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  1. fith35

    Stan As Gm

    I am confused on what SB is doing..
  2. fith35

    Draft 2018

    I don't know why everyone's mad about the draft picks the Hawks will have a another chance next year in the top 10
  3. fith35

    '17/18 hawks outlook

    I don't think this team lacks skill. They have a pretty good squad. They lack chemistry, too many passes and passes to nobody.
  4. fith35

    Okay Our Defence?

    It's not his speed he just looks lost out there. He's making beer league moves like chasing the one guy with the puck that the other defensive ends already chasing, like that play with Duncan Keith the other night. I don't think the rules affect the play like that.
  5. fith35

    Stan As Gm

    This is definitely a different team than I am used to, way more physical and not afraid. I like it.
  6. fith35

    Stan As Gm

    All the kids and new guys that I thought were question marks really look good and hungry. I sure hope this keeps up all season
  7. fith35

    Hossa done?

    Ask John Madden if he had a hard time relating.
  8. fith35

    Hossa done?

    If he was going to fake anything wouldn't he use the concussion excuse instead?
  9. fith35

    Hossa done?

    Right +100
  10. fith35

    Michal Kempny D

    Watch Nashville they do pinches that I think are terrible but their Center or Winger cover for them immediately and then there's no odd man Rush. is it him doing a bad job or is it his Wingers and Center
  11. fith35

    Schmaltz Thread

    He wanted to apologise to his future teammate lol
  12. fith35

    Is this the beginning of the end?

    I agree. He was on fire this year and instead of putting him out there to score in playoffs they put him out there to shut down other players. The Hawks we're desperate for offensive help yet they kept him in the defensive role.
  13. fith35

    Stan As Gm

    Look at the Canucks and tell me if you are happy with 109 points. They won the presidents trophy they are now bottom feeders for a while and have really won nothing but had some good points at the end of the some seasons. When the Hawks play tough teams the get scared they and mostly kaner play scared and just shut down. The D also can't take tough forechecking teams they all become turn over machines.
  14. fith35

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Mike Ribeiro on waivers
  15. fith35

    Michal Kempny D

    How many times would Seabrook have sit for giveaways?