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  1. Patrick Sharp is coming to town.

    Kane has won the Ross and has helped us win 3 cups. Stop with this narrative of criticism and be grateful. In 20 years you'll look back and pine for the days you got to watch him play. Debate the bottom-six, Seabrook, or our prospect pool all you want but please let us all enjoy one of the few sure things on this team right now.
  2. You Be The Gm

    "Wishful thinking" that the team will trade Kane? I can understand some wanting Toews gone, but wanting Kaner out is ludicrous to me.
  3. 12/31 Hawks vs Flames

    Happy New Years all! Tough loss but being able to muster a 3-1 comeback just shows that this team still gives a damn. If Bowman can pull off some nice moves at the deadline who knows. Just gotta hope.
  4. 12/31 Hawks vs Flames

    I could've scored that goal using dental floss as a stick. Panik is next-level snakebitten right now.
  5. 12/31 Hawks vs Flames

    Something about seeing those red Flames unis was giving me hope for a comeback. Let's do this, boys!
  6. 12/31 Hawks vs Flames

    Damn, maybe we should toss Oesterle on the wing with Toews and Saad. Get a scoring threat to help out 19 and 20 and open up a spot for Rutta or Forsling to re-claim. Win win!
  7. 12/31 Hawks vs Flames

    HNY to you as well!
  8. 12/31 Hawks vs Flames

    Imagine being told in September that on New Years Eve we would be battling for a Wildcard spot against Calgary with Jeff Glass keeping the team in it. Life comes at you fast.
  9. 12/31 Hawks vs Flames

    Hmm once again looking like the Kane line is the only one generating some offence. Hartman looks pretty solid on the wing with 8 and 88.
  10. Patrick Sharp is coming to town.

    Sharpie was an okay signing and one that wouldn't even be talked about this much if it weren't for the huge PR push the team had when they brought him on board. While he's a fan favourite, the social media team really overdid it when he was signed - created hype that anyone following hockey the last 3 years shouldn't have bought into.
  11. Schmaltz Thread

    Schmaltz seems special to me and I hope we keep him around for a long time. I think he's pretty clearly our best pure playmaker aside from Kaner.
  12. If... And I mean IF they miss the playoffs...

    I think a playoff series win secures Stan and Q's job - any sign of playoff improvement from the previous two years will at least optically look like the kids are coming around & the Saad trade had merit. But this point, it's looking unlikely that this team is capable of winning a playoff series and that's hard to admit. It used to be so easy to identify the roles of each of our bottom six players. Brouwer was there for his physicality and net presence, Versteeg for stick handling, Madden/Johnson for their faceoffs and veteran leadership, etc. With this team, and our previous two iterations, the bottom six is just cluttered with a bunch of bodies that don't seem to have their own identity or defined role. Honestly, if Bouma and Wingels swapped jerseys next game I wouldn't notice. Our luck with overachieving bottom-six players has run out for the moment, and unfortunately it's happening at the same time as our core's decline. The Toews and Seabrook contracts are fairly clearly the biggest reason for us being in this identity crisis. And honestly, I have no idea how Bowman can fix this - our only hope, at least this year, is that our core find a serious spark come playoff time.
  13. This is the most frustrating game I've watched all season.

    1. Ironhide26


      But we got the win buddy!!

  14. Stan As Gm

    Game 2 of the Sharks/Kings series: Quick gave up 7 goals. Went on to win the Stanley Cup. Those games happen.
  15. Stan As Gm

    With the stars we have, and the young guys we have waiting in the wings, we can have both a great team and a great goalie. Life's good when you're a Hawks fan