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  1. This is the most frustrating game I've watched all season.

    1. Ironhide26


      But we got the win buddy!!

  2. Stan As Gm

    Game 2 of the Sharks/Kings series: Quick gave up 7 goals. Went on to win the Stanley Cup. Those games happen.
  3. Stan As Gm

    With the stars we have, and the young guys we have waiting in the wings, we can have both a great team and a great goalie. Life's good when you're a Hawks fan
  4. Stan As Gm

    It's because we don't have money to spend. Do you think we're "wasting" money on: Kane, Toews, Sharp, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook and Crawford? We don't need to make a splash. The teams that do are the ones that are trying to reach our level; not surpass it.
  5. Been away from the boards for a while! How's everyone doing???

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    2. HawkeyLife07


      I'm sure I'll be active on here in the playoffs and I can chat with you good folks again!

    3. EbonyRaptor


      Chase your dream.

    4. dlols64
  6. Stan As Gm

    We won a Stanley Cup?
  7. Stan As Gm

    I am walking along a strip mall. I see a large group of people gathered around in a circle. There's hundreds of them, all tired, maybe celebrating something, maybe protesting something. I find a sign in the strip mall that says this gathering has gone on for over a year. I approach, curious as to what's going on. I sense a raunchy stench gets more and more foul the closer I get. I make my way through the crowd, wondering what the purpose of it all is. That's when I see dead animal corpse, but it's been beaten so badly, I can't seem to distinguish what animal it is. Horse, maybe? -- If this forum was a strip mall, that would be this thread.
  8. Stan As Gm

    Thanks Rob hahaha
  9. Stan As Gm

    -- In a three year span leading up to the Cup year Dale signed: Campbell, Huet, Hossa. Stan hasn't make a free agent splash in his tenure. Yes, Stan loaded up on young players during the offseason of 2010, so there wasn't as big of a need, but they are definitely a little different in style.
  10. Stan As Gm

    I was referring to the Huet, Campbell and Hossa signings. I'm saying both were great GMs because both put in a lot of work to make the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions (twice). There's nothing negative really in my post, my point is that there should really be no bitterness when our team is where it is.
  11. Stan As Gm

    At the end of the day; The Chicago Blackhawks have 2 Stanley Cups in the last 4 years. A lot of people deserve credit for it, but it should not be looked at in a negative light in any circumstance. The transition from Dale's high-risk/high-reward style to Stan's "in-house" mentality went perfectly and we should just be happy that this is the best hockey team on Earth.
  12. Stan As Gm

  13. Stan As Gm

    Actually 11 points in 33 games, undersized and making 3 mill. Thanks for coming out.
  14. Stan As Gm

    This is why I believe two picks for Oduya was a good trade. I'm not saying Oduya is the only reason we've been better since last year's deadline, but he obviously has helped. And last year he was really the only addition when we went on that impressive run to end the year. Let's hope he plays better in the playoffs this year!
  15. Stan As Gm

    Last year Bowman couldn't have said "Well, I'm not giving you a second and third because I have a feeling next year those picks will be worth more". Do you think those two picks would bring as much to the team as Johnny Oduya has? Look at our record with Johnny O.