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  1. I love you, but I've chosen disco.

  2. I can hear the fat lady warming up.

  3. omg rest in peace Pavol Demitra, Alexander Karpovstev, and the rest of Lokomotiv. What a tragic year.

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    2. I-miss-Wis


      Buf52 - no one said it wasn't a tragedy. In fact a tragedy can make one rethink his decisions. I know I certainly would be concerned flying aboard KHL charter planes knowing a whole team died on one.

    3. ouzo
    4. Smokinmedic1
  4. Go vote for Pat Kane in the semi-final of tsn franchise face-off v. Stamkos http://www.tsn.ca/franchisefaceoff/

  5. "They have survived the burning blade, tamed the savage heart; I will marry both women. Prepare them."

  6. Losing the WWC was almost as bad for me as watching Vancouver oust the Blackhawks this year...why didn't we threaten them with Godzilla...?

  7. See you Sunday, W.World Cup.

  8. Donating a Google+ invite.

    1. SweetHomeEngland


      whats is this "Google+" everyone is talking about anyway?

    2. mrbillrob


      Right now, basically the same thing as Facebook, with better design and useability. Security settings are a vast improvement over Fbook simply because of their ease of use and transparency. Also, no annoying games or anything like that at this point. Links with your Google accounts, and with Buzz, also functions like Twitter. Right now it's in a beta testing stage with limited accounts so they can work out any bugs before being 100% open. Also freaked Fbook out by adding video-chat called...

    3. mrbillrob


      "hangouts" before Fbook even thought of it, which led to the recent rushed partnership of Facebook and Skype.

  9. Bring it on, FRANCE

  10. We are GO for Women's World Cup beard.

  11. Steeger to FL. Now there's a Blackhawks North and South.

  12. In other news, thank you Soupy for being a major part of bringing Chicago a Cup. I never liked you, but I fully appreciate what you were to this team, and you will be missed. Stanbo, find us a puck moving D-man.

    1. grolt


      "I never liked you?" Seems like a backhanded farewell! Soups will be missed for sure, he could carry the puck better than any defenseman in the game. Loved his poise in interviews and the accountability he always took for himself and his teammates. We've lost a good one, and now it's Stan's chance to get a few good ones in return.

    2. mrbillrob


      Unfortunately, I learned to appreciate him too late, and I really enjoyed his personality in BHTV. I couldn't lie and say that I supported him the whole time, because that would be a huge lie, lol. At the moment, I think Stan can make the right moves to fill most of that void on D.

  13. Enraged when people attack soccer because they don't understand it. Gold Cup final is tonight, and YES it is a big deal. Go USA.