win an abritration hearing and the hawks said no to that money, then he signed with the sharks for less than what was in arbitration? I dont remember how it all went down but thought it was something like that and if so how is that the hawks or stans fault If they offered what he got in SJ and Niemmi said no
  15. Stan As Gm

    Rockford didnt have a good record. But if you went to any of there games I would bet you would like what you saw. They have been one of if not the youngest in the AHL. The theory there is to get them ready to play in the NHL, whether by call up or making the team full time. Yes I think winning is part of that, but the powers that be say that is not the important thing to them. They play a uptempo style, and in the 2nd half of the season went to a more d minded game. (maybe something that should be noted on the big club). 1st half 3.68 gaa 2nd half 2.31 gaa and a PK that was 11% better the 2nd half than the 1st. They were also something like the 3rd best in the league the 2nd half. Behind Norfolk, who beat everybody, and toronto. How many players from the SC team played for the ADS/Hogs before moving up and winnning the cup? My point is the cupboard isnt bare. Some of these guys will move up and by doing that it is cheaper so there is still something left to go get someone at the TDL if needed.