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  1. This is the most frustrating game I've watched all season.

    1. Ironhide26


      But we got the win buddy!!

  2. Been away from the boards for a while! How's everyone doing???

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    2. HawkeyLife07


      I'm sure I'll be active on here in the playoffs and I can chat with you good folks again!

    3. EbonyRaptor


      Chase your dream.

    4. dlols64
  3. Leaving for Atlanta tomorrow morning! Cards/Falcons Sunday! Rise up!

  4. New avatar. RIP old one :( grew rather fond of you.

  5. How about instead of going to New York and Toronto for dicussions, we throw these guys on a farm or something, where they have nothing else to do but figure this crap out.

    1. william745


      yes lets drop them off in Iowa...bet you we have a new cba at days end!

  6. End the lockout, like jeez.

  7. Everyone's thoughts on the NHL 13 demo?

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    2. couture23
    3. Nuckluck


      Haven't seen it yet. Can you customize the players' picket signs?

    4. HawkeyLife07


      lmao nuck.

      Keith is a serious threat in that game with the new skating. Gone end to end a fair share of times.

  8. Getting back into hockey in July is torture and I don't know why I'm doing it. Still a long wait, and I'm wishing my summer away! haha

  9. Thanks man, good to hear!!

    Sorry for the late reply

  10. Hey, nice conversing with you tonight, and I always enjoy reading your posts!! I gotta go to midnight shift at the Mine now so take it easy!

  11. Keep 'er going Blue Jays. I need to keep my mind off hockey.

  12. Still staying home from school Monday for Trade Deadline... I'm going to feel like a poor kid on Christmas. :P

    1. kcn27


      Go to school...nothing to see here

  13. What the..... Meh I'll make it work haha damn boards

  14. Roy and Gleason in, Frolik, prospects, picks out... My wishlist.

  15. Am I not allowed to post a link to a couple jerseys I'm selling? Why?